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Rumors in the political circle | Li Jiachao went to the Q&A meeting for the first time on Wednesday, and the members expected to be merciful and hoped to explain the customs clearance


The new government took office, and Chief Executive Li Jiachao attended the Legislative Council question-and-answer session for the first time on Wednesday (6th). Some members estimated that the members of the meeting would be "merciful" in their tone, but they would definitely ask questions actively, hoping to learn more about the new situation.

The new government took office, and Chief Executive Li Jiachao attended the Legislative Council question-and-answer session for the first time on Wednesday (6th).

Some lawmakers estimate that the members of the conference will be "merciful" in their tone, but they will certainly actively ask questions, hoping to learn more about the new government's plan.

Some members of the business sector hope that the government will explain the details of customs clearance as soon as possible, especially customs clearance with foreign countries, when the government will shorten the quarantine period for tourists visiting Hong Kong, and the specific operations.

Members hope to put forward the "5+2" plan as soon as possible

Li Jiachao, who has always emphasized the importance of the relationship between the executive and the legislature, will go to the Legislative Council Q&A session for the first time at 9:30 tomorrow morning to speak to the Legislative Council and answer members' questions.

Some lawmakers pointed out that in the first question and answer session of the new government, lawmakers will definitely ask questions actively, hoping to "know more" in the future governance. It is expected that they will pay attention to matters such as customs clearance, anti-epidemic and national security.

The person said that many members of the new government were retained by the previous government, and Li Jiachao was the former Chief Secretary for Administration. Members expected Li Jiachao to provide more details than the election platform, and hoped that he would be prepared.

Some businessmen pointed out that there are still more than 1,000 confirmed cases in Hong Kong every day, and it will be difficult to clear customs without quarantine with the mainland in the short term, but hope that Li Jiachao will explain more details of "limited customs clearance"; externally, the new government recently said that it is studying "5+2" The quarantine plan, that is, people arriving in Hong Kong will be quarantined in hotels for 5 days and monitored at home for 2 days. I hope the government will come up with an implementation plan as soon as possible.

Tian Beichen advocates "3+4" isolation platform, no progress is acceptable

Tian Beichen, a member of the Legislative Council of the Real Politics Roundtable, pointed out that President Xi Jinping mentioned that the central government fully supports Hong Kong in maintaining its unique status and advantages for a long time. +4" plan, that is, 3-day hotel quarantine and 4-day closed-loop management.

He believes that Members will pay attention to the details of customs clearance, including what is meant by limited customs clearance.

He said that Li Jiachao has only written the political platform for a month, and the new government has just taken office. It is estimated that Li Jiachao's response to the development blueprint and youth policy is similar to the political platform. At most, there has been progress in anti-epidemic and customs clearance, which is considered acceptable. It is expected that there will be more details in the next Q&A session.

DAB Chairman Li Huiqiong also pointed out yesterday that the most urgent task of the new government is to explain the customs clearance situation to the public as soon as possible, including customs clearance work with the mainland or overseas. Jianlian has questions ready.

Di Zhiyuan hopes that it is not difficult for lawmakers to wait and see

Di Zhiyuan, a member of the New Thinking Legislative Council, said that during Li Jiachao's election campaign, he mainly mentioned principled directions and lacked specific policies.

He also hoped that Li Jiachao would explain the actual function of the deputy secretary, how to improve the communication and coordination capabilities of various government departments, and hope that Li Jiachao would respond to whether it would create favorable conditions for discussing political reform, or not to put the issue in mind.

He believed that when the Lee Ka-chao government first took office, the lawmakers would take a wait-and-see attitude towards him and would not necessarily embarrass him at the question-and-answer session.

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