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The commons raise their demands and ask to influence the big lines to agree on the accounts


The left-wing formation stands again as the preferred budgetary partner after the cold response of the CUP

Pere Aragonès, president of the Generalitat, closed the political course by expressing his willingness to negotiate the 2023 Budgets either with the CUP or with En Comú Podem for being two forces, he said, in favor of the right to decide and of the referendum.

The panorama has quickly cleared up: the anti-capitalists have already distanced themselves from the


's request if they do not give their policies a Copernican turn and everything indicates that for the third time the Government will be forced to deal with the commons.

After agreeing on the accounts for 2022, the left-wing party wants this time to influence the big items and the strategic lines of the budgets and not limit itself to putting a "touch-up" on them and against the clock as they say happened last year.

The left-wing formation transferred its decision to the Executive last week and awaits its response.

"Although they mark the main lines, we want to enter the initial debate and not when everything is already decided," says the deputy of En Comú Podem Joan Carles Gallego.

“The thing about being able to enter the budget kitchen is a metaphor, but we don't want to put only the accents,” he says.

“If you can enter from the beginning it is easier to see how the global resources are distributed between Departments”.

The commons already set three conditions in mid-July to start the negotiation: that the degree of compliance with the agreed accounts for 2022 be satisfactory;

intervene in the strategy and not be a final crutch and that they be expansive accounts.

Members of the Government and the commons will hold the third meeting in September to check budget execution.

And there it will be known if the Executive accepts his approach.

It does not seem that Aragonès has many more alternatives after the CUP's unchecking and his refusal to resort to the PSC despite the fact that it insistently offers itself.

At the moment, the commons point out that compliance with the 2022 accounts is uneven and more so in some departments than in others, but in principle they are inclined, when there is still a quarter to go before the end of the year, for a positive assessment.

Gallego maintains that progress has been made in mobility (in memory of the light rail in Camp de Tarragona) or in fiscal policy, the deadlines are being met:

They want the tax on large ships to come into force in 2023 and by the end of the year the project that taxes polluting economic activities will be ready, as well as the memory of the tax on ultra-processed foods.

Not so, for example, in Health where they are far from compliance in oral health.

The impact of the agreement on the accounts exceeded 500 million euros.

Joan Carles Gallego, in a file image.

/ EUROPA PRESS Illustrated Service (Automatic) (Europa Press)

The counselor Jaume Giró already made a round of first contacts with all the groups except Vox in July.

The Government will be able to play in 2023 with a deficit margin of 0.3%, below the 0.6% tolerated a year ago and above the 0.1% that the Government had initially considered.

Catalonia would receive 3,000 million more thanks to the increase in financing that the autonomous communities will receive in 2023, announced in the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council (CPFF).

That game, plus the increase in the deficit, will allow the Government, according to the commons, to promote social policies.

"We don't want them to serve to eliminate debt," he says.

The point is that Jéssica Albiach's party does not want to repeat scenes like last year's when they reached a limit agreement to withdraw the amendment in its entirety.

It was just when ERC announced its abstention from the budgets of the Barcelona City Council.

The big question is that 2023 is a pre-election year and an exchange of trading cards would not be necessary.

In other words, Ada Colau could opt for the technical resource of the budget extension.

Gallego recognizes this possibility but stresses that both the Government, the Generalitat and the City Council need budgets with skyrocketing inflation and the serious climate and energy crisis.

“The context requires strategic policies to: lay the foundations for the economic model.

It would be a good service if the three budgets were on the same line”, he ditches.

The CUP has distanced itself in principle from any negotiation and denies being the Government's priority partner, recalling that this role is played by the commons such as the PSC, with whom it has coincided in the defense of large projects such as the Winter Games or in part in the expansion of the airport.

The investiture agreement seems like a dead letter right now.

The deputy Eulàlia Reguant asked the Government, in an interview with EFE, that in order to negotiate it must park the Foment agenda, that it "abandon macro-projects that lead nowhere" and "reproduce the socio-


policies of the last forty years", that it resolve evictions or that opposes the “reunion agenda”.

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