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City in a state of emergency: The storm hit Moosburg so hard - the video shows the extent of the disaster


City in a state of emergency: The storm hit Moosburg so hard - the video shows the extent of the disaster Created: 2022-06-23Updated: 2022-06-23 05:09 By: Armin Forster Destruction, tragedy and a city without electricity: A storm has thrown Moosburg into a doomsday scenario. Impressions of a day that turned into a catastrophe. Moosburg – This one sentence could be heard everywhere in the Moosb

City in a state of emergency: The storm hit Moosburg so hard - the video shows the extent of the disaster

Created: 2022-06-23Updated: 2022-06-23 05:09

By: Armin Forster

Destruction, tragedy and a city without electricity: A storm has thrown Moosburg into a doomsday scenario.

Impressions of a day that turned into a catastrophe.


– This one sentence could be heard everywhere in the Moosburg urban area on Monday evening when people started talking while cleaning up: “It all happened so incredibly fast, you couldn’t react anymore!” Apocalyptic scenes like those played out in the village before otherwise only make you shudder in the news.

This time it is Moosburg that has become nationally notorious.

Storm in Moosburg: violent effects recorded with a cell phone

The storm raged for just five or ten minutes, breaking through the region in the late afternoon with hurricane-force gusts of 109 km/h, hail and heavy rain.

There is hardly a street in the city where trees didn't buckle, gardens were mowed down by lumps of ice and unsecured objects or roof tiles lay scattered.

The lucky ones got away with shattered tomato bushes and a spectacular cell phone video.

This BMW was hit by a tree on Leinbergerstrasse.

© Forster

But this luck was not granted to everyone.

People were also injured in the violent thunderstorm: a 53-year-old cyclist died near the waterworks, a 15-year-old was seriously injured at the Amperwehr and his companion was slightly injured.

And at the aqua park, boats and divers were used to search for an older swimmer.

The bitter record also includes countless, sometimes significant, damage to buildings, vehicles and infrastructure.

Heavy storms are raging in the Freising district: Moosburg is particularly affected

The horror that had happened in and around Moosburg only became known some time later - because two high-voltage lines had been destroyed, which not only caused the power supply to collapse, but also the mobile phone network.

Foreigners who had heard about the storm in the City of Three Roses on the radio but were unable to contact their relatives or friends were correspondingly concerned.

Over 200 emergency services in action during the storm in Moosburg

It is early evening in Moosburg.

If you drive into the city from outside, you can already tell from the failed traffic lights that something can't be right.

At the Viehmarktplatz it becomes clear: The situation is really serious.

Because the fairground serves as a staging area: the area where emergency services and blue light vehicles gather on standby for larger situations.

The crisis mode also prevails in front of the fire station: From there, the local operations center coordinates over 200 forces from the fire brigade, THW, police, BRK and other helpers at the same time.

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Helpers are in great demand during the severe Moosburg storm - now they thank their families

The local operations management in front of the fire station coordinated all the forces.

© Forster

Mayor Josef Dollinger also gets an overview there.

The city council meeting he was supposed to be chairing at the time was canceled because of the events.

"I don't think we've ever experienced a storm of this magnitude here," says the mayor - visibly shocked by the impressions that remind him of hurricane "Wiebke" in 1990, as he says.

According to Dollinger, the building yard and the city garden center have also called their employees together to help with the clean-up work.

The mayor is deeply shocked by the fact that there have been injuries and even one death.

“I am saddened that we are so powerless in these cases.

Now we just hope that all emergency services come back safe and that nothing more happens.”

Due to storms: power failure in many communities in the Freising district

The power outage is a big problem, "because there are people in town who need ventilation," says Dollinger.

A contingent of around 80 THW volunteers from all over Upper Bavaria is making sure that the people in need of medical help are cared for in the retirement and nursing homes: the volunteers feed electricity into the network of the facilities with mobile units.

As train driver Marco Eisenmann from Freisinger THW explains, a large unit was also requested for the sewage treatment plant.

"Otherwise, the bacteria in the water treatment will die off over time," says Eisenmann, describing the dilemma.

The fire brigade secured loose parts of the roof on the town square.

© Nico Bauer

Homeowners with photovoltaic systems on the roof are not automatically self-sufficient on Monday evening and are exempt from the problems, as Josef Dollinger explains: "The stupid thing is that many systems - especially older ones - don't work if they don't get an impulse from the external power grid."

Meanwhile, in the background, a fire engine with the loudspeaker switched on sets off on a Moosburg tour: the public is informed by a continuous loop announcement that the power outage will last "a few more hours" and that in urgent emergencies help can be obtained at the fire station.

After a storm in Moosburg: chaos at the train station

Those responsible there have set up boards on which the various operations are noted.

One of them leads to the train station: An Alex train stranded there after the storm near Bruckberg destroyed the overhead line.

A good 300 travelers had to wait a long time in the overheated carriage before they were evacuated and now face the problem that they can't get away from the station - and because of the lack of cell phone network it's difficult to reach someone.

Moosburg terminus: Around 300 train passengers were stranded at the station.

© Forster

Under the leadership of District Fire Councilor Manfred Danner, the exhausted passengers are provided with drinks.

