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My dear Dr Sharpe


The situation for women today is worse than it was 66 years ago, when the doctor performed an abortion on Gloria Steinem

The writer Laura Ferrero tweeted these days the dedication of the writer and activist Gloria Steinem to Dr. Sharpe, the doctor who performed an abortion on her when she was 22 years old, in her book

My life on the road

(Alpha Decay).

At 82 years old, Steinem (Princess of Asturias Award in 2021) published this memoir and recalled the conditions that that doctor put on her before performing an abortion that was then illegal.

He said, “You have to promise me two things.

First, that you will not give my name to anyone.

Second, that you will do with your life what you see fit.”

Sixty years after that abortion, she wrote this to him: “My dear Dr. Sharpe, I trust that you, aware as you were of the injustice of the laws, will not mind my saying this so long after your death: I have. I did the best I could.

This book is for you."

Gloria Steinem's dedication in 'My life on the road'.

– Laura Ferrero (@Lau_Ferrero) September 3, 2017

Today, Gloria Steinem is 88 years old and abortion is once again illegal in her country after the Supreme Court has struck down this right.

It might seem that we have gone back 50 years, but the truth is that we are worse off than then.

Today, the digital footprint of our actions is visible and deep.

That is why, of the two conditions that Dr. Sharpe set, more than 36 million Americans could not fulfill any of them: neither do what they want with their lives nor maintain the absolute privacy of their actions.

And at this point we have worsened because it is very difficult to get information or order abortion pills online in a state where abortion is illegal without trace.

This is the reason why the activist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the United States House of Representatives for the 14th district of New York, tweets information about the

Abortion OPSEC

for her more than 13 million followers , a kind of guide so that you can search for critical information without being incriminated for having an abortion in the US. OPSEC stands for Open Platform for Secure Enterprise Connectivity, a platform dedicated to guaranteeing the security of our actions on the Internet.


Republicans are mad because I am sharing this information.

too bad!

🚺⚧ Freedom of choice is an inalienable right.

Your bodily autonomy belongs to you.

💊 Link to my full IG story on how to protect yourself + access abortion in a post-Roe world:

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) June 28, 2022

In the case of abortion, the cybersecurity recommendations for women are as follows.

The first is to separate sensitive


from the rest of the digital activity and create

ad hoc email accounts,

in addition to using a different phone number than usual before looking for critical information.

If, for example, someone is going to buy legal abortion pills online in another state, they must cover their digital backs.

Second, it is important to block the geolocation of the phone if we go to a sensitive place (such as an abortion clinic).

It is also key to disable the phone tracking option from the settings / privacy section, as otherwise we could share unwanted information about the activities we carry out, including certain payments.

The fourth recommendation warns about the danger of sharing photos with our contacts, since they often include added information, such as geolocation.

The help manual circulates through the network through the voices of women who try to preserve the right to privacy of others.

The resistance is organized against the control over the intimacy and the body of women through the use of technology and


Thus, the privacy that Sharpe requested before performing an illegal abortion 66 years ago, today seems like a fairy tale.

Source: elparis

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