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North Point Synergy Secondary School Chinese Culture Education helps non-Chinese speaking students integrate into Hong Kong life︱Art education


The Hong Kong Palace Museum opened, and everyone saw visitors wearing Hanfu to visit the exhibition. This new landmark marks a new milestone in the inheritance of Chinese culture in Hong Kong. Chinese cultural education is a key promotion project in the education sector in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Palace Museum opened, and everyone saw visitors wearing Hanfu to visit the exhibition. This new landmark marks a new milestone in the inheritance of Chinese culture in Hong Kong.

Chinese culture education is a key promotion project in the education sector in Hong Kong. Through learning Chinese culture, it can help students understand traditional culture and social and ethical values, cultivate young people's concept of home and country, and build community cohesion.

Hong Kong is a multi-racial society, and a large number of non-Chinese speaking students attend Chinese-dominated schools. In order to better integrate them into the Hong Kong community, cultural education is particularly important. Students from ethnic groups know Chinese customs, history and culture, and they can enter campus life more quickly.

Chinese History and Culture Day

Introductory Pathway to Craft Learning Culture

Chinese culture has a long history and is broad and profound. North Point Synergy Middle School (Beijing Association) has attached great importance to Chinese culture education for many years.

In recent years, more non-Chinese-speaking students have been enrolled in the school. There are more than 70 students from more than ten countries. They come from different countries, have different skin colors, and speak different languages, but they live together in the international metropolis of Hong Kong.

In addition to promoting international culture, the school continues to promote Chinese cultural education to help them integrate into campus life. However, in the face of students with different languages ​​and cultural backgrounds, it is a big challenge to promote Chinese culture to them. What magic weapon does the school have to help them learn?

Language is an important medium of communication, but many non-Chinese speaking students who are new to Hong Kong have no knowledge of Hong Kong and Chinese culture. Their native language is not English, and it is very difficult for teachers to communicate with them.

Chinese History and Culture Day - the throwing activities of ancient literati and scholars

In order to promote the learning of the students, the teachers of the Peking Association continue to conceive diversified activities, through various cultural activities, to increase the students' interest in contacting Chinese culture, and to encourage students to actively explore the unique and colorful traditional Chinese culture.

For example, the school organizes the "Chinese History and Culture Week" every year. In addition to holding booth games, guests are invited to the school to perform arts related to traditional Chinese culture, including ancient color tricks, Cantonese opera performances, Sichuan face changing, etc., so that students can experience the quintessence of China through appreciation More Chinese culture; in terms of classroom activities, the Chinese Language Department will organize relevant teaching activities in response to different traditional Chinese festivals, especially focusing on cross-curricular cooperation, such as the moon lantern production activities in cooperation with the Science Department during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the acid-base spraying on the Dragon Boat Festival. Boat making activities, and the "Jockey Club "Biography and Creation" Intangible Cultural Heritage Education Project in cooperation with the Comprehensive Humanities Department conducted tie-making and paper-cutting activities to expose non-Chinese speaking students to more traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

Mid-autumn lantern fans

Intangible Cultural Heritage Project Learning - Paper Cutting

The Chinese Culture Room creates a learning atmosphere

As the saying goes, "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." A good learning atmosphere will also help students engage in learning.

The school set up the school's first special themed classroom, the Chinese Culture Room, and named it "Xiefengxuan".

The antique furnishings and exhibits in Xiefengxuan enable students to take classes in a classroom full of Chinese culture atmosphere.

In addition to Chinese classes and Chinese history classes, Xiefengxuan is also used as a venue for special activities such as writing calligraphy, learning about tea ceremony, celebrating New Years, etc.

Chinese Culture Room "Xiefengxuan"

"Reading ten thousand books is not as good as traveling ten thousand miles", so the experience of Chinese culture cannot be limited to the campus.

Therefore, the Peking Association organized on-site tours such as "Half-Day Tour of Hong Kong Island for Non-Chinese Speaking Students" and "Half-Day Tour of Hong Kong for Newly-arrived Students to Get to Know Hong Kong", allowing students to visit different attractions in Hong Kong and learn more about Hong Kong's history and culture.

Liang Zhuoxun, the principal of the school, said that the achievements of spreading Chinese culture are best reflected in the works of the students and their smiles.

The non-Chinese speaking students demonstrated the delicate ties between them and Chinese culture through the dragon boats built with their own hands, the waving of spring and blessings in writing, the art of cutting paper-cuts, and the tying of bent vine branches.

lantern making

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