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epidemic. 7.9|Shenzhen Bay will push online appointments for nucleic acid testing, urging not to pass the customs during the busiest time


The rebound of the epidemic continued. Today (9th), there were 2,995 new confirmed cases, including 204 imported cases, no new deaths, and confirmed cases in 4 residential homes and a special school. Director of the Medical and Health Bureau, Lu Chongmao, reported on the epidemic yesterday

The rebound of the epidemic continued. Today (9th), there were 2,995 new confirmed cases, including 204 imported cases, no new deaths, and confirmed cases in 4 residential homes and a special school.

Lu Chongmao, director of the Medical and Health Bureau, said at a press conference on the epidemic yesterday that the suspension of the flight circuit breaker mechanism does not mean relaxation of epidemic prevention, but a more accurate anti-epidemic to prevent imports from abroad, emphasizing "never consider lying flat."

He pointed out that the word “clearance” had been heard the most in the week after he took office, and he even remembered it in his dreams, but the society must have reasonable expectations, and it is completely impossible to clear customs within a short period of time without quarantine. The return card can be passed in three minutes at will, I believe it is unreasonable to expect in a short period of time.”

Overview of yesterday's epidemic:


7.8|Another 3000 cases of Lu Chongmao: It is impossible to fully clear customs and travel abroad in the short term

▼On July 8, Lu Chongmao attended the epidemic press conference▼


[23:35] The government announced that in response to the increase in the number of departures at the Shenzhen Bay Port, the government has increased the port’s rapid nucleic acid testing capabilities, and will soon launch an online appointment arrangement for special nucleic acid testing services, and appeals to customs clearance passengers before the online appointment arrangement is launched. , to avoid crossing the border during the busiest hours, so as to avoid long waiting times due to the gathering of a large number of passengers.

The government pointed out that with the increase in the daily quota of Shenzhen Health Station on July 8 and the establishment of additional "humanistic care customs clearance" quotas for specific groups to apply for, the flow of people leaving the country to Shenzhen via the Shenzhen Bay Port has gradually increased.

The government has arranged for testing contractors to increase testing equipment and manpower based on the estimated number of tourists.

At present, the inspection capacity of the port is sufficient to meet the overall daily number of passengers passing through the border.

However, during peak hours, passengers will have to wait for a long time due to the time it takes to digest the flow of people, and there is not enough space at the Shenzhen Bay Port for queuing, so some tourists need to wait outside the port.

Diagnosed Buildings | 1,560 new buildings in Sha Tin accounted for the largest number of Ting Tao Ya Court, and the famous city Bel-Air is also on the list

[23:00] The epidemic rebounded in Hong Kong, with 2,995 new confirmed cases today.

The Centre for Health Protection updated the list of confirmed buildings today, with 1,560 newly reported buildings.

Among the 18 districts, Shatian District still has the most, with 145 more buildings, and many housing estates such as Mingcheng, Yulongshan, First City, Tingtao Garden, and Yundie Garden are on the list.

Next are Kwun Tong District, Eastern District and Yuen Long District, with 144, 122 and 120 new buildings respectively.

There are many high-end residences in the list, such as Manhattan Hill, Mid-Levels One, Peninsula Grand Court, Chongshan, etc. in Kowloon.

Macau Epidemic | Employers do not need to pay for 7 days of work stoppage, MPs urge subsidy for citizens, supermarket shelves are out of stock

[18:51] Macau Secretary for Economy and Finance Li Wei Nong said that during the suspension of all non-essential industrial and commercial activities from July 11 to 18, although employees are absent from work, according to the current "Labor Relations Law", employers do not need to Pay during downtime.

However, Li Wei Nong stressed that the government welcomes companies and employees to help each other and support each other. For example, during the shutdown period, companies can consider giving employees vacation time by enjoying annual leave first.

▼On July 9, Macau announced the market situation after the 7.11 ban for 7 days▼

Macau Epidemic|From 7.11 onwards

[17:51] According to the instructions issued by the Chief Executive of Macau, Ho Iat Seng, from 0:00 a.m. on July 11 to 0:00 a.m. on the 18th, all personnel must stay in their residences to perform necessary work, purchase daily necessities, or other For emergency reasons, masks must be worn when going out. Adults must wear masks of KN95 or above standard. Minors can wear masks of other standards when they are not qualified.

