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How I Met Your Father, a lukewarm and tasteless spin-off on Disney +


REVIEW – Season 2 of the cult spin-off series How I Met Your Mother is confirmed. But, in fact, what was the first worth?

Seventeen years after the first episode of

How I Met Your Mother

, the spin-off of this cult series from the early 2000s is now available on Disney+.

When HIMYM for intimates was released, the context was particular: sitcom lovers were in mourning.


has just ended and Monica, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe have closed the famous purple door with its yellow frame for good.

Fans are lost after spending so many years lounging on the sofa in Central Perk alongside this bunch of pals.

But now a glimmer of hope appears.

The first episode of

How I Met Your Mother

airs on CBS.

More spicy, and less wise, the series is a hit - about 9.47 million viewers for season 1 - and the world meets Ted Mosby, a 27-year-old architect, and his band of friends: Marshall, Lily , Barney and Robin.

The series begins in 2030, two teenagers are quietly sitting on a black leather sofa and a voiceover - that of older Ted - sounds:

"Children, I'm going to tell you an incredible story.

The Story of How I Met Your Mother »


The title then takes on its full meaning, 15 seconds after the start of the episode.

It's the beginning of a long journey in the past to trace the story of the love quest of Ted Mosby - tireless romantic - to find the woman of his life, "the one", in English.

Video sex toys

How I Met Your Father

begins in the same spirit.

This time, it's a woman who tells how she met the father of her son.

We are in 2050, everything is increasing.

Sophie, in her sixties, is sitting on a sofa with a glass of white wine in her hand and calls her son by videoconference.

She comes in front of the camera and simply acts as a voiceover.

The roles are reversed but the scheme remains the same.

The story begins:

"I'm going to tell you how I met your father [...] Like all stories at the time, this one begins with a Tinder date.

Back in 2022. The young Sophie – played by Hilary Duff – then appears on the screen.

She runs in the streets of New York, distraught but not very credible.

Almost nunuche.

Finally, no, completely nunuche.

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A lack of depth from which all the characters of

How I Met Your Father suffer


In the original series, it was impossible not to become attached to the protagonists.

Impossible not to feel their deep friendship.

For example, Lily, Ted and Marshall have known each other since college.

They made the 400 blows and their anecdotes spice up nine seasons.

In this spin-off, everything is softer, more bland.

The formation of the group is due to a succession of banal events without any real coherence.

While getting out of an Uber, Sophie grabs the wrong phone.

She then hastens to find Jesse, the Uber driver and Sid, his friend.

It does not take more for these three to become the best friends in the world accompanied by Valentina - Sophie's roommate - and Charlie her boyfriend but also Helen, Jesse's sister.

You follow ?

Throughout Season 1, the writers insist heavily on making it clear that the characters live in a modern, connected world.

For example, Sophie has more than 87 Tinder dates to her credit, Sid's girlfriend offers her to try video sex toys to spice up their long-distance relationship and expressions like “FOMO”

[Fear of Missing Out, the fear of missing something in French, Editor's note]

are overused.

Modernity is undoubtedly good, but perhaps not when it comes to rekindling our little romantic hearts and our minds forever marked by

How I Met Your Mother.

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