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Coupon|Merchant Offer McDonald's $100 Eat 4 Breakfasts at ParknShop Buy $1500 Gift Voucher Get $300


【Consumption Coupon Phase 2/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Octopus Cap/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay/Tap & Go】The government will distribute 12.87 billion yuan worth of cash to 6.36 million citizens tomorrow (7th).

【Consumption Coupon Phase 2/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Octopus Cap/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay/Tap & Go】The government will distribute 12.87 billion yuan worth of consumer coupons to 6.36 million citizens tomorrow (7th). The vast majority of people receive 2,000 yuan. Major shopping malls, retail and catering groups are coveting this "fat pork". After absorbing the consumption pattern of last year and the first half of the year, the popular discount items are re-encore.

"Hong Kong 01" organizes the discounts of major merchants, including OK Convenience Store, 7-Eleven, Wellcome Supermarket, Parknshop, YATA Department Store and Supermarket, Mannings, Watsons, McDonald's, Japan Town and Affordable. The following will introduce them one by one. .

OK Convenience Store: Get a $20 cash coupon when you pick up Octopus coupons on August 7


At 7:00 am on the first day of distribution (7th) of the consumption vouchers, "OK Qi Qi Yin" members can collect Octopus consumption vouchers at an OK convenience store and receive 4 electronic cash vouchers of RMB 5.

As for non-members, you can also get 4 receipts of $5 cash coupons.

The cash coupon can be used before September 6th, when you spend over 20 yuan.


From August 7th to 9th, OK members purchase designated gift cards, including App Store & iTunes, Google Play and Steam, with a purchase of RMB 1,000 or above, get a RMB 30 OK convenience store cash coupon.

7-Eleven: Buy RMB 300 cash coupon and get RMB 30 cash coupon and 1000 yuu points


From August 7th to August 11th, use Octopus to collect consumption coupons at 7-Eleven branches and receive two RMB 3 coupons.

It is valid until August 18, and can be used with purchases over 30 yuan.


From August 7th to September 30th, buy 300 yuan (10 30 yuan cash coupons) at 7-Eleven branches, get a 30 yuan cash coupon and 1,000 yuu points for free, depending on the supply or while supplies last end.

The cash coupon is valid until January 31 next year; the additional 30 yuan cash coupon is valid until October 31 this year; it is not applicable to the purchase of cigarettes or services.

Wellcome: Buy 1,000 yuan cash coupon and get 50 yuan cash coupon


From August 5th to September 1st, at Wellcome branch, you can get $50 for every $1,000 cash coupon purchased; $120 for every $2,000 purchase, plus an extra $120 in brand coupons, subject to stocks sold out or as soon as supplies last end.

If you purchase a 2,000 yuan cash coupon with your Hang Seng Enjoy Card, you will receive an extra 60 Hang Seng cash dollars.

Each person is limited to 10,000 yuan in cash coupons, valid until September 29.


From now until September 4, you can earn 12,000 yuu points after registering with your Hang Seng Credit Card for spending over $500 at Wellcome.

PARKnSHOP: Buy 1500RMB gift certificate and get 300RMB off coupon


From now until August 18, buy Parknshop gift vouchers at all Parknshop stores, and get a 300 yuan discount coupon when you spend over 1,500 yuan.

The coupons include 3 50 yuan coupons for ParknShop stores, 1 50 yuan coupon for ParknShop online stores, and 100 yuan electronic coupons issued to members of the MoneyBack App.


From now until August 14th, buy a 2,000 yuan e-gift coupon in the Parknshop online store, and get another 200 yuan coupon.

That is, there are a total of 4 e-coupons of RMB 500 and an additional 2 e-coupons of RMB 100.

Applicable to PARKnSHOP only.

YATA: Buy cash coupons or department stores over 1,000 yuan and get 110 supermarket cash coupons


Purchase YATA cash coupons or department store goods through the 6 major payment platforms, with a single invoice of over 1,000 yuan, you can redeem a supermarket cash coupon of 110 yuan.

A total of 10,000 places are available, while stocks last.


