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Gay Pride Month | Same-sex marriage not recognized


Every June is Gay Pride Month. Since the Stonewall incident in 1969, the movement for LGBT rights has never stopped for more than half a century. To this day, Hong Kong does not recognize same-sex marriage, and various benefits depend on someone's efforts

Every June is Gay Pride Month. Since the Stonewall incident in 1969, the movement for LGBT rights has never stopped for more than half a century.

To this day, Hong Kong does not recognize same-sex marriage, and various benefits rely on someone to fight for it in court. In the past, there were homosexuals who could not handle the death of the other half. How to plan the future under Rainbow is a major challenge for every couple to face. subject.

Hou Yongzhao and Zheng Zikang are a gay couple who only got married in March this year. Recently, they participated in the filming of a promotional video for an insurance company. In the film, one party said a sentence, describing the definition of "home" as "someone fighting for the quilt", "showing affection" makes Many viewers are envious.

Back to reality, how are they going to run the family?

What are you facing?

Photography: Liao Yanxiong

A Kang (left) and Alan (right) are a pair of gay couples. They decided to get married in March this year. In addition to practical considerations, they also hope to use their own example as an example and promote gay equality.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Hou Yongzhao (Alan) and Zheng Zikang (A Kang) are a gay couple, and they are also members of the only gay church in Hong Kong, "Kean House".

The process of acquaintance and love between the two is inseparable from the work of the church, and it is difficult to fly to other places during the epidemic. In March this year, they decided to register their marriage in the form of video at home and obtain a marriage certificate. One hopes to use their own example as an example to promote Equal rights for gays and lesbians also have practical considerations. "I saw a lot of friends immigrating around me, and I thought that if I was going to work for a second time, I would need a sample to prove my relationship with her (husband) when applying for a visa?" Alan said.

Alan works as a technical project management director at the insurance company OneDegree, and A Kang is a stage and educator. Like most same-sex couples who get married abroad, because Hong Kong law does not recognize same-sex marriage and "civil unions", they noticed that there are many As an example, Alan pointed out, "For example, I have several bank accounts. If I want to transfer her (husband) to be an accidental beneficiary, what are the procedures? Many companies in Hong Kong are not clear... Another example is seeing a doctor. He was in a coma in the A&E room, and he couldn't sign the paper (referring to giving up first aid, receiving the body, etc.)."

Alan (left) and Ah Kang (right) are also members of the only gay church in Hong Kong, "Kean House", and they sing hymns together from time to time.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

Fighting for same-sex couple rights requires 'sausage-cutting' lawsuit

Perhaps he has heard too many unpleasant cases. Alan pointed out that he has already thought about making a will and is looking for different lawyers. Sexual orientation), but there were some friends around, and one of them passed away. The prophecy of the housing enterprise turned out to be married, but he didn't know that this person appeared to be my son? So he went to fight (on the issue of inheritance). The lawsuit will kill you." They also pointed out that if the right to "combined tax return" after marriage is now enjoyed by "predecessors" through lawsuits, Akang said, "We should pay attention to this news, and then Every time I think about it, what should I do first? If I lose, do I have to fight again?"

Since the William Leung case, which challenged the same-sex sexual act laws, was won by the High Court in 2005, there have been several years of different gender minorities fighting for equal rights through judicial channels.

As far as same-sex couples are concerned, in 2015, Senior Immigration Officer Liang Zhengang fought for his same-sex marriage spouses to enjoy civil servant family benefits and joint tax assessment; in 2018, Nick Infinger fought for the right of same-sex couples to apply for public housing in Hong Kong in the name of the family. ;After 2019, Wu Hanlin and his partner Li Yihao successively fought for the right of home ownership and inheritance. After Wu died, Li filed a judicial review to fight for the right to handle the funeral for the other half, etc.

The situation has been described as "salami slicing" as each right is fought on a case-by-case basis.


Do you want to sue for benefits item by item?

The government has to send out a legal team, which is actually a waste of money and labor.

Zhong has to wait a few years before he can go to the European and American level?

Can we normalize LGBT relationships across the board and have same-sex marriages have the same legal status?

Alan Keene House Deacon

The insurance company where Alan works has recently launched home insurance for same-sex rights. The definition of "family" in the plan covers cohabitation and same-sex couples. As long as they live together for at least 12 months, they can be covered. Alan and Akang are one of them in the promotional video of the plan. For the interviewed partners, they talked about the definition of "home".

Alan believes that no one has yet explained what makes a good family, "usually if you don't define (definition), the other family (such as some conservative churches) will define and listen to you, saying that you are evil, unclean, and depraved. Hell.” He also pointed out that in addition to allowing him to work “four days” to support his church promotion work, the company also provides medical coverage for married partners of executive-level employees, including same-sex marriage partners, “Sometimes I feel What kind of benefits can I get before going to a multinational company? But it turns out that local companies can do it.”

After the promotional video was broadcast, it was like coming out of the closet for the second time to receive the teacher's support message

On the other hand, A Kang, who usually works in a school, pointed out that the decision to agree to make a film this time was "very bold" because he would not take the initiative to talk about sexual orientation at work in the past.

After the launch of the promotional video, it felt like he was "coming out" again, but fortunately, all A-Kang has received so far are supportive messages, "I received a teacher who had worked with me two days ago and said, 'It's really good, someone is with you. I’m happy for being slapped with the quilt, but it turns out that someone will share it with you after watching it, and make you happy.” Akang thinks, I don’t know what the more conservative principals and teachers will think, but “If there is conflict, it’s better, and everyone is cold, right? things, but there is no way to lean or communicate.”

Under the flying rainbow banner, the couple who met and fell in love with homosexuals are usually just like you and me.

(Photo by Liao Yanxiong)

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