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I, too, once saved Nida for a mate, just like that, for free - Walla! Sheee


The discovery that Michal Ansky, Shai Mika and Yael Bar-Zohar promote the values ​​of family purity and Nida for Ruthi Leviev's new business caused a network storm

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I, too, once saved Nida for a mate, just like that, for free

"Avoiding sex for a certain period of a month does provide a healthy break for the couple's stickiness, ventilates what requires ventilation and creates longing and passion."

Karin Arad talks about the period when she also kept Nida, and even for free.

Karin Arad



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The new network storm was caused due to a report by Guy Pines regarding Shai Mika, Yael Bar-Zohar and Michal Ansky, who allegedly received money for a story publication in which they promote Nida's protection.

To the best of my knowledge, only one of them (Mika) keeps Nida, Michal Ansky all went to the mikveh once, and Yael Bar-Zohar only interviewed (besides, she keeps Nida forcibly half a year anyway because her husband is in the Philippines, so leave her alone).

If they promote Nida without having tried it and without believing it is beneficial to them in one way or another, it's a little disgusting, but no more disgusting than all the other things influencers do for money, but after watching interviews, it sounds completely authentic.

Michal Ansky said that she did a baptism in the mikveh once, because she felt the need to "refresh" from the outside and inside, Shai Mika said that she was trying Nida to keep the passion in the relationship, and Yael Bar Zohar was interviewed.

So true, they got paid for their work.


Who will hear, alas.

Unless Shay Mika's husband pays her to save Nida, I do not see a problem with that.

What, is she supposed to do the story to Ruthie Leviev for free, out of kindness?

Leviev is a business, not an impoverished business if I may, that does PR just like any other business.

There is not much difference between paying network influencers to promote Nida discourse, and paying them to promote a social issue, a body image agenda, or just to be photographed with a product that may, and may not, have always used as they claim.

Who needs Nida when there is survival in the Philippines (Photo: Aviv Hofi)

Beyond the fact that "nida" is a hard word to hear and must be updated, it is hard for some people to believe that someone who defines herself as secular will perform such a ceremony, but they are wrong.

I have known several of these, and you know them too.

There are enough secular women who light Friday candles and then see "picky blenders" after a meal that included shrimp - it's not as rare as seeing a unicorn in the garden.

People are complex, what to do, and most human beings live with "contradictions" within them that exist side by side.

There are a lot of secular people who put a kippah on their heads during the holidays, do not eat chametz on Passover, kiss mezuzahs, and fast on Yom Kippur.

Good people do bad deeds, nothing is complete, and Yair Lapid may have been a TV presenter in the past but that does not contradict his ability to do more things in his life.

Even I, with my Arab half I would light candles for a period, and the 'Hear on the Bed' prayer I had read for so many years, every night, to fall asleep, that to this day I know it by heart.

Check as I did positive meditations and affirmations, these are things that helped me stay sane in their difficult time, and I used them as long as I needed them.

I also got to keep Nida with some partner who was in the process of chess, it was more for him than for me, because it was important to him that I cooperate with him in this matter, and I flowed with him because the principle of a break (without seven clean with a cotton cloth, do not overdo it) It was very reasonable to me. Avoiding sex for a certain period of a month does provide a healthy break for the couple's stickiness, ventilates what requires ventilation and creates longing and passion.

She wanted to refresh inside and out (Photo: Rafi Daloia)

There was something very nice about knowing that now for a few days I can turn my back on it and make tools without experiencing the sophisticated courtship technique of "sticking back while she makes tools".

It was because of a pleasant feeling of freedom, and even the symbolic baptism of the mikveh was nice to do (not in the mikveh, at sea), and also it was nice because it was something we did together, at night, naked, and after that we had great sex, and it sucks me now not to I knew Ruthie Leviev because my financial situation was not a hit.

In conclusion, when one cleanses this custom for its side reasons, it is actually one of the nicest in Judaism, one does not have to be religious to try it, and no, that also does not mean that a woman thinks of herself as "unclean".

Menstrual blood, on the other hand, in its definition is intended to clean the remnants of the uterine lining after ovulation, and therefore - is not clean.

So come on, relax from the hysteria.

The fact that this specific blood is not clean does not make the existence of the woman illegitimate, stop being so verbal all the time,

So true, Ruthie Leviev is a religious woman, and as secularists, we are used to expressing opposition to the religious and to Judaism without really thinking about it.

Perhaps Leviev herself even believes that female menstruation is unclean, or uses expressions like "family purity."

Watt Aber - what she believes or not, says nothing about the thing itself.

There are cute ceremonies that can be borrowed and enjoyed, or not, and that means nothing.

Life is not black or white - so such and such rituals are used by us to feel in control, which is fine - even recommended.

It works just a little less well than Ciprofloxacin.

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