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Sleeping Beauty went back to sleep Israel today


Gantz assigns the Palestinians construction extensions on thousands of dunams in areas C • The ombudsman halted a plan to establish a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip for the sake of a transitional government • And Bennett? Traveling and silent, traveling and silent

At first glance, there is no reason to deal with Naftali Bennett.

Bennett has already announced his retirement from political life, and also told close associates of his desire to lower his profile and turn the arena over to Yair Lapid.

He doesn't come to government meetings, or comes after the photographers have already left.

As part of the humiliations that his brother Lapid is careful to heap on him, he was offered the position of acting foreign minister this week, but even that slot is already taken: the acting foreign minister is President Yitzhak Herzog, who has already been sent to restore relations with Poland and Turkey after they were damaged by Lapid's political recklessness .

Even there Bennett can only interfere.

From a second glance, there is no point in dealing with Ayelet Shaked either.

She is feverishly working on putting together her own list, with Abir Kara and "New Hope" refugees Yoaz Handel and Zvi Hauser.

In recent polls, a list at the top tends not to exceed the blocking percentage.

From time to time she puts up a post in which she compares the establishment of a party to baking a cake, tweets criticism of the Supreme Court, calmly.

Perhaps this round too she maintains secret friendships with those who time and again thwart her policies, as she did during the tenure of the late President Miriam Noor.

To her credit, it should be noted that she at least kept an eye on the actions of the transitional government.

According to the reports, Shaked is the one who urged Bennett to move himself and veto the appointment of Yossi Beilin as chairman of the Nature and Parks Authority. Bennett, the appointment was not brought to the cabinet meeting, and neither was Bennett. He is at home, or angry at home, or traveling with his children in Nahal Dan.

And speaking of streams, hear what happened to Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs Matan Kahana: this week he went for a walk in the kibbutz river, managed to condemn Binyamin Netanyahu in a post for the Miron disaster, took a picture under a waterfall in Nahal Shenir, and the next day reported to his followers on Twitter that his phone had fallen into the water.

It's a shame, because while wading through the streams of the north, the Yesh Atid party is trying to transfer the religion portfolio into Lapid's hands.

Maybe there was no reception in the Galilee.

Oh, and the phone is wet.

How will he find himself a new party that will work for national unity but without Bibi, because the right-wing government headed by him is a disaster?

While Yamina ministers are busy with their own, the other members of the healing government are not resting: Gantz assigns the Palestinians construction extensions on thousands of dunams in areas C and turns a blind eye to their illegal takeover of other areas.

The ombudsman stopped Shaked's plan to establish a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip for the sake of a transitional government, but allowed Gantz to appoint a new Chief of Staff.

And Bennett?

Travels and shuts up, shuts up and travels.

Former Deputy Head of the National Security Agency Moshe Saada told about the allegedly criminal ways taken by Netanyahu's investigators, led by Shai Nitzan and Roni Elsheich. Even the Minister of Internal Security, Amr Bar-Lev, not even from the right-wing party, but from the Labor Party, said in the GLAZ: "You can't ignore such difficult things."

Well, it turns out that you can - and people on the right do ignore it.

Bennett's insult is not personal.

Whoever claimed to be a unifying leader should share the insights he gained from this lesson

Shaked was the Minister of Justice at the time of the investigations and testified that "Mandelblit is an honest person who makes his decisions independently, in accordance with the evidence and his professional opinion. Even if we disagree, we should know that his motives are professional."

If she confesses by mistake, her successful image might be damaged, and she might upset her new partners in the new party.

But Bennett?

At the same time, he wrote a long post in which he warned: "My friends in the right-wing camp, let it be clear to you: if the justice system succeeds in bringing down Netanyahu because of cigars and articles on the Walla website, it will be a fatal blow to the entire national camp. (...) The right-wing leader who will come after him will be castrated and scared from the media and the legal system."

After his prediction has come true, and after his dream of a healing government has been shattered, maybe it's time to throw a word in the matter?

For example: "I told you", which is much more prestigious than "I was wrong".

But you never know, maybe he dreams of second place on the Yesh Atid list for the next Knesset.

During his short tenure, Bennett talked a lot about the right's poison machine.

Now he gets to know the cold shoulder of the left up close.

No one likes to admit a mistake, or bear responsibility for a failure - except for Matan Kahane, who admitted with leadership bravery that he was responsible for the fact that this year's Miron celebration was not sedating enough.

Kahana resigned from the government because he feared that MK Yom Tov Kalphon would bring down the coalition, and since then he has not been able to return. As a token of appreciation, Lapid is trying to deprive him of the small kingdom he conquered, no party has expressed interest in him, and Kahana's lesson? Just not Bibi.

The silence of Bennett, Kahana and Shaked indicates that more than they were committed to the right, they always wanted to please the left.

They lived in peace with the disappointment of most of their voters, but they are still not bothered by the disconnection with the public where they grew up and from which the notes that brought them to the government came.

Even after it became clear that their coalition partners despised them, even after the prophecies "they will use you and then throw you away" - came true, even after it became clear that reconciliation and unification only existed in their imaginations - Bennett and Shaked are still walking on eggs, precisely when they have nothing left to lose, since the government has already disintegrated.

Kahana, in my estimation, still does not understand the situation at all.

Bennett's failure and insults are not personal.

Everyone fails, everyone gets offended.

But whoever pretended to be the prime minister who would unite the entire nation of Israel should also share with him the insights he gained from this lesson.

The late Uri Auerbach is the one who brought Bennett and Shaked to the Jewish Jewish Home.

In his first speech in the Knesset, he compared religious Zionism to Queen Esther and Sleeping Beauty and added: "She is a sleeping beauty, who sometimes falls asleep while watching."

And if I continue the parable: the sleeping beauty woke up, the prince gave her a kiss and immediately after - a ringing slap, and now she goes back to sleep.

After everything the healing powers have done to her, she prefers false dreams to reality.

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