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Eight tips for not losing your child on the beach or in the crowd


Holidays, the sea, the beach, parents lazing and children running, playing... and sometimes getting lost. To avoid stress during the entire stay, here are some tips for planning.

Make a safety brief when you arrive on site

No need to stress him by reminding him of the number of children found drowned each summer or the high probability that he will be kidnapped if he does not shake hands with the crowd.

Once there, you simply point out to him that there are a lot of people and that he can quickly lose sight of you, hence the need to respect the rules that you set for him.

So that he can enjoy his holidays and prevent him from taking off your towel, reassure him by telling him that even if he no longer sees you in his field of vision, he will inevitably find you and that he must keep calm.

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Beach and grilled marshmallows, the video of Kate Middleton, Prince William and their children

On the beach, stay glued to the toddler

A seagull, a wave or another child, a trifle can divert a child from the gelatinous algae he collected by the sea to make a necklace for you.

So no need to hope to read a volume of

Game of Thrones

quietly lying on your beach mat.

For maximum safety, stay glued to your toddler.

In the crowd, it is obviously better to keep him in his stroller.

Set a fixed benchmark

A child usually walks with his back to the sun when he gets lost during the day, and rather faces the sun when he gets lost at the end of the day.

He can move away quickly and travel a considerable distance without realizing it.

On the beach, after having taken possession of the premises - understand after having planted the parasol, installed the bath towels and spread all your little world with sunscreen -, determine with your child a rallying point to join in the event of separation.

The parasol, for example.

If you bought it with him before leaving on vacation, he will spot it all the more easily.

If the beach is covered with umbrellas, a construction in the sand made with it can also serve as a landmark.

Very effective,

the first aid station on the beach generally remains the safest meeting point when children are under 1.60 meters tall.

For your teenagers looking for new friendships, apply the rule of "I say what I do and I do what I say" and give a schedule to respect.

In the crowd, the principle is the same.

You identify together the restaurants, the bars and all the places in which he can take refuge and inform that he no longer finds his parents.

During a demonstration, you can also identify with him the supervisors from whom he can ask for help.

Dress it up in bright colors

Full screen

Dress the children in bright colors.


Flashy armbands, caps or backpacks can make spotting easier.

A classic but effective means when it comes to locating your offspring on a crowded Cap Ferret beach or in the middle of the crowd.

Opt for the identification bracelet

They ensure relaxed days and reassure many parents.

Distributed every year since 2004 by the National Society for Rescue at Sea, identification bracelets are available at first aid stations on beaches and in some tourist offices.

Waterproof, they include the name and surname of the child as well as the telephone number of one of the two parents.

For your child to locate the aid station, go and get the bracelet with him.

Some parents also opt for a nice temporary water-resistant security tattoo, with the phone number you can be reached at.

Make him memorize the house-beach path

If the path is traveled every day, teach it to him so that he can, in the event of a problem, return to your place of residence and wait for you.

To make it easier to learn, ask him to guide you back from a day at the beach.

After several trips, the adventurer will manage like a boss.

The podcast to listen to,

Do you divide the supervision of children

Whether on a beach or in the middle of a gathering, surveillance should be intelligently optimized by sharing it.

In other words: one child for one adult.

This will prevent you from suffocating at the slightest gesture of the little ones in your care.

Adopt a high-pitched cry

The cry – high-pitched and atypical mountain shepherd version – can, of course, seem incongruous and slightly ridicule you.

But it can also prevent a disaster.

Having chosen an original sound and having taught it to the child beforehand, you just need to give voice when he leaves your field of vision and trust his hearing.

*Originally published in July 2018, this article has been updated.

Source: lefigaro

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