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Weekly horoscope: July 31 to August 6, 2022 - voila! Spirit and horoscope


Tensions, pressures, short communication and one star - Mercury - who is tired of all the fuss and dramas and returns to the ground. will it help? Not yet clear

Weekly horoscope: July 31 to August 6, 2022

Tensions, pressures, short communication and one star - Mercury - who is tired of all the fuss and dramas and returns to the ground.

will it help?

It is not yet clear, but what is certain - this is one of the most tense and stressful weeks we have had recently

Yair Trivalsky


Sunday, July 31, 2022, 09:25 Updated: 09:43

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Horoscope for the first week of August 2022 (Photo: ShutterStock)

Friends, take a breath.

This is going to be one of the most stressful weeks we've had lately.

What do we do to deal with what the stars do to us?

We decide to take our foot off the gas pedal, focus on the facts and not on the sudden anger and distractions that accompany us now - and look for an online meditation course until the anger passes.

The significant processes in the sky this week:

1. Conjunction between the aggressive Mars and the intense Uranus.

2. A tension angle of 150 degrees between Mercury, the planet of communication, and powerful Pluto.

3. A tension angle of 150 degrees between Mercury, the planet of communication, and the obscuring and nebulous Neptune.

4. A tension angle of 150 degrees between emotional Venus and rigid Saturn.

5. Mercury, the star of communication, moves from Leo to Virgo.

The difficult angle of the week -

This is the conjunction between Mars, the planet of action, and the frantic planet Uranus.

This is one of the most difficult angles in astrology: the planet Mars brings with it a strong disharmonic drive and a need for action - and it encounters the intense high-frequency energy of the frenetic planet Uranus, which brings with it disconnections and changes.

When Uranus is adjacent to Mars, it creates sudden interruptions in a sequence and increases the dosage of our quick reactions and rash decisions, which sometimes become a kind of pulling out of the sleeve as a response to small and point events that suddenly take on greater importance than they really have.

That's why such closeness can easily destroy not only our ability to concentrate but also our peace of mind, when it brings with it the need to react out of the blue even before this reaction goes through our head, and therefore the dose of impulsive decisions we make during this period of time is higher than usual, and when our judgment It is not at its best and the nature of our decisions is made accordingly.

That's why you should take this week very seriously when we plan things, define plans or make decisions that only we depend on.

It is important at a time like this to stick to the facts and stick to them, even when the emotional reality around us changes rapidly and the level of emotion rises and falls and activates us and our judgment powerfully.

Facts, numbers, an accurate schedule and solid ground under our feet - we especially need these in a week like this, both so that we don't react radically when things get out of control, and also to be balanced and have maximum peace of mind, despite the nervous vibrations that come this week from different places.

Who will be mainly affected From this angle? Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

A very stressful week is starting for him now.

Try not to react to extremes (Photo: ShutterStock)

This week's tense angles

There are three of these this week, two of which are triggered by Mercury, our star of communication, one to Neptune and one to Pluto - and another angle triggered by Venus to rigid Saturn.

Mercury's angles:

Mercury in a tense angle to the planet Neptune -

this is one of the angles that makes our communication emotional and confused, when the high emotional involvement that Neptune brings with it makes us dependent on our moods - which now change rapidly and cause us an uneasy emotional swing and a feeling of instability.

Under this angle, it is difficult to make decisions related to material, finances and the practical side of life in general, so it is better - if possible - to postpone such decisions until next week.

Who will be mostly affected by this angle?

Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius.

Mercury's tension angle with Pluto -

Also in this angle we find a very high emotional involvement, but here also a forceful and sometimes even violent element is added to this angle, when the ego is involved here and sometimes also makes decisions - precisely when the one who needs to accept them is logic and not emotion.

Under this angle it is very important not to get into fights and conflicts of any kind - these could easily escalate and cause a serious fight and even verbal violence.

Who will be mostly affected by this angle?

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.

The Venus

Angle: The emotional Venus action angle with rigid Saturn -

This is an angle that has a difficult emotional impact on us, like a cold shoulder that we receive precisely when we need a smile or a hug.

