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Russia is preparing a massive attack on coastal cities


Ukraine war: Mariupol mayor expects 'guerrilla war' in region Created: 06/23/2022, 05:04 By: Tobias Utz, Lukas Zigo, Karolin Schäfer, Daniel Dillmann The situation in the Ukraine war is getting worse: the news ticker on Thursday, June 23. New troops: Putin probably wants to send new soldiers Russian nuclear missile: Vladimir Putin with a new forecast Strategy of the Ukraine: British Ministry o

Ukraine war: Mariupol mayor expects 'guerrilla war' in region

Created: 06/23/2022, 05:04

By: Tobias Utz, Lukas Zigo, Karolin Schäfer, Daniel Dillmann

The situation in the Ukraine war is getting worse: the news ticker on Thursday, June 23.

  • New troops:

    Putin probably wants to send new soldiers

  • Russian nuclear missile:

    Vladimir Putin with a new forecast

  • Strategy of the Ukraine:

    British Ministry of Defense with a new assessment of Russia in the Ukraine war

  • Ukraine conflict: This news ticker is continuously updated by our editorial staff.

    Some of the information comes from warring factions and cannot be directly verified independently.

+++ 10:35 p.m .:

Russia is apparently expanding its airstrikes in the Donbass.

As the general staff of the Ukrainian army announced on Facebook, such attacks are said to have taken place, among other things, in the city of Sievjerodonetsk.

According to information from the Ukraine, the important city is still fought over.

However, as reported by Russia and British intelligence, most of Sievarodonetsk is under Russian control.

Also, according to a report by Ukraine's public service broadcaster, five women were killed in a mortar attack in the village of Pryshyb.

The village, which is home to just over 3000 people, is located west of Mariupol and Donetsk.

+++ 18.45:

The expelled mayor of Mariupol, Wadym Boitschenko, expects a "guerrilla war" in the Russian-occupied city.

According to the news portal New Voice of Ukraine, Botschenko said in a video message that the Russian soldiers on site would know that the "liberation of the region" was imminent.

The mayor pointed to filtration camps in the war-torn port city as the reason for his claim.

Returning residents would have to cross them, while Ukrainian soldiers should be prevented from entering, Boichenko said.

Mariupol has been under Russian control for over three months.

Since then, a separatist mayor has been installed by Russia.

Debris in the entrance of his destroyed home after a Russian airstrike on a civilian area in Druzhkivka, Donbass.

© Celestino Arce Lavin/dpa

Ukraine war: China warns NATO of expansion – Putin is likely to send new soldiers

+++ 5:00 p.m .:

Belarus is said to have set up wooden tanks on the border with Ukraine.

This measure serves to make the presence of the Belarusian army clear, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

said, according to the newspaper

Ukrainska Pravda .

The fact that Belarus uses wood as a deterrent does not mean that Ukraine is not at risk from this side.

The Defense Ministry spokesman claimed that the pro-Russian country faces threats of missile and air strikes.

The information cannot be independently verified.

The Ukraine War in Pictures - Destruction, Resistance and Hope

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+++ 4:00 p.m .:

China’s President Xi Jinping has warned against expanding NATO.

In a speech before the start of a virtual economic summit by the so-called "Brics" group, according to Chinese state media reports, Xi said: "The Ukraine crisis is a [...] wake-up call".

In it, he warned against "expanding military alliances" - and "striving for one's own security at the expense of the security of other countries".

China has repeatedly declined to condemn Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine.

Like Moscow, Beijing has been criticizing NATO's eastward expansion for weeks or months.

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German arms fiasco about deliveries to Ukraine: Scholz apparently surprised everyone – with dire consequences

+++ 3.15 p.m .:

The Russian army has apparently directed 44 caliber missiles from the Black Sea to Ukraine.

This is reported by the Ukrainian newspaper

Ukrainska Pravda

with reference to information from the military.

“A total of 44 caliber missiles are aimed at Ukraine.

And this threatens not only the southern regions.

The range of these missiles can hit almost all of Ukraine.

So the threat of missile attacks remains,” said Natalia Humeniuk, spokeswoman for the Southern Army Command.

The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 2.30 p.m .:

The federal government has warned Russia of an escalation in Lithuania.

"We therefore clearly reject countermeasures announced by Russia," said government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit on Wednesday in Berlin.