[17:22] The Secretary for Administration and Justice of Macau, Zhang Yongchun, said that the Chief Executive will issue instructions today to stop the operation of industrial and commercial premises from 0:00 a.m. on July 11 to 0:00 a.m. on July 18.

The Housing Department dispatched 290,000 quick test kits in seven PRH estates including Lower Wong Tai Sin Village and Yat Tung Village

[17:02] The epidemic in Hong Kong has rebounded. Today (9th), there were 2,995 confirmed cases, which continued to hover at the level of nearly 3,000.

The government will distribute a total of 290,000 rapid test kits to areas with positive sewage samples, including Wong Tai Sin District, Sham Shui Po District and Tung Chung, a total of 7 public housing estates, for residents and related cleaning and security guards to self-test.

The public housing estates involved include Yat Tung Estate in Tung Chung, Lower Wong Tai Sin Estate and Nam Shan Estate.


[17:00] Shing Tai Building, On Tai Village, Kwun Tong, was closed for inspection today. The government’s goal is to complete the operation at about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow (10th). Depending on the test results, the operation may be extended.

[16:57] Two more male patients in the nursing ward of Hong Kong Buddhist Hospital were infected with the virus today. They were 57 and 55 years old. They were in stable condition. They were transferred to Wong Tai Sin Hospital for treatment. There were 16 patients and 4 staff members in the ward who were confirmed to be infected. They have been disinfected. Investigate connections.

In addition, Pok Oi Hospital Tin Ka Ping Nursing Home, patients and staff, arranged a total of 60 people for testing. One more patient and three staff members were infected and have been transferred to Tuen Mun Hospital for isolation and treatment. The condition is stable. A total of 2 patients and 4 staff members have been diagnosed in the ward. , Environmental samples have been tested, and 42 samples were all negative.

16 more cases of variant BA.4/5 Residential patients must be tested to ensure they are not contagious before they are discharged from the hospital

[16:47] Li Liye, Chief Administrative Manager (Integrated Clinical Services) of the Hospital Authority, said that in response to the epidemic situation, the public hospital will strengthen the discharge testing arrangements for patients discharged from the hospital. Previously, nucleic acid testing was performed to confirm that the patient has recovered and is not infectious before returning to the hospital. The new arrangement hopes to strengthen the detection and nucleic acid detection with higher sensitivity to ensure that the patient is no longer infectious, strengthen the protection of the hospital, and reduce the risk of infection in the hospital.

In addition, I call on everyone to be vigilant about the development of the epidemic, especially if they have not received all the shots, they should get vaccinated as soon as possible. I hope that their families and the operators of the institutions will arrange the shots to strengthen protection, and the medical and nursing staff are willing to provide assistance.

Epidemic | 2,995 confirmed imported cases exceeded 200, accounting for 56 in the UK, 13 students from Ci'en School were quarantined

[16:44] BA.2.12.1 Cases: 43 new suspected cases were added, of which 24 had no local source, and the remaining 18 were related to other cases.

Suspected BA.4 or BA.5: 16 new cases, of which 9 are related to other cases and 7 have no local origin.

[16:41] Confirmed cases in 4 residential homes and 1 special school:

Nursing Homes:

- Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ma Li Shipin Elderly Home

- Nursing Department of Fengxi Nursing and Attention Home: There are 1 staff, 5 close contacts are subject to quarantine

Disabled Homes:

- Lingshi Cuilin Zhileju: 4 residents and 1 staff member were diagnosed, and they were initially staff members who were close contacts of the confirmed patients. They have been quarantined, but they have returned to work before. It is recommended that the whole hospital be tested, and the other 35 residents are quarantined , other employees test negative, and need to do multiple nucleic acid tests

- Hong Kong Mental Hygiene Association Ai Ling Building: Quarantine in the same room

Special school:

-Cien School: A staff member tested positive, 13 students have care work, and students are subject to quarantine

[16:30] Zhang Zhujun, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Center for Health Protection, said that today (9th), there were 2,995 new confirmed cases, including 204 imported cases, no new deaths, and 4 confirmed cases in 4 institutions.

