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Between “Good Intentions” and Destructive Illusions - Written by: Ahmed Hassan


In one day, the Turkish occupier attacked several locations in northern Syria, and the “Israeli” occupier attacked locations in its west, “M.

In one day, the Turkish occupier attacked several locations in northern Syria, and the "Israeli" occupier attacked locations west of it, "houses and agricultural land in the vicinity of the town of Hamidiyah, south of Tartus!"

The simultaneity between the two attacks is neither strange nor new.

It is - despite its criminal and condemned tendency - new evidence of an old, wretched awareness of the leaders of the two parties that can be summed up in one sentence: in the resurrection of Syria and the restoration of its role and position, the inevitable fall of not only their plans and ambitions, but, and this is the most important and dangerous, of both their political and societal models.

Turkey, with its delusional Erdoganist version - and not the natural Turkey - finds in Syria an enemy, not only as a natural geographical dam in front of its expansion project, and this is an important and real matter, but also, and this is the most important, as it is in violation and revealing of its fascist, necessarily terrorist model. By attacking Syrian territory whenever the Syrian army advances against terrorist organizations” - as President Bashar al-Assad said - armed with “false and misleading claims that have no relation to reality, and violate the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of international law and the good-neighborly ties that are supposed to unite the two neighboring countries.”

This is also the case of the Zionist entity, noting an important difference is that, despite all the relentless and old attempts to accept it, and pacify it - whether the attempts of some of the people of the region to make it like them, or its attempts to make the region follow its example - is not absolutely natural, but it is nonetheless similar here. With “Erdoganism” in that he sees recovery in Syria only as an enemy, and as a model, revealing his flaws, his crimes, and his absolute “alienation” from the region and its people, so his crimes against it come as “one of the means of terrorist war that the country is exposed to with the aim of destabilizing security and stability in it.” As explained by the Iranian Foreign Minister on his recent visit to Syria.

Here, we must not overlook the glaring fact that the Turkish - Erdogan again - and the Zionist attacks are protected from a "West" that decided that terrorist groups - who are not only lost individuals but official leaders of specific countries - are the best and most beneficial to his project to dominate the world, especially in This critical stage, which is why we witness this public “courtship” with it, whether in the “Al-Tanf camp” where it protects and “nurtures” ISIS, or in the attempt to establish a “Middle Eastern NATO” to serve “Israel” first, or even the last concession to Erdogan” on the issue of NATO expansion, without forgetting that this Western “relationship” with terrorism and its representatives is also servile, and perhaps Erdogan’s transfer of ISIS and “Al-Nusra” terrorists to Ukraine recently was the latest evidence of it.

In this sense, the world, and the region dependent on it, does not seem open to good “intentions” solutions, or even some truncated, illogical solutions. For example, “Erdoganism” cannot understand, unless it is compelled, the good intentions that cling to the need to “bridge as much as possible” The differences” between the two countries – that is, Syria and Turkey – are for their own interest, and thus the importance of “establishing a serious and effective dialogue that will subsequently lead to a comprehensive reconciliation between the two neighbors.”

Also, it is not possible to bet on an amputated “subsidiary” for a comprehensive solution, such as a “Gir Pedersen” betting, for example, as a representative of the international organization, on the “Constitutional Committee,” as he said in his last briefing before the UN Security Council, to achieve anything, especially that an entire section of this The latter refuses to characterize the Turkish act, a mere description, as terrorism, let alone combating it, because it is subject to it, while the entire Security Council, or to be precise, its overwhelming majority, before which Pedersen spoke, refused to “condemn the Israeli aggression on Damascus International Airport,” so that the man, i.e. Pedersen, is satisfied. By repeating the “Secretary-General’s concern” about these “raids”!

Here, and if we go beyond the latent and dangerous meaning of using the word raid, instead of “aggression”, we cannot go beyond the fact that the legacy of the great “worrying” man “Ban Ki-moon” does not mean anything in these sharp and bloody world conflicts, nor exceed the fact that “intentions” The “good” and sincere rapprochement between the parties does not mean much either, unless they are accompanied by practical steps on the ground, the first of which is to retreat from the crime of occupying the lands of others by force and deception... Then for every recent incident.

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