And AlipayHK launched an exclusive reward, users can scan the QR code on the promotional materials in YATA, and can grab a 15 yuan cash coupon, which can be used with a minimum of 300 yuan.


On the YATA page in AlipayHK's "Brand Channel", you can receive a variety of coupons after following, including a discount of RMB 50 for purchases over RMB 1,000 in department stores, and RMB 20 for purchases over RMB 400 in supermarkets.

Mannings: Buy 1,000 yuan cash coupon and get 50 yuan cash coupon


From August 8th to August 31st, every purchase of RMB 1,000 in cash coupons at Mannings stores will receive RMB 50, RMB 2,000 and RMB 100, and RMB 3,000 will receive RMB 200, subject to supplies or while stocks last.

The daily purchase of cash coupons is limited to 3,000 yuan per person, valid for at least one year.

Cash coupons cannot be used on yuu discount days or other promotional periods, nor are they applicable to online stores.


From August 7th to September 30th, in addition to Tap & Go, use 5 major payment platforms to buy 288 yuan and get 28 yuan off, buy 388 yuan and get 50 yuan off, and buy 688 yuan and get 100 yuan off.

Just show the discount barcode of the payment tool when making payment.

The offer is not applicable to the purchase of gift vouchers, baby formula and plastic bags, and cannot be used in conjunction with yuu discount days or other promotional periods.

Watsons: 30 yuan off for purchases over 300 yuan on specific payment platforms


From now until September 30, users of AlipayHK, BoC Pay or Octopus coupons can get RMB 30 off when they spend RMB 300 at Watsons stores, RMB 60 off when they spend RMB 550, and RMB 100 off when they spend RMB 800 at the online store.

Only the coupon of the payment instrument must be presented at the time of payment.

McDonald's: 100 yuan meal coupon sighs 4 sets


100 yuan sighs 4 times the value of the morning set, you can choose the hot cake selection set, pork fillet and egg burger, full fish fillet, fried double egg ham full, new meal meat and egg burger.

The average meal costs only 25 yuan.


100 yuan sighs 4 times the designated package meal, you can choose pork fillet egg burger, crispy spicy chicken thigh, double cheese burger, double fish fillet, and grilled chicken thigh.

The average meal costs only 25 yuan.


120RMB for 4 designated fried chicken meals, you can choose original wheat fried chicken (2 pieces), honey BBQ wheat fried chicken (2 pieces), McNuggets chicken (9 pieces), crispy chicken wings (4 pieces), crispy chicken Spicy chicken thigh full set.

The average meal costs only 30 yuan.

McDonald's App users only need to pay a deposit of 20 yuan to get 4 set meal redemption coupons.

For each subsequent purchase, you only need to redeem the designated package for 20 yuan or 25 yuan.

The redemption period for all meal coupons is September 25 this year, and will be deposited into the App account within 2 working days after successful payment.

Japan Town: Buy 1,000 yuan gift certificate and get 250 yuan cash coupon


Buy Japan Town 1,000 yuan gift certificate, get 250 yuan cash coupons (4 pieces of 50 yuan, 2 pieces of 25 yuan); buy 600 yuan gift certificate, get 150 yuan of cash coupons (2 pieces of 50 yuan, 2 pieces of 25 yuan).


Buy a Café de Coral 1,000 RMB cash coupon at the Japantown online store, get a Café de Coral 100 RMB cash coupon, 2 sets of Café de Coral food coupons and 1 free drink coupon.

Valid until July 31, 2024.

A limited number, while stocks last.

Affordable: 100 yuan off for new registered members of the app with purchases of 499 yuan or more


From now until August 31st, for newly registered members of Affordable, you can checkout in the mobile app for the first time, enter the discount code "APP100", and get a discount of 100 yuan when you purchase over 499 yuan.


From now until September 8, buy a furniture purchase of 2,000 yuan or more, get a discounted sofa shopping coupon of 500 yuan.


From now until September 8, buy household goods, food, home appliances, pet products at the store with a purchase of 200 yuan, you will get a 200 yuan discount coupon.

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