This cold shoulder usually comes from the involvement of the practical side of life in our subtle emotional worlds.

It can be a situation of financial or economic lack that harms our emotional security, but on the other hand forces us to act logically and practically to solve financial problems and restore security, our feet on the ground, both emotionally (in relationships) and financially (in the bank account), another element Shonus is responsible for him.

You can say that this angle is a kind of lesson that Saturn takes us through Saturn, a lesson that says that even when you open your heart - don't forget your wallet, since our emotional security is achieved by these two elements at the same time.

Who is most likely to be affected by this angle?

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra.

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In collaboration with Yad Mordechai

The weekly forecast according to zodiac signs:


This may be a particularly tense week: conjunction between Mars, the ruler of your luck, and the planet Uranus may cause short-circuits in communication, sudden anger and a short fuse: it is important to learn this week to give up and calm down, and not to insist on the last word.



Venus, the ruler of your luck, continues to move in the emotional sign of Cancer that inhabits your house of communication, bringing with it a week of soft personal charm, and the ability to use it to promote plans and initiatives that are important to you.

An angle of Venus with Saturn forces you to focus on the facts, before running away to love...


Mercury Your ruler of the fortune goes through quite a few upheavals this week before he moves into practical Virgo, and moods change quickly and with them your plans, your reactions, and the ability to change goals and adapt yourself to the changing reality from the outside as well.

Dynamism, ability to improvise and maintaining stability - these are your goals


Emotional Venus continues to move through your sign and bring with it great sensitivity and also over-emotionality in relationships and dialogue with the world.

The sun in your financial house forces you to face the facts and not the dreams.

Mercury then moves into your house of communication, and it's time to use your words with wisdom and focus on your true goals.


the sun ruling your sign continues to celebrate your birthdays in your sign while forming a harmonious angle with Jupiter the planet of abundance in Aries.

This energy can be invested in personal growth and development this week, and in long-term plans.

Traveling may also now be something that will help you open up to new areas of action and unfamiliar people.

Expand circles.


This week starts off a bit on the left foot when the constellation of stars in Leo burdens you behind the scenes with a multitude of tasks and chores of various kinds.

But later this week, Mercury moves into your fortune, something is released there, and your communication becomes more practical and pleasant.

Just patience.

It is still important to clean sediments that stop you behind the scenes.


Venus Your control of luck continues to move in the house of your career and image, and your personal charm - especially its subtle and magical side - is particularly strong.

An angle of action between Venus and Saturn can make it difficult and disappointing, and make you feel like you are alone in the battle... Put a little more thought into a smart long-term financial plan.


Your drive to do and realize is particularly strong this week, but when Mercury moves from your career house to your social house, it seems that it's time to work a little more on your connections, and especially on the connections with institutions and organizations in your life.

Time to push forward ideas and entrepreneurship and above all to find collaborations that will help you realize them in the field.


Something good happens to the ambitious Sagittarians this week: Mercury, the star of communication, moves into your career house and helps you promote your ambition, and the ability to push things forward.

A good time to improve and upgrade one's image, and above all - to talk, share and share, and let words define goals.


Emotional Venus continues to move this week in your marriage and relationship house, acting in a softening and empathetic manner to refine the armor of the introverted Capricorn.

Take advantage of this position to open up to gentle feelings, soft words, and a lot of love that the tough Capricorn does not easily surrender to... Mercury moving into Virgo signals the need for a happy trip that will change the mood, and bring with it new goals and a different and enabling attitude.

The Aquarius

Sun continues to move through your house of relationships, and this is a time to redefine where everyone is emotionally right now.

A charged conjunction between Uranus, the ruler of your luck, and the aggressive planet Mars can cause a nervous and restless week, small fights and unnecessary dramas, and an aggressive and impatient attitude.

It is now important not to cut ties but to talk and share.

A good time for brilliant ideas and new insights.


An angle of tension between Mercury and Neptune may bring with it emotional but confused and unclear communication, and some bad decisions when your practical judgment is not at its best.

Later - the planet Mercury moves this week into your house of marriage and relationships, allowing you to translate into words all the feelings you experienced this week.

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