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The Alliance of Wills.. By: Abdul Rahim Ahmed


Our region and the world are in the throes of the birth of a new multipolar world, and whether the birth is delayed or stumbled, it is coming.

Our region and the world are in the throes of the birth of a new multipolar world, and whether the birth is delayed or faltered, it will inevitably come. The context of events clearly indicates this, especially since the United States, which has been leading the unipolarity for three decades, seems today unable to continue imposing the existing order with insistence. Russia and China, along with many other countries of the world, have imposed their will as a player to be reckoned with in the international arena.

In the midst of the birth conflict in the war led by Moscow against the West in Syria and Ukraine, most countries of the world began to search for a place in the new world order, and this should be the case of the Arab countries.

The major conflicting powers have begun to woo the Arab countries to rally them to their side in the international protector rams, given their strategic location and economic capabilities (oil and gas), which constitute a lever for any side they stand in, especially in light of the energy war between Russia and Western countries in addition to the emerging global food crisis.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov toured the Gulf states, the Maghreb and some African countries, and the BRICS countries (Russia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil) held their fourteenth summit in Beijing, amid news of the group’s openness to its expansion and inclusion of more countries rejecting American hegemony and expectations that Iran and Argentina would join the group Which today has a population of 3.2 billion people.

The Caspian Sea states (Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) also held their meeting in Turkmenistan to enhance cooperation in Russia's vicinity.

On the other hand, the seven industrialized countries held their summit in Germany and focused on remedying the repercussions of the economic war with Russia on the European continent, and NATO held its unprecedented summit in Madrid, during which a new military strategy for the alliance was adopted that considers Moscow its main enemy and Beijing in the second place in a real disregard for the problems of the world Focusing only on Western interests with the increasing talk of forming a Middle Eastern NATO to confront Iran, which reflects the concept of the true West based on militarization and subjugating voices that do not agree with Western policies.

Will the Arab countries seize the historical moment and choose the right side on which they stand?

Do you recall the idea that the strength of the Arabs is the unity of their position and their weakness in their division?

And it joins the coalition of will that President Bashar al-Assad spoke about when he described the Syrian-Iranian relationship?

Most of the Arab countries have adopted positions that distanced themselves from Western and American hegemony and refused to enter the Western alliance against Russia militarily and economically.

From the beginning, Syria took its clear position that it was part of the alliance of wills against Western hegemony and a basis in the birth of the new world order.

The Arabs know that the Israeli and Turkish ambitions in the Arab land and its wealth have not changed, but may even increase, not to mention the policies of American hegemony. Will the Arabs take advantage of the historic opportunity today and restore Arab solidarity on the one hand and join the coalition of wills represented by Russia and China to contribute to the formulation of a new pluralistic and democratic world that guarantees them position among the nations?

Syria has announced that it is open to the Arab countries, which constitute a natural incubator and a common security and economic dimension, disregarding the mistakes of past Arab policies and looking to the future to compensate for the losses and restore the weakness that afflicted all Arabs, and to avoid further losses through dialogue, mutual respect and building relations that serve all Arabs and the region as well, because It guarantees peace and security and prevents wars and greed.

Within this framework and concept, the strategic relationship between Syria and Iran constitutes a kind of alliance of will that President Bashar al-Assad talked about in the face of Western hegemony and dictation policies, and it forms a basis for protecting security and achieving peace for the peoples of the region.

The restoration of Syria’s health and strength is a strength for all Arabs, a fortification of their future and a guarantee of their interests and national security. Therefore, restoring the Arab ranks on the basis of mutual respect and common interest should constitute an Arab priority and a basic basis for entering into the coalition of wills that began to speak.

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