Macau Epidemic|71 positive cases, 1,374 total cases, more than 410,000 people were negative in the sixth round of national testing

[10:39] The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center said today (8th) that 71 new positive cases were added within 24 hours yesterday, including 45 cases in the red code area and medical observation hotels, which were found during control; close contacts 14 cases, 7 cases were found in the national nucleic acid and key groups, and 5 cases in other groups were found in the community; a total of 1374 cases have been accumulated since June 18.

[10:16] The confirmed cases have rebounded sharply. Lu Chongmao, director of the Medical and Health Bureau, proposed yesterday (8th) that using more frequent nucleic acid testing and speeding up reporting is an important means of fighting the epidemic.

Kong Fanyi, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases and clinical professor of the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University, said in a radio program today (9th) that he agrees with the statement and suggested that the authorities increase the number of testing centers and shorten the time for testing results to 4 hours, so as to isolate as soon as possible Diagnosed.

He continued that if the testing contractor can shorten the testing time and cooperate with the daily nucleic acid testing of arrivals, the authorities can exempt passengers from quarantine arrangements.

Closure of the district|Chaomin Building, Aimin Village, Ho Man Tin has completed testing and found 6 positive cases

[08:15] Zhaomin Building, Aimin Village, Ho Man Tin completed the enclosure inspection this morning. A total of about 1,250 people were tested. When the Chinese Communist Party found six positive test cases, the Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health will arrange follow-up.

▼On July 8, the airport three runs will be opened▼


▼The epidemic lasted for more than two years, and the airport was full of passenger planes▼


Japan Switch | Group members can have supper near the hotel and consider returning to the countryside: they can go twice a year

[08:00] Japan announced earlier that it will open the door for tourists to enter. The first group of Dongying Tour departed on June 22, and Zongheng Tour also departed on June 24. At present, both groups have returned to Hong Kong, and no one has been diagnosed.

A group member exchanged 400,000 yen before departure. After returning to Hong Kong, he told "Hong Kong 01" that with the remaining 150,000 yen, he would even consider traveling to Japan in the second half of the year. Yuan Zhenning, managing director of Zonghengyou, also went to Japan with the group, calling it a hot spot in Shirakawa-go. At present, tourists are rarely seen and empty, like a private venue. "I will never have another chance in my life. 𠵱It's no problem to order a movie city!" He also pointed out that he believes that tourists are willing to undergo 7-day quarantine for traveling to Japan, so he plans to add more Open a Japanese tour group.


▼On July 5, Kwun Tong was the first BA.4 or BA.5 in Hong Kong for the hotpot food ▼

Lu Chongmao said that there is no possibility of exempting customs clearance in the short term, suspending the circuit breaker, not relaxing epidemic prevention: do not consider laying flat customs clearance | It is expected that it will be difficult to complete customs clearance in the short term and traveling abroad The case involves the epidemic situation at Hanlin Peak in Sai Ying Pun and Fu Wing Garden in Tai Kok Tsui | 2,945 additional cases of Lutheran Synergy Middle School and Lutheran Leung Kui Lau Primary School each class suspending the epidemic | Residential care industry for the elderly advocates isolation of the bedridden elderly at the original site, and the government supports the renovation of ventilation facilities Worried about the mother's fear of entering the house, the late-stage patients and their families are suffering from the epidemic, the Jockey Club allocated 260 million to support the epidemic | Pakistan imported refrigerated cattle offal packaging with virus food safety center instructions to destroy all

▼On July 4th, the enclosure inspection of Daifeng Building in Fengde Village▼


Compulsory testing | 65 new 4 restaurants including Amoy Da Niu Jiao Cui Nan Fang and Yuanfang Mango Tree were confirmed | 1726 new buildings including Mid-Levels One, Sky Peninsula, Sea To Sky were added to the list of epidemics | Lang Cui Yuan, Lido Garden, etc. 300,000 people who tested positive for sewage in housing estates should quickly test the circuit breaker mechanism to be suspended | The tourism industry expects more flights to resume flights, and the councillors urged the opening of isolation facilities for the suspension of the quarantine circuit breaker mechanism.

▼Compulsory testing announcement from July 3▼


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