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English teacher and 15-year-old girl had sex multiple times


The English teacher was involved in developing a "teacher-student relationship" with a 15-year-old female student in the school. In the name of watching a Netflix movie, he asked the girl to come home. The two had sex several times after that. The male teacher was earlier ruled to be illegal with girls under the age of 16.

The English teacher was involved in developing a "teacher-student relationship" with a 15-year-old female student in the school. In the name of watching a Netflix movie, he asked the girl to come home. The two had sex several times after that. The male teacher was earlier found to have illegal sexual intercourse with girls under the age of 16. and indecent assault and other 7 crimes.

The defense pleaded for mercy today (23rd), saying that the defendant felt self-blame and regret, but Judge Chen Guangchi pointed out that the trauma report of the principal showed that her people were completely destroyed, and even more bluntly said that she had never seen such a "desolate". On the contrary, the defendant wrote it herself. In the letter of pleading, he only mentioned that he had ruined his teaching career, and did not mention the victim at all. Instead, he asked, "Why do you feel guilty, why do you feel guilty?" Chen Guan finally sentenced the male teacher to 3 years and 9 months in prison.

Defendant Fung Tinghui (37 years old, a secondary school teacher at the time of the incident) was charged with molesting a 15-year-old girl X twice in a Yuen Long unit from January 3 to August 2, 2019, and illegal sexual intercourse with X five times .

The defendant Feng Tinghui denied that he had illegal sexual intercourse five times with a female student he taught.

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Pleading refers to dating the victim at the time of the crime

When the defense pleaded for mercy, it admitted that the defendant and X were teachers and students, and that the case involved a breach of integrity, but the incident happened when the two were dating and did not involve violence or intimidation. It also pointed out that the defendant could no longer be a teacher in the future, and the chance of contacting children was low.

The official said that the victim X's life was completely destroyed

When the defense mentioned X's trauma report, Judge Chen Guangchi bluntly said that X's life was completely destroyed, and said, "The court has seen so much, but I have never seen such a desolate frame." He also mentioned that X had given up on himself since then, and met strangers. go to bed.

Defendant studied English literature in the United States

The defense continued to mention that the defendant had a good background, studied English literature at a university in the United States, and returned to Hong Kong to teach after completing his studies.

The defendant's self-written letter of pleading also mentioned that his actions disappointed colleagues, students and parents, so he felt guilty and distressed, as well as self-blame and regret.

The letter of pleading only mentions the termination of the teaching career

However, Chen Guan questioned that in the defendant's two-page plea letter, the focus was only on his ruined teaching career, rather than self-blame and remorse.

The defense emphasized that the defendant felt remorse, possibly because the defendant studied English literature and "expressed it in a subtle way", but Chen Guan questioned the need to be subtle in expressing remorse, and pointed out that the defendant's two-page pleading letter did not mention X, "Why? Self-blame, why regret?"

Defence emphasised that defendants were simply more popular

The defense then read out the plea letters written for him by the two former students of the defendant. The letter stated that the defendant was a conscientious teacher, willing to help others, and both of whom were both teachers and friends.

The defense stated that the two letters showed that the case was a single incident, and that the defendant did not only show one side during the trial, and also clarified that the defendant did not date with other female students, but was more popular in the school.

Defendant Feng Tinghui was accused of inviting the female victim to his house and committing indecent and illegal sexual intercourse on the grounds of watching a Netflix movie.

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Indecent assault while watching a Netflix movie

The facts of the case allege that the defendant was an English teacher in the middle school where the victim X attended, and X also attended the defendant's class. The two began to exchange messages in December 2018. Later, the defendant invited X to watch Netflix movies at his house, during which time he touched X. breasts and private parts, and the two became lovers.

After the X period, he visited the defendant's house 6 times. The defendant had accused her of penetrating her private parts and had sex 5 times. The defendant did not use condoms.

Explicit text messages exchanged

The relationship between the two was later revealed. At first, X did not disclose that he had sexual intercourse with the defendant, because he was afraid that he would be imprisoned. Later, he learned that the defendant had developed a relationship with other female classmates, and finally told the truth and revealed that she and the defendant During the post-relationship period, explicit text messages were exchanged, mentioning sexual intercourse, orgasm, and sexual intercourse.

Defendant accused the victim of being suspicious and proposed to break up

The defendant denied that he had molested X and had sex with X before she was 16 years old, but did not have sex until she was 16 years old, and the explicit text messages exchanged between the two were only between the two: "Oral sex ".

He also pointed out that X often asked him to do something to express his love, and also pointed out that X was suspicious and suspected that he was having an affair with other female classmates, which made him feel pressure, so he proposed to break up.

Case No.: DCCC398/2021

An English teacher who watched Netflix sexually assaulted a girl and argued that she was guilty of 7 crimes, including narrating the plot. The teacher was involved in illegal sex with a 15-year-old girl. She visited the defendant's house and was touched. However, he found out that he was not the only lover of the defendant. The teacher involved in sexual intercourse with a girl. The teacher said that every time she had sex with the defendant, she felt pain and thought it was normal. The teacher involved in sexual intercourse with a girl. Sexual intercourse | Sending messages to each other to mention secretions and smells The defendant said that the sweat and the spaghetti teacher were involved in sexual intercourse with girls.

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