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To Kwa Wan 13th Street Traffic Inspector's 100-meter trapeze copying card


When the traffic inspector was copying the license plate at "Thirteenth Street" in To Kwa Wan, he ran like a 100-meter trapeze, frightening the nearby car owners to jump into the car and drive away at high speed. There are 2 short videos circulating on the Internet, Yousi

When the traffic inspector was copying the license plate at "Thirteenth Street" in To Kwa Wan, he ran like a 100-meter trapeze, frightening the nearby car owners to jump into the car and drive away at high speed.

Two short clips circulated on the Internet. A driver was standing next to a private car suspected of illegal parking in To Kwa Wan. He noticed that a traffic inspector commonly known as "Coffee Boy" was coming to copy the license plate. The driver immediately ran to the car. The traffic inspector Followed relentlessly.

The driver boarded the car in time and drove away at high speed, avoiding the accident, but another car owner "walked away" and was "fucked".

The incident sparked heated discussions online.

It is understood that there have been a number of disputes caused by traffic illegal parking incidents on "Thirteenth Street" in To Kwa Wan recently, including a female neighbor who complained about illegal parking and was yelled at by the driver. Greetings" Traffic Warden.

The police and FEHD departments have stepped up enforcement against illegal parking and street obstruction in the district since Tuesday.


Pingzhi driver swears at female neighbor Nan Yahan and insults traffic inspector

A 13-second CCTV clip circulating on the Internet shows that a man in blue on Luming Street, To Kwa Wan, on Monday (3rd), suspected that he saw a traffic inspector preparing to copy the license plate and ran back to his car. I jumped into the car, turned my head to observe during the period, closed the door and immediately drove away at high speed.

From the perspective of another car’s cam, after the car owner boarded the car, at least 2 traffic supervisors chased after the car. The traffic supervisor in front saw the car owner and still ran wildly. From a distance, it looked like a 100-meter trapeze rushing to the line.

Netizens described him as "chasing a thief".

Unfortunately, the supervisor was still unable to catch up, and immediately took a picture of another private car behind, asking the driver not to drive away, as if to issue a ticket to the other party.

The incident caused heated discussions among netizens.

Another video shows that there was a Pingzhi private car parked illegally on "Thirteenth Street". The driver suspected that the female neighbor complained that the private car blocked the road.

In the film, he shouted "X you old X" many times, saying "I'm on the shelf every day".

Netizens pointed out that Pingzhi's driver's behavior was "tiring the neighborhood", triggering the police to join forces with other government departments to enforce the law on "Thirteenth Street".

It is understood that the police have recently cracked down on illegal parking in Kowloon City District and have expanded the area of ​​operations to include Ma Tau Kok Road, Kowloon City Road, Muk Cheong Street and To Kwa Wan Road.

A reporter from "Hong Kong 01" inspected the scene this afternoon (7th) and found that there were significantly fewer illegally parked vehicles than residents.

Neighbor Mr. Wong said that he noticed that the police have recently stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal parking in the area. Yesterday (6th), he also saw more than 100 police officers enforcing the law in nearby streets, saying "Chenghang is copying", pointing out that some did not copy the license plate originally. The area was also voted yesterday.

More than 100 police officers have taken to the nearby streets to enforce the law recently.

(online picture)

Regarding the reason for the police crackdown on illegal parking, Mr. Huang estimated that it was related to the disputes between South Asians and traffic inspectors.

He revealed that some people of South Asian descent were dissatisfied with the illegal parking of motorcycles when their license plates were copied by traffic inspectors, and they insulted them.

On the other hand, Mr. Huang believes that the police should not kill them all, saying frankly that "you (traffic inspector) should be a savage (law enforcement)", but he should not "get everyone without food."

"In the current situation of IKEA in Hong Kong, there is a chance to 'get a seat'." He believes that the operation of garages should be handled as appropriate. If all the cars parked at the entrance of the garage have their license plates copied, it will cause serious damage to the garage business. big impact.

On Tuesday, the inter-departmental "Xiaoyue Action" issued 83 tickets in one day

It is reported that the police conducted a large-scale inter-departmental joint law enforcement operation on Tuesday (4th), which coincided with the following day of foul language abuse of the supervisor.

The operation codenamed "Xiaoyue Operation" that day, the Kowloon City Police District, the Traffic Department, the Home Affairs Office, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, the Transport Department, the Highways Department and other government departments jointly acted.

The operation targets community issues such as illegal parking, street obstructions, abandoned vehicles and shop extension (goods placed outside the shop) in several streets in To Kwa Wan.

On that day, a total of 83 (traffic) fixed tickets were issued, 1.2 tons of garbage were cleaned up, and a removal notice was issued to 10 abandoned vehicles.


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