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Threatening to be complacent|Unification of Taiwan within five years


She came, she left. Political typhoon Pelosi has blown away the strategic ambiguity of US policy toward Taiwan, allowing us to see clarity. With clarity, we can see the direction, no need to look forward and backward. We are blurred by America's strategy

She came, she left.

Political typhoon Pelosi has blown away the strategic ambiguity of US policy toward Taiwan, allowing us to see clarity.

With clarity, we can see the direction, no need to look forward and backward.

We have been obscured by the US strategy for too long, and we have been looking forward to the reunification of Taiwan for too long. Therefore, we must be clear and clear, we must make breakthroughs, and we must use steel will and firm actions to declare 2027, the big day of national reunification, day and night.

Why 2027?

The country often talks about "two hundred years". The first is the centenary of the founding of the party in 2021, and the third is the centenary of the founding of the country in 2049. The second centenary of the two has been omitted; With the mentality of keeping a low profile and keeping a low profile, the situation of waiting for the day will be omitted. The second hundred years of this inconvenient event will be 2027.

If there is a party, and then there is an army, there will be a country.

Next to a bright red and a yellow star on the PLA flag are the words "August 1".

"August 1" in 2027 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army. If the Red Army has not achieved national reunification after the 100th anniversary of its establishment, it will be an unimaginable modern version of a century of national humiliation.

The day of 2027 must be absolutely clear and as strong as steel, in order to promote unity by force and realize the same dream of 1.4 billion.

A clear date is a road sign of historical memory and an indicator of historical progress.

Just like July 1, 1997, the country will look forward to this clear day with the iron will. Only then will the iron lady Mrs. Thatcher lose her soul and fall down the stairs of the Great Hall of the People, otherwise the Sino-British negotiation will be dragged and dragged by the British. , lost direction, forever in the future.

2027 is the country's second 100th year, the 30th year since Hong Kong's return, and the first year of national reunification.

How important is 2027?

The importance of Tiananmen Square is not its size, although it is the largest square in the world.

Tiananmen Square has become the soul of the country and the nation, in addition to its history, because of the Monument to the People's Heroes on the square.

The author of the inscription on the back of the monument is Mao Zedong, and the text is written by Zhou Enlai.

There are eight relief sculptures on the pedestal of the monument, each with its own theme. It is the eight most important historical coordinates in modern China, one of which is the "Nanchang Uprising".

Ninety-five years ago, on August 1, 1927, the Communist Party of China launched an armed revolution in Nanchang, and the Communist Party fired its first shot in history.

This shot changed the course of history and became the day when the PLA was officially founded.

Nanchang is an ancient city of history and culture, but what defines this famous city is not the stroke of Wang Xizhi's magic pen in Nanchang's Tengwang Pavilion, but the historical shot that the Red Army is not afraid to sacrifice.

The fearlessness of sacrifice and succession caused by a single shot in those days has inspired generations of soldiers who have protected the safety of our country and the people.

What other historical coordinates do the other seven marble reliefs of the Monument to the People's Heroes describe?

This should be the content of national education; this type of subject should also be the subject area of ​​the examination for "degree-level" positions in the civil service.

What is the use of the Civil Service Examination Basic Law?

Familiarize yourself with the 160 articles of the Basic Law, but you can't follow your heart. This is a formalism in the selection of civil servants.

The scope of applying for the civil service exam should be so vague that the strategy is so vague that talents who intend to serve the Hong Kong SAR take the initiative to get to know the country and ethnicity with humility and excitement. Does the Civil Service Bureau understand?

But this is a digression, without further ado.

The clarity after Typhoon Pelosi makes us realize our misjudgment.

After the Kuomintang defeated Taiwan in 1949, Taiwan became a protected area not occupied by the United States; after the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States in 1978 until the 1990s, Taiwan was a piece of fresh meat for the global feast of the United States; with the rise of China to the beginning of 2010, Taiwan It is a card of the United States to suppress the rise of China; as the power of the two countries is weakened, the United States officially listed China as the number one challenger in 2018, and the relationship between China and the United States has undergone a qualitative change. To be vague means to be vague, but to promote Taiwan independence clearly, this is definitely not the "playing the Taiwan card" that we talk about.

What the United States has publicly but not proclaimed, and which is also our "taboo" is that promoting Taiwan's de facto but not nominal independence is not just a "card" for the United States, but the core interests of the United States and the maintenance of American hegemony the pillars.

The more U.S. hegemony fades, the more important Taiwan's role as a core U.S. strategic interest will become.

When Taiwan returns to the motherland, it will inevitably be an international benchmark for the collapse of US hegemony in the Indo-Pacific region. Many regional thugs in the US, including Japan and South Korea, which are the most powerful and willing to become US semi-colonies, will no longer hear the chicken of the United States. With the dance of the United States, other minions will be closer to China, and countries with substantial potential and self-awareness, such as India, will also handle China-related relations more rationally and pragmatically.

Under the domino effect, almost half of the global hegemony of the United States will be removed.

It is not China's purpose to remove the American country.

Our goal is national unity, which is the minimum requirement of any country; our pursuit of development and the pursuit of a better life for the people are the most basic rights.

Our minimum request contradicts the luxurious and luxurious demands of US global military hegemony. This historical helplessness is because the US cannot accept reality.

In the future, we can only refuse to evade, and let the United States gradually see the situation and accept the reality with the efforts of five years.

The United States clearly promotes Taiwan independence, coupled with Japan's sneaky encouragement of Taiwan independence, which makes Taiwan independence arrogance increasingly arrogant, and the resistance to peaceful reunification is growing. This must be stopped.

The only hope for peaceful reunification is to use the most powerful force to deter, the most thorough economic sanctions, the most comprehensive public opinion explanation, and the most iron and steel target date, so that the compatriots on the island know what to choose.

One of the options is to return to the motherland peacefully, with a high degree of autonomy, to become a special administrative region of Taiwan under one country, two systems, and to retain Taiwan's way of life and system.

If it cannot be peacefully reunified before August 1, 2027, it will be reunified by force.

Under military rule, there is no guarantee that Taiwan will remain a complete administrative region.

Taiwan can be divided into two administrative regions. The northern part is close to Zhejiang Province, which can be classified as an administrative region of Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Province is directly responsible for administrative management and law-based governance; the southern part of Taiwan is close to Fujian Province and can be classified as an administrative region of Fujian Province, which does not exist. The establishment of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region, unlike Hong Kong, has its own election and Legislative Council, unlike Hong Kong, it has its own customs status, unlike Hong Kong, it has its own currency, and unlike Hong Kong, it has its own judicial independence; It will be pursued to the end in accordance with the law, but the quality of life of the Taiwanese people will still be far better than the life before reunification.

It depends on Taiwan's choice.

The first shot in history fired in the ancient city of Nanchang on August 1, 1927 will be successfully closed a hundred years later with the rumble of cannons on August 1, 2027. The sound of the cannons is a 28-gun salute to celebrate national reunification. .

It's 28, not the traditional 21.

The last time the country fired a 28-gun salute was the founding ceremony on October 1, 1949, and the next 28-gun salute was the National Reunification Ceremony on August 1, 2027.

Once airlines and hotels start accepting bookings for air tickets and hotels to Taiwan in July-August 2027, they will be implemented immediately.

Chinese people all over the world are rushing to go!

Yang Zhigang

, former associate vice president of Hong Kong Baptist University, now works in a think tank

(The article is purely the author's opinion and does not represent the position of Hong Kong 01)

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