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There are words in Hebrew that cannot be translated morally and ethically into Arabic • In Arabic there is the conjunction "manipulative actions": "Amael Mutala'iba", but it is not mentioned in Gaza

Operation "Dawn" again poses an extremely difficult challenge to the Palestinians - to tell the truth.

The number of dead is doubled in order to intensify the Palestinian victimhood, the number of rockets launched never matches the IDF count, and the death toll always begins in the hospitals, where sixty people die a natural death and are immediately labeled Shahid without their knowledge.

If we haven't noticed, there is an Israeli contribution to distorting our public opinion and the world.

The nickname "Brigade Commander", which the Israeli media adopted to define the Palestinian bosses of the Palestinian Authority in both parts of the Strip, is disconnected from reality.

Senior officials in the IDF and the Shin Bet, who seek to glorify the countermeasures of those terrorists, and call the terrorist leaders "champions of command", no less, make the same mistake.

You should know that these "commanders of the sectors" are nothing but gang leaders wearing uniforms and ranks, who operate with "mafioso" methods to enrich their private coffers and to impose their will on the population.

They are more similar to Kabdayat (Obadayat), the managers of the neighborhoods and quarters in Damascus at the beginning of the century who controlled their ranks by force of arms.

Under the term "merot" are included cases of looting, confiscation of property and money, murders of opponents without the need for a trial, drug trafficking and forced marriages with beautiful girls and rape.

The head of the GAP, for example, or the chief of staff of the GAP, in the language of military commentators, Ziad Nachala, is a hardened criminal, who, among his other crimes, is accused of raping a Moroccan journalist who visited his hotel room in Beirut. She thought he wanted to convey the organization's messages, but He forced himself on her. After she complained to the Beirut police, she was offered a sum of money to drop the complaint. When that didn't work, Nakhala claimed that she was a Mossad agent who came to kill him.

If we understand the behavior of the organization called GAP, we will be better able to understand the enemy standing in front of us: a murderous terrorist organization whose foundations are based on a culture of lies and manipulation. It is infuriating that precisely military personnel, journalists and commentators in the Western world, who are supposed to have strong reservations about the organization's brutal and murderous characteristics, tend to show empathy And even sympathize with his people who are seen as androgynous in a war of freedom against the Israeli Goliath.

It starts with the literal aspect: there are words in Hebrew that cannot be translated morally and ethically into Arabic.

That is, these words exist in Arabic, but among the military personnel, the politicians or the commentators in the studios, it is forbidden to give them their true meaning and certainly not during an emergency.

For example, the combination of the words "failed launch", in the context of what happened in Jabaliya.

In Arabic there is such a combination of words, "Itlak Fashel", but it will never be associated with a Palestinian entity.

A resident of Jablia who barely mentions the possibility that a failed launch caused the killing of the children, can easily find himself in front of a firing squad.

Another example is a "human shield": dozens of offices, military bases, launch facilities, etc. are scattered in Gaza, which are deliberately located inside innocent civilian buildings, and this is so that the residents around them will serve as a human shield. In the Arabic language, such a combination exists, and it is called "Al Dara Al Bashari" , but a Palestinian tenant who dares to warn members of a certain organization that they are endangering his life and the lives of his children by being in the building, he had better dig his grave before taking these words out of his mouth.

Another example is the manipulations the Palestinians do in Gaza to present emergency situations or situations close to a humanitarian disaster.

Whenever they seek to put pressure on the world, they take fake pictures and concoct fabricated scenes, what they call "psychological warfare" on the enemy.

In Arabic, there is the combination "manipulative actions", "Aamal Mutala'iba", but he refrains from mentioning it in Gaza.

There is no resident of Gaza who is not familiar with these attempts to sway world public opinion.

But there they appear under the heading "fighting the enemy", and whoever challenges their credibility may pay with his life.

It is such a shame that the naive Western world accepts this ethical distortion for granted.

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