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The new face of Likud: the functionaries have chosen a new top Israel today


It was not like the Likud territory in the primaries to emphasize the dissonance between the old and the new generation • "We want people of values," said David Koplovich • Avi Simhon was on his way to a "suicide mission" • And Dorit Yitzhak thinks she will bring "real voices" √ The Likud chose - and get updated

Gilad Sharon was seen at the exhibition grounds for a moment, he said he would be back soon - and since then his traces have disappeared.

The spokeswoman for Keren Barak apologized that the MK is busy and will be available for questions shortly. I'm still waiting. The Likud primaries are a massacre that leaves no room for laughter at the buffet. These are face-to-face battles, blood on the floor, but don't worry - the bodies of the unfortunates left off the list will be removed already the morning

"We are not like the parties of the left, the Aalek are beautified, educated. There are no such things," said MK David Amsalem, who hastened to take a cooler to cool the heated atmosphere. "This is the People's Party here, and they call us dark."

Amsalem allowed himself to walk the exhibition grounds with the ease of a conductor.

Sharks like him feel comfortable even on days like this, and this is clearly evident in the crowd's sympathy.

"If it's up to me, he is Bibi's successor," said Yaakov Cohen.

"I see him in the Knesset and lick my fingers, how he gives head to the leftists."

Booths of Likud candidates in Tel Aviv, photo: Gideon Markovich

Amsalem thanked his fans, posed for a photo as a souvenir, until he ran into the veteran Herman in Israel.

"You talk so much, and you don't say a word about the old people," Herman told him.

Amsalam was serious and told the offended party that the matter was being handled.

When the MK left, I asked Herman who was still on his list. "Today there are MKs in Likud that I am not satisfied with, so I marked others, more serious and less sloppy. Those who keep promises," he said.

Prof. Avi Simhon, who served as chairman of the National Economic Council and ran this time on the national list, ran for the serious slot. His daughter, Efrat, went around among those coming to the exhibition grounds and tried to convince them to choose her father.

Likud activists at the primary site in Tel Aviv, photo: Gideon-Markowitz

"My father comes from the academy," she explained, "he is not one to push his elbows, but he is very determined and when he wants something, he achieves it. From the first moment I believed that he would go all the way and I was in favor, because I think that my father is the missing color for Likud, which lost because it did not have a team Good enough. My father is not only an asset to the party, but to the entire right."

What are its advantages?

"He is honest. He wants to be finance minister, which is a suicide mission, but it is also his dream. Bibi believes in him and helped him where he could, and beyond that he will definitely take him to an economic position, inside or outside."

Break through the wall of deals

MK Ofir Katz arrived at the compound, who last time was elected in the primaries as a representative of the Galilee and Emekim district and this time jumped into the deep waters of the national list. "In Likud it is known that the most difficult task is the first time you compete nationally," he continued to smile, despite the difficulty. "We have a quality team .

You see friends who come to choose and it's hard for them.

They say 'Why can't more candidates be marked?'.

I believe I will be in a good place, even though there are former ministers who are much more famous.

It's amazing that many here choose a matter-of-fact, love hard-working MKs."

As it seems, the veteran MKs not only relied on their parliamentary abilities, but also invested in visibility. MK Amir Ohana raised a tall scaffolding in the exhibition grounds, MK Shlomo Karai took care of a huge balloon, MK Nir Barkat posted a joint picture with Binyamin Netanyahu, hoping that this time he will get something.

But the most prominent was MK Yariv Levin who brought clowns on crutches, and a huge screen with his best speeches in the Knesset. With such an investment there can be no downfall.

MK Nir Barkat during the primaries, photo: Gideon-Markowitz

"I approached with zero budget, a small booth and a few activists, as if they had invested millions," Ran Karmi-Bozaglo, who tried his luck on the top list, told me.

"I went into losing battles in the army as well and I say: maybe the guys will understand that I have an ideology. Take fighters, commanders, people who have proven themselves, and not stars who will soon disappear. My challenge is to break through the wall of deals and lists."

Bozaglu walked around with a flag, like Dorit Yitzhak, candidate for the Tel Aviv district, whose flag became her trademark three months ago.

On the day of the Nakba, she danced at Tel Aviv University in front of a group of protesters who stood with Palestinian flags.

The video went viral, and now she asked for a coupon and a real place.

"When I waved the flag, I brought many people to me, from the right and the left, those who connected with my ideology," she told two voters.

"I am a person who can bring real votes to Likud. I would be happy if you would vote for me."

In the end, the big question was who would stand by the beloved leader, the former prime minister.

Meir Sinatra arrived with a guitar and sang a song he had recently composed to Netanyahu's words: "'There was nothing and there will be nothing, because if there is nothing then how can there be nothing?'. In short - there was nothing, do you understand?" he asked if I got the message.

I replied that it was clear enough, but then, what is the importance of the list that adorns the man he admires?

"I want him to have the people I love," he replied.

Yoav Galant, Miri Regev, Danny Danon.

I also asked David Koplovich, formerly head of the Ma'ale Ephraim council, if the list for the Knesset is really important to the Likudniks.

"Of course it is," he answered.

"We want people of values, who represent the movement. A beautiful list that will bring victory to Likud, and just as Bennett and Lapid's government fell, I believe that the victory this time will be greater."

The success of Operation "Dawn" can't spoil the plans?

"Do you remember the operation? Tomorrow they will only talk about the primaries."

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