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These are the zodiac signs with the lowest chance of cheating on you - voila! Spirit and horoscope


Astrologers claim that it is possible to identify the potential for cheating in your spouse by their luck. According to them, for half of the zodiac signs, the chances of cheating are low to zero

These are the zodiac signs with the lowest chance of cheating on you

Astrologers claim that it is possible to identify the potential for cheating in your spouse by their luck.

According to them, for half of the zodiac signs, the chances of cheating are low to zero: "These zodiac signs will not succeed in cheating even if they try"

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Wednesday, August 03, 2022, 11:55 p.m

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The psychological secret to knowing if someone is cheating on you (@thedanielacon/Instagram)

During your life you must have met several serial monogamists (perhaps you are one of them) - people who crave stability and comfort in long-term relationships and at most tend to jump from one commitment to another.

While they are in a relationship, they indulge in everything this package has to offer: from romantic vacations to nights cuddled up on the couch in front of Netflix.

No, they will never betray you.

They are not even able to think of such a possibility.

Astrologers say that what may indicate these monogamists is their luck.

Tara Bennett, a professional astrologer and spiritual coach at MediumChat, Inbal Honigman, a well-known communicator and astrologer, and Kelly Grayson, an astrologer and one of the founders of Crystal Digest, told Bestlifeonline which zodiac signs are least likely to cheat in relationships - and there is at least one lucky person who will not cheat on you even if The most beautiful man and woman in the world will propose to them.

These are the 6 most loyal zodiac signs:

The zodiac signs that will never betray you (Photo: ShutterStock)


Leo (Photo: ShutterStock)

This sign strongly believes in monogamy.

"Leos are fiercely loyal and will never betray someone they care about, whether it's in love, business or friendship," says Tara Bennett.

However, there's a catch here - this sign is always looking for the next best thing, which means their partners are often at risk.

"Even if something like that happens, since they are faithful, they will first end their relationship and only when the water runs down the river will they enter another," says Bennett, "If you are in a relationship with a Leo, you can be sure that you are their one and only, until When will it last."

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Aquarius (Photo: ShutterStock)

You probably know that your Aquarius friend is an innovator and experimenter.

Although these traits apply to many aspects of his life—including how he behaves in the bedroom—they do not apply to this sign's approach to monogamy.

"Aquarius is a very monogamous sign because it is loyal and moral," says communicator and celebrity astrologer Inbal Honigman.

However, that doesn't mean Aquarians don't take part in the drama that unfolds in their relationships.

"Often, they become single suddenly, because the way they see life in black and white doesn't so much slide down the throat of their romantic partners," Honigman adds, "with all that, cheating is not their way. In a committed relationship, they will stay Always open and honest."

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Scorpio (Photo: ShutterStock)

The two words that define this sign's attitude towards relationships are passion and possessiveness.

Because Scorpios are so possessive about their partners—meaning they often watch their every move for signs of dishonesty and infidelity—they don't have time to cheat.

"Scorpios are intense lovers who often become obsessed with their partners," says Kelly Grayson, "However, once they find a partner they trust, they will be very loyal and devoted."

A side affair is just not something they are interested in.

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A romance on the side is simply not something they are interested in (Photo: ShutterStock)


Cancer (Photo: ShutterStock)

This sign takes great pleasure in creating a warm and welcoming home, with a beloved partner who is an admirer.

"Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is associated with emotions, intuition and stability, which makes this lucky person read their partner's needs and meet them," says Grayson, "Cancer thrives in long-term relationships because they need time to develop a deep emotional connection with their partner. the couple".

Once you enter a Cancer's life, you can see yourself there as a permanent resident.

Cancers will use their highest emotional intelligence skills to ensure that your relationship lasts for the long haul.

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Taurus (Photo: ShutterStock)

This easy-going earth sign is naturally monogamous due to its aversion to instability.

"They like to feel comfortable and monogamy is the perfect background for a takeaway meal straight from the carton, in your velvet pants, in front of the news," says Honigman, "Keep your sexual adventures to yourself, says Taurus. I'm happy here with my one and I'm not leaving him."

If you're a homebody who craves routine and order, you'll get along great with a Taurus.

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Virgo (Photo: ShutterStock)

This traditional, serious and routine sign can hardly understand the idea of ​​betrayal.

"They are earthly and prefer to know where their next kiss or their next hot dinner is coming from," says Honigman, "For the Virgo, the real thrill is not the chase, but the privilege of safety and building a meaningful relationship."

Virgos may be serial monogamists who bounce from one long-term relationship to another.

However, once they find their one - it will be for life.

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