"We call on Russia not to take any measures that violate international law." The transit of certain sanctioned goods through Lithuania to Kaliningrad is prohibited, but persons and non-sanctioned goods are not affected by the ban, the government spokesman emphasized.

News about the Ukraine war: Russia accuses Germany of “anti-Russian hysteria”.

+++ 1:45 p.m .:

Russia has accused Germany of “anti-Russian hysteria”.

The government in Berlin is endangering "decades of efforts by Russia and Germany to overcome post-war enmity," the Foreign Ministry in Moscow said on Wednesday on the occasion of the commemoration of Nazi Germany's attack on the Soviet Union.

+++ 1:00 p.m .:

The first foreign ship has probably left the port of Mariupol.

"Only a few hours after the long meeting, the Turkish freighter (Azov Concord), which had been waiting for days, left the Ukrainian port," the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

It is "the first foreign ship to leave the Ukrainian port of Mariupol" since it was brought under their control by Russian troops in May 2022.

The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 12.30 p.m.:

The city of Moscow has changed the official address of the US embassy in the Russian capital in honor of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine.

The diplomatic mission is now located on Donetsk People's Republic Square, the city administration announced on Wednesday.

Russia had recognized the self-proclaimed People's Republic in the Ukrainian Donbass as independent shortly before attacking Ukraine.

The crossroads where the embassy is located previously had no name.

The surrounding street names will therefore not change.

The move commemorates a similar action by the United States in 2018, when part of the street along the Russian Embassy in Washington was renamed Boris Nemtsov Plaza.

The Russian government critic was murdered near the Kremlin in Moscow in 2015.

News on the Ukraine war: Fire broke out in oil refinery

+++ 11.45 a.m .:

A fire broke out in an oil refinery in the border region between Ukraine and Russia on Wednesday.

According to the Interfax news agency, the location of the site is on the Russian side.

The Russian news agency Tass, citing officials, reported that a Ukrainian drone had crashed into the heat exchanger unit of the refinery in the city of Novoshakhtinsk before the fire.

A total of two Ukrainian drones were sighted over the facility, the second flew away.

The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 11.00 a.m .:

The federal government has confirmed the delivery of a total of seven 2000 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.

In the list of arms deliveries, these are now listed as "delivered lethal and non-lethal military support services".

+++ 10.15 a.m .:

Estonia has claimed that Russia is currently conducting “simulated missile attacks” on the country.

This was stated by the chief of staff of the Estonian Defense Ministry, Kusti Salm, to the Finnish media house Iltalehti.

The information cannot be independently verified.

News about the Ukraine war: Putin is likely to send new troops

+++ 09.30 a.m .:

According to the British Ministry of Defence, Russia is “most likely” preparing to send new troops to the Donbass to strengthen the greatly slowed offensive there.

According to the situation report, these are reservists that Putin recently recruited.

The deployment of the new troops will "probably be decisive for the outcome of the war," the ministry said, citing intelligence information.

The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 7.30 a.m .:

The Ukrainian task force “South” reports that it killed 49 Russian soldiers on June 21.

In addition, two self-propelled howitzers and an artillery tractor are said to have been destroyed.

An electronic warfare station, an ammunition depot and five armored military vehicles were also destroyed.

Ukrainian armed forces are threatened with encirclement

Update from Wednesday, June 22, 6:30 a.m.:

The fighting in eastern Ukraine continues and there is a risk of the Ukrainian armed forces being surrounded.

On the other hand, the area around the city of Cherson occupied by Russian troops is gradually being recaptured, said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In the Kharkiv region, 14 adults and one child were killed by Russian attacks, as Governor Oleh Synyehubov announced via Telegram.

According to Governor Pavel Kyrylenko, one civilian was killed and 19 others injured in the Donetsk region.

This information cannot be independently verified.

Ukrainian units in the heavily contested eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk could be surrounded by Russian forces around the towns of Solote and Hirske.

According to a report by the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian troops had gained territory, so that the Ukrainian forces there could be cut off the northern road connection to their other units in Lysychansk.

The connection via Wrubiwa, west of Hirske, had already come under Russian control last week.

Russia conquers large parts of Luhansk – Ukrainian troops are threatened with encirclement

+++ 9:15 p.m .:

The situation in the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk is coming to a head.