At the same time, the district office organizes buses that take passengers in the direction of Freising and Landshut.

The fact that Deutsche Bahn's crisis management has apparently failed and no rail replacement service has been set up briefly enrages Danner and his colleagues.

Even individual passengers make no secret of their anger about the processes and complain loudly about the conditions.

(By the way: everything from the region is now also available in our regular Freising newsletter.)

A few meters away from the train station, another drama took place: almost the entire roof of a car repair shop was covered by a gust of wind.

Owner Alfons Waser is standing outside and describes his shocked experiences: "I thought the sky was going to be incredibly black."

Large parts of the roof of the Waser car workshop were covered.

© Forster

But then he had to watch as the tin roof of his office wing was bent down as if it were a can of sardines.

Waser cannot yet grasp the full extent that evening, but he is convinced that the damage is immense.

The rainwater soaked his computers and files, among other things.

"It was such violence, you just think: Yes, Lord, am I crazy?"

During storms in the Freising district: Linde crashes in local

At the same time, Simran Kaur stands helplessly in front of her business: the owner of the Indian restaurant Himalaya on Neustadtstraße examines the approximately five meter high linden tree that the storm has uprooted and pressed against the front of the restaurant.

"It was such a beautiful day, we were fully occupied by lunchtime," says the 20-year-old.

"We were prepared for a well-attended evening - but then Mother Nature had other plans." Her colleagues got two children to safety just in time, who were standing where the tree is now.

The damage to the building is manageable, Kaur suspects.

"The power failure affects us more - because of the large amount of food in the refrigerator." In addition, the company was only broken into a week and a half ago.

"And now this!"

A linden tree crashed into Simran Kaur's Indian restaurant in Neustadt.

© Armin Forster

When night falls in Moosburg, there is a spooky atmosphere in the streets: the electricity is still not flowing, and so there is no light from the lanterns or windows.

Occasionally you can see core flickering behind curtains.

Cars that are still on the road usually have their blue lights on: The fire brigade is still on the job constantly to remove dangerous tree remains, clear streets and pump water out of houses.

This is also the case on a property on Buchenlandstrasse: in the basement of the Janovsky family, four firefighters with flashlights and hoses are crowding through the flooded corridors.

When asked how many bets it is, a Florian's disciple replies with beads of sweat on his forehead: "I stopped counting on the sixth.

That was an hour and a half ago.” In total, the Moosburg fire brigade will report the next day that more than 120 operations will be carried out in the first ten hours.

Leafless trees and broken branches dominated the picture in the Spörerau.

© Forster

The company was also hit by the Moosburg storm: "An absolute catastrophe"

But the storm did not only rage in the center of Moosburg.

Also outside, for example at the height of the Aquapark, the traces are unmistakable on this evening.

In the Spörerau industrial park there, the hail has defoliated many trees, and the asphalt is completely covered with a thick layer of leaves.

The alarm system triggered by the storm rings out on some of the company buildings.

Many a company owner sits in his car in the driveway, probably to personally guard his property.

Because the reason why the alarm systems are blaring can no longer be determined – and due to the lack of a cell phone network, nobody could make an emergency call.

There is only one light on: the event technicians from the Orange company have switched on their numerous power generators and plugged in the stage lights.

The two managing directors, Robert Beibl and Reinhard Lauterbach, and their team rush around and put equipment in a truck. “An absolute catastrophe,” says Beibl, stroking his full black beard.

"Only two years of Corona.

And now that things would have really got going again for us, that's what's happening."

Storm in Moosburg hits the company hard: hailstones are now cooling the beer bottles

He leads into the warehouse and shows what he means by that: There are buckets on the floor and the upper mezzanine, into which water runs from the ceiling.

The hail, which was knee-high outside, damaged the flat roof so badly in many places that cracks appeared.

Beibl leads past shelves with completely sodden boxes.

"There are brand new turntables in there, they're gone now." At another point, it's dripping right into a large LED lighting system.

Gallows humor: hailstones as improvised beer coolers.

© Forster

The entire fleet has also been affected: dented bodies, cracked windows and smashed rear lights make a terrible sight.

An entire exterior mirror was torn off the truck, the forces were so strong.

Robert Beibl shrugs his shoulders in resignation.

“The battery is empty after these two years.

We hope that the insurance will now play along.

But even if you do, it won't be easy to get the material for a new roof in the current situation.

We all know what the delivery times for something like this are at the moment.”

As in many places on this evening, the only thing left for the people at the Orange company is gallows humor.

They poured a few shovels of hailstones into a bucket, which they now use to cool their beer bottles.

Dispose of branches from the storm free of charge

Because the storm on Monday caused significant damage to a large number of trees, the city of Moosburg is now offering its citizens a free disposal option to remove the broken branches.

At the Bauhof, Böhmerwaldstr.

35, Astwerk can be delivered at the following times: Wednesday, June 22, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.;

Thursday, June 23, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.;

Friday, June 24, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Those responsible in the town hall expressly point out “that this special date is used exclusively to eliminate the storm damage and no other green waste, such as e.g.

B. clippings, is accepted”.

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