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Maybe Lapid should be put in proportion: you have not yet absorbed a thousand from the poison machine that operated here in Swiss synchronization against Netanyahu, and that Adia flew all the way to the Prime Minister's Office

Someone please send flowers to Lieberman, Saar, Elkin, and of course Bennett and Shaked.

Not only did their daring venture end earlier than usual with Yair Lapid in Balfour and Bnei Gantz in the Kirya, now they have also given Gush Lapid, as a gift, the main line for the election campaign against the right.

A new concept comes to the country: a poison machine.

It emerged from the house of the creator of the outgoing Prime Minister's Office, Naftali Bennett, in times of distress, and spontaneously and not at all mechanized - because machines are only available to babysitters - you hear it now in glorious choruses from all sides: from the Transitional Prime Minister and his people, to journalists and commentators.

This is a wonderful thing, machine.

Why settle for just the evil gargoyle "Bibi", when one can be intimidated by an elaborate but unknown mechanism, a malicious combination activated from one of the cellars in Caesarea, a dark conspiracy to poison the pure souls of our innocent citizens.

In a few years, someone will probably find the protocols of the Likud elders.

In the meantime, we will be content with a "poison machine", which includes - hold on tight - Netanyahu, Likud MKs (hereinafter: his eunuchs), advertising and new media experts (his soldiers), several media people and journalists (his mouthpieces) and his supporters (the cult mob).

After all, in the universe to the left of the Likud, anything critical of the left is necessarily the product of wild drums of incitement - and never of an autonomous reality tester.

After all, this is a culture of Darbuka named after her.

On the other hand, of course, there are not and never have been "machines."

There everything is authentic and clean from manipulations, and what is certain - is non-toxic.

Except, perhaps, for phrases such as: "An unelected government informs citizens that they are not allowed to leave the house" during an epidemic, or "Why does the fire always break out just when it is most convenient for the Prime Minister" during a military operation? Emergency - and we are lucky that policemen sent to enforce closures or fighters recruited to the reserve showed national responsibility while opposition leader Lapid promiscuously hinted to them that they were risking their lives for a political whim.

Maybe Lapid and Bennett should be put in proportion: you have not yet absorbed a thousand from the poison machine that operated here in Swiss synchronization against Netanyahu.

"He has no matriculation" and "Jobnik in the camp"?

Is this poison?

Try to live with everyday comparisons to bloodthirsty dictators like Louis XIV or Ceausescu;

When you are marked as an Erdogan and your rule as a fringe of fascism or an introduction to Hitlerite processes.

And all this not on behalf of marginal Facebook activists, but from the throats of prominent and legitimate speakers in public life;

When prominent protest leaders against you receive treats in weekend newspapers, despite state-of-the-art pearls like "Molotov cocktail into Balfour" or "Come violence come";

When "Netanyahu is a danger to Israel" is a common expression among the former members of the defense establishment;

When demonstrations take place under your window, soaked in abusive cries and blatant performances that are best forgotten.

This, Lapid and Bennett, is a real poison machine: and we know very well how much it was coordinated and mostly synchronized with centers of power in luxury towers and major media.

And the beauty is that you, Lapid, flew over Adia and thanks to her - all the way to the Prime Minister's Office.

Know where you came from, first of all, and say thank you to Sadi.

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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