The Russian troops around the settlements of Solote and Hirske are about to encircle the Ukrainian defenders.

"In the direction of Toshkivka - Pidlisne, the enemy has captured the villages of Pidlisne and Myrna Dolyna," said a report by the Ukrainian General Staff on Facebook on Tuesday.

The Russian soldiers also had successes with Toschkivka and Hirske.

Thus, the northern road connection to the other Ukrainian units around Lyssychansk southwest of Sievjerodonetsk was cut for the Ukrainian troops around the towns of Solote and Hirske.

The connection via Wrubiwka, west of Hirske, had already come under Russian control last week.

Lyssychansk was also shelled by Russian artillery.

With the exception of a few parts around the cities of Sievjerodonetsk and Lysychansk, the Luhansk region has largely been conquered by Russia.

Ukraine confirms attack on Russian oil rigs in Black Sea

+++ 8:00 p.m .:

Kiev has confirmed an attack on oil rigs off the coast of Crimea in the Black Sea used by the Russian military.

Russia uses the platforms primarily as military facilities, for example to store air defense equipment, said Serhiy Brachuk, spokesman for the Odessa military administration.

With this, Russia wants to "gain full control over the north-western part of the Black Sea," it said.

Earlier, Sergei Aksyonov, the Russian governor of the annexed Crimea peninsula, accused Ukraine of attacking three oil rigs.

Three people are said to have been injured in the attacks, and seven more were missing, according to Russian sources.

Ukraine War: Russian troops advance further into Luhansk

+++ 18.45:

Russian forces have apparently conquered another settlement on the outskirts of Sievjerodonetsk.

This is the village of Toshkivka in the Luhansk region, Roman Vlasenko, head of the Sievarodonetsk military administration, confirmed to CNN.

Earlier, the region's governor Serhiy Haidai said that the Ukrainian defenders lost all control of Sieverodonetsk outside the besieged Azot chemical plant.

The fierce fighting would now focus on the industrial area.

+++ 5.45 p.m .:

US Attorney General Merrick Garland traveled unannounced to Ukraine to discuss how to proceed with Russian war crimes.

There he met with the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova.

A spokesman for the US Department released a brief statement on Tuesday, in which Garland emphasized that the US wants to support the Ukrainian authorities in prosecuting war crimes.

"The United States is sending an unequivocal message: There is no place to hide," the Attorney General said.

The West would follow any lead to bring those responsible for war crimes and atrocities to justice.

Ukraine war: Russia repels drone strikes on Snake Island

+++ 4:00 p.m .:

The battle for the snake island in the Black Sea continues.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, its own army managed to repel an attack by a total of 13 combat drones on its own troops, which are currently stationed on the island.

"More than 15 Ukrainian drones were involved in the airstrike, led by two Bayraktar TB2 drones," said Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry.

A US Air Force reconnaissance drone was also spotted over Snake Island.

According to information from Russia, Ukrainian troops tried to take control of the island on Monday.

Ukraine-News: Military helicopter from Russia invades NATO airspace

+++ 2:00 p.m .:

A Russian military helicopter has apparently violated NATO airspace.

This was announced by the Estonian army in Talin.

The incident therefore occurred on Saturday (June 18).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia therefore summoned the Russian ambassador.

"Estonia considers this an extremely serious and regrettable incident, which will undoubtedly create additional tensions and is totally unacceptable," the statement said.

According to the Estonian military, this is the second airspace violation by Russia this year.

+++ 1:15 p.m .:

Russia’s armed forces are apparently moving towards the city of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region.

This was reported by the Ukrainian general staff on Tuesday afternoon.

In particular, troop movements were sighted in the settlements of Semyhiria, Vershyna and Mykolaivka, it said.

The information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 1:00 p.m .:

The federal government has published a list of German arms deliveries to Ukraine on the Internet.

As government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit announced in Berlin on Tuesday, a decision has now been made to "adapt the procedure for the publication of military support services to the practice of our closest allies, such as the USA".

Therefore, an overview of weapons and other materials that Germany has delivered or will deliver is now available on the official website of the federal government.

According to the information, these are goods from Bundeswehr stocks as well as deliveries from the German armaments industry.

The list should be updated regularly.

