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The Caravan of Reconciliations Moving Forward - Written by: Bassam Hashem


From an early stage, national reconciliations constituted one of the direct and field mechanisms to contain the repercussions of the war.

From an early stage, national reconciliation was one of the field and direct mechanisms to contain the repercussions of the war, with all its catastrophic effects. It was a kind of response based on early awareness of the nature of the war itself, the nature of its brutal and destructive targeting, and the nature of its tools that have long been wagered on to fuel and renew unrestrained and blind violence. Whenever necessary, based on the fact that the final goal is the destruction of the state and society, and the division of Syria into cantons and fiefs that serve the interests of the parties and regimes involved primarily in the war project, which provided this project with money and supported it with weapons, and covered it in the Western media, for many years, until now. .

The goal was to split the structure of our Syrian society, horizontally and vertically, according to sectarian, doctrinal, regional and clan paths, so that the cities, towns and villages, adjacent to them in particular, turn into rival entities and masses of flames devouring each other, to derive the ingredients for its continuity from the incursion in violence and the rooting of hatred and conjugation. The permanent instincts of revenge floating on the surface successively;

And also from the capabilities of mutual “burning”, which always, fiercely, feeds on the circumstantial and temporary relinquishment of national awareness, and the transient mental image that Gulf and Western media are focused on, which have always been deeply involved in the shedding of Syrian blood, so an attempt was made to feed the world, and the Syrians in the first place, with tens of Thousands of fabricated and fake news, stories, novels, photos and videos, in the hope of spreading shock and terror, and erecting barriers and barricades in every city, in every street, and perhaps in every home, so that life in the field, laboratory and school would be disrupted and every activity that could indicate the existence of human activity would be disrupted.

It was not possible to confront this infernal atrocity, which dealt with the people and the population, in the end, as hostages and kidnappers, only through a brave and daring strategy that fully realizes, and with final conviction, that the Syrians are the national and humanitarian reservoir on which - alone - can bet, and that belonging The common and one identity, and even “collective interest” - if it is necessary to talk about an interest - is the basis, first and last, for a final exit from this tragedy (ordeal) that hit the Syrians - all Syrians - at the core of their livelihood and stability, and that the return of the spirit is the “spirit of living.” The common, and the throwing of self into the state, are the two main titles for the great return to “the bosom of the homeland,” or the passing of “purgatory,” which sums up the end of Syrian alienation.

Reconciliations managed to achieve very positive results since the first days of its launch, surprising all petrodollars betting on chronic and long-term brainwashing, and then reaching the Syrians to the point of no return.. It was a start like getting out of hell, and gradually restoring awareness and hope, before engaging Participation in the restoration of state institutions, especially with the scandalous exposure of the despicable conspiracy dimensions, and the role of “rebels” and “rebels” who have turned into mere mercenaries hired by their operators, waging the battles of others against their country, facing each other, and practicing mutual liquidations.

Reconciliations went through many setbacks, and this was naturally due to the back tension exercised by the parties to the aggression and the groups acquainted with it.

But the mechanism was moving forward, and was gradually being cut off from the areas under the control of terrorism, and from the influence of terrorism itself.

At a later stage, the reconciliations paved the paths of service, economic and security recovery, returning to the fore the concept on which every national merit and prestige is based, which is that the state, with its security, military and service institutions, and its leader, President Bashar al-Assad, is the protector and guarantor of the rights and freedoms of the people, and it is the first and last resort. for all of its citizens.

The reconciliations surrounded the victories of the Syrian Arab Army with civil safety belts, and allowed the Syrian armed forces to devote themselves to accomplishing their main tasks in defending national borders in the face of foreign occupation.

But today, with the curtain coming down on the last scenes of the black decade, the treachery groups are moving to disturb the atmosphere, and strike the climate of security and stability, by escalating assassinations targeting civilians and military personnel of our people.

However, all of this remains desperate confusions behind the stumbling blocks of reconciliation that are moving forward, driven by its own impulse based on understanding the war conspiracy and its external instigators, and to the new meaning represented by the presence of the state and to the spirit of optimism that fills the Syrians with feelings of confidence and defiance in the midst of a global crisis that threatens frightful collapses. It threatens to topple the existing international balances, while Syria stands in the side of the victors to mark the beginning of a new confident start under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad.

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