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"wait, what?!" People feel cheated after realizing that the earth is not completely round - Walla! news


Tiktok user opened a door for a heated discussion about the structure of the earth, after sharing a picture of him and revealing how crooked he actually is. Look

"wait, what?!"

People feel cheated after realizing that the earth is not completely round

Tiktok user opened a door for a heated discussion about the structure of the earth, after sharing a picture of him and revealing how crooked he actually is.

Many were stunned when they discovered the true shape of the earth - but do the images reflect reality?

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Monday, 04 July 2022, 23:46

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Isn't the earth really round?

(@ holly.moffatt)

No friends, this is not another conspiracy by the "people of the flat earth" who are sure that the structure of our earth is not spherical at all but flat.

The planet is definitely spherical, but like the Instagram models in bikinis - has he also shown us to this day shredded and distorted pictures of his reality?

The debate over the structure of the Earth, which recurs from time to time online, has now resurfaced thanks to Holly Moffat, a 21-year-old ticker user who shared with the world the shock she received when she discovered that the Earth is not perfectly round as we were taught in schools - but bumpy.

In her video she reveals seemingly real pictures of the earth as it looks, how to say it without hurting, not at its best.

In the video, which has garnered nearly 8 million views since being released on June 19, Holly said: "How, after 21 years of living on this planet, I only now discover that it is the shape of the earth and that it is not perfectly round? My brain is exploding."

This is how we thought he looked:

Earth in a flattering picture (Photo: ShutterStock)

And this is what he really looks like?

Is this what the Earth looks like? (Photo: screenshot,

While many estimated that the space rock we live on would not be a perfectly round sphere, they did not expect to see this crooked thing.

Sorry, Arth.

"I assumed it was not perfectly round, but why lie to us like that?", Wrote one of the science textbooks in schools that misrepresented, "No, I refuse to believe it looks like that," another added.

One viewer wrote: "It is clear to us that it will not be perfect round. The ball is still round enough and the pictures do not reflect" and another added: "This is just proof that we are not all perfect."

Another person reinforced: "Even the Earth has an unrealistic beauty standard."

Holly agreed that the ball should not be perfectly round, but did not describe how far the mirrors would be from perfection.

She wrote next to the video: "It makes sense but it doesn't make sense."

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This is what the earth really looks like ?!

@ holly.moffatt

Like it makes sense but it also makes absolutely no sense?

♬ original sound - Holly

So does the earth really look like this ?!

Holly later shared a response that undermines her claims.

She wrote: "I have no idea how true this is guys. I just googled 'the true shape of the earth' after a friend told me he learned about it at university."

If so, we went out to check.

The truth will still disappoint the people of the flat land, as the shape of our planet is definitely elliptical, however the images you saw above do not fully reflect reality.

One wrote in responses and justice: "This is a very exaggerated version of the small ups and downs on the surface. If you google the blue marble image of NASA, this is what it looks like."

According to New Scientist, the images Holly saw taken from the European Space Agency's GOCE satellite show that the Earth's "are" exaggerated "by a factor of 7,000.

That is, the exaggerated images make the valleys and peaks appear lower or higher respectively - than they are in reality.

The GOCE is a research satellite designed to map the Earth's gravitational field and geoid, as another observer noted: "The images show the Earth's gravitational field measured by GOCE and not its physical shape."

A space expert explains what the Earth really looks like:

@astro_alexandra #stitch with @ holly.moffatt what is the REAL shape of the earth?

Pretty spherical!

#spacetok #stemtok #sciencetok #astronomy ♬ original sound - ASTRO ALEXANDRA?

According to the National Oceanic Service (NOS), while the Earth looks like a sphere from space, its shape is unique and "constantly changing".

Experts there noted: "Our planet is 'fuller' at the equator than at poles at about 70,000 feet. This is due to the centrifugal force created by the Earth's constant rotation. Mountains rising to an altitude of almost 30,000 feet and ocean canals submerging 36,000 feet below sea level "The shape of the Earth is even more distorted. The sea surface itself is not regular. Slight changes in the Earth's gravitational field cause permanent hills and valleys across the ocean of over 300 feet relative to the ellipsoid." The NOS also added that the shape of the planet changes from time to time Due to events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or meteorite damage.

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