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Sleep: watch out for bedding and poor posture


OUR HEALTH ADVICE - Mattress, pillow... The choice of good bedding is crucial to preserve your back and your sleep.

Who sleeps badly, suffers more.

Today, it is clearly established that poor sleep increases our sensitivity to hot, cold and pressure and therefore exacerbates our painful sensations.

And vice versa: pain disrupts the quality of our sleep, especially in the second half of the night when the level of cortisol, a natural anti-inflammatory, is at its lowest.

A vicious circle can thus set in where restless nights awaken buried pain which, in turn, makes the nights more and more difficult.


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The choice of good bedding can help break this infernal circle, by improving our sleep and reducing lower back pain.

For ten years, Dr. François Duforez, sports and sleep doctor at the Hôtel-Dieu, has been conducting research on the relationship between bedding and health.

Its results are clear: "

Whatever the audiences tested, young, old, couples, the transition from dilapidated bedding to new bedding adapted to the subject is always accompanied by two significant improvements: an increase in the share of slow-wave sleep deep (+ 7 to 15%), a decrease in the number and duration of micro-awakenings (+ 26%).

In short, we sleep more,


Good bedding also makes it possible to better reconstitute the architecture of the back, which is put to the test during the day under the effect of gravity.

In a comfortable bed, the dorsal posture muscles reset better and the intervertebral discs rehydrate more, thus making it easier to regain the natural curvature of the spine.


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But what is good bedding?

According to Dr. Duforez, the first criterion is the age of the mattress and box spring.

Exit equipment over seven years old, mattress and box spring included.

Also avoid specimens that are too small, especially for large individuals and for pairs.

A large bed promotes the evacuation of heat: to sleep well, the body must not overheat.

Large mattresses also allow better absorption of movements when moving.

Sleeping on the side is recommended

Another important point, specifies Dr. Duforez, contrary to popular belief, mattresses that are too firm, but also those that are too soft, should be avoided, in favor of semi-firm ones, which are always better suited to the general population.

And what about technology?

Foam, latex, springs?

These materials have made enormous progress in recent years.

It's all about feeling: you have to test them.


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There remains the choice of pillows and duvet.

First point: they must allow good heat dissipation.

It is therefore necessary to bet on so-called “


” products.

The pillow should also promote the optimal position for falling asleep.

Not too big, not too small, so as not to hinder breathing and to avoid neck-shoulder contractions.

It will be used for side sleeping, a posture recommended by sleep experts.

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