As of Tuesday, the following have already been delivered:

  • 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles

  • 2,700 Fliegerfauste Strela

  • 50 bunker fists

  • 23,000 combat helmets

  • 1,200 hospital beds

  • 4 electronic anti-drone devices

The delivery of seven 2000 self-propelled howitzers, 30 Gepard anti-aircraft tanks, the Iris-T SLM air defense system, the Cobra artillery detection radar, three Mars multiple rocket launchers and other military equipment is currently being prepared.

According to the federal government, further military support services will be added.

Talks were held with Central and Eastern European countries about the so-called ring exchange.

The point is that these countries deliver Soviet-designed equipment to the Ukraine and receive weapon systems from Germany as replacements.

This should "guarantee that Ukraine will soon receive urgently needed weapons and can use them quickly," it said.

News about the Ukraine war: Putin gives details about the nuclear missile

+++ 12.30 p.m .:

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the first “Sarmat 28” long-range missile will be ready for use at the end of 2022.

This is reported by the Russian news agency RIA.

The "Sarmat" missile is a missile that is said to have a range of 18,000 kilometers.

The Russian space agency Roskosmos said in spring that 50 nuclear weapons-capable examples should be built by autumn.

Russia had only tested a model of the rocket in April.

Vladimir Putin's statements cannot be independently verified.

+++ 12.00 p.m .:

According to Russian information, a fire on a gas production platform in the Black Sea is spreading.

The platform had previously been hit by Ukrainian missiles.

"The fire approached the borehole during the night," the Interfax news agency quoted Russian Senator Olga Kowitidi as saying.

The seven missing people would continue to be searched for by planes, it said.

Three injured were being treated in hospitals.

However, the damage on two other platforms hit was less, according to Kowitidi.

On Monday (June 20) three drilling platforms were attacked with rockets.

News about the Ukraine war: Ukraine apparently loses control over Sievjerodonetsk

+++ 11.00 a.m .:

According to Serhiy Hajdaj, governor of the Luhansk region, the Ukrainian army has now completely lost control of Sievjerodonetsk.

This is reported by the news portal Ukrainska Pravda.

However, the report only refers to the area outside the besieged Azot chemical plant.

The information cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine War News: New Details on Ukrainian Strategy

+++ 10.15 a.m .:

The British Ministry of Defense assumes that the strategy of the Ukrainian military on the coasts will be successful.

According to the latest situation report, the Ukrainian army manages to "neutralize" Russia's sea control.

As an example, the ministry cited the rocket attack on a Russian military ship near Snake Island last week, citing intelligence information.

This was done using Harpoon anti-ship missiles supplied by western countries.

The information cannot be independently verified.

News about the Ukraine war: Russia is probably preparing a massive attack on coastal cities

First report from Tuesday, June 21, 9:45 a.m.:

Kiev – Russia is apparently preparing an offensive from the Black Sea.

Six missile cruisers are said to have been pulled together off the coast of Ukraine.

This is reported by the Ukrainian news portal Ukraine24.

The information coincides with information from the Ukrainian military.

The sparse information released by Moscow on the activities of its army in the Ukraine war also suggests a new offensive in the Black Sea with the support of the fleet.

Long-range missiles fired from ships in the Black Sea are said to have hit targets in Dnipropetrovsk.

This was confirmed by Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, on Sunday (June 19).

News about the Ukraine war: Russia shells Odessa

There are reports from the Ukrainian side that the Russian fleet has fired on the port city of Odessa during the Ukraine war.

Rockets are said to have destroyed a food warehouse there.

According to the Ukrainian news portal

Ukrainska Pravda

, in addition to the six missile cruisers, the Russian fleet consists of three other ships that can launch missiles at the coast.

In addition, three Russian submarines are said to be in the Black Sea.

But Ukraine is apparently not giving up the battle for supremacy in the Black Sea either.

Last week, the defenders managed to sink a Russian tug with a missile attack.

A gas plant controlled by Russia was badly damaged.

News about the Ukraine war: USA deliver new weapons in the fight against Russia

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, modern missiles are particularly crucial for the battle on the Black Sea.

For example, one of them is the Harpoon rocket, manufactured by the Boeing company.

The United States recently pledged an aid package worth more than $1 billion to Ukraine.

There should also be two coastal defense systems that can be equipped with Harpoon missiles.

(dil/tu/lz/kas with dpa/AFP/epd)

Source: merkur

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