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There is no human being who comes out of a routine of alarms healthy Israel today


Is there another country in the world that accepts a battle procedure at least once a year, and is proud of it? • The Prime Minister and the ministers are supposed to outline a policy, so that this does not happen next year nor in a decade • The first step on the way to understanding is in advocacy

Live broadcast from the field, Friday at noon exactly a week ago.

All the Israeli news channels have the same picture: swarms of cars with families living between Nahal Oz and Ashkelon are moving in a northerly direction, the winds of war are blowing again, and the residents are getting ready.

The news reporters film the drivers and hold out a sympathetic microphone to the children in the back seat.

We have already seen missiles able to reach our children directly, even when it seems that the most protected window is closed.

Municipal authorities have been helping the home front to evacuate since the Lebanon war in 2006 - and the reviews are praiseworthy.

Is there another country in the world that accepts a battle procedure at least once a year, and is proud of it?

Does the absurdity within which people leave home and become refugees seem reasonable to anyone?

And how do you decide who to turn to?

What about families in Ashdod who don't have an MMD? What diagnosis does an announcer from the field rely on when she reports that "there are no casualties"?

There is no human being who emerges mentally healthy from a routine of alarms.

at any age

going into the bathroom and realizing there is a missile barrage on your city;

hear an alarm when you are in the shower;

Being an old man with a walker and debating whether it's worth running to the security room, or whether it's better to take a risk and at most die here, in the kitchen with the Filipina, because anyway there's no way you'll be able to cover the distance to the millimeter in the remaining seconds. And this, well, is a dilemma of rich old men. How many elderly people have MMD at home?

It's all round

Once it was called a war, then an operation, today it is called a round.

What kind of woman am I if I have a violent husband, but I no longer call our reality violent?

Let's say that over time, the days when I run away from the house because of his violence towards me are called "outbursts", then I already tell the neighbors that it's just a "round": "The marks on my hands? There's nothing to get excited about, my husband and I just went out for a round."

There is a situation that next summer we will no longer go on a "tour", maybe next summer it will only be an "outing".

Everyone and their romance.

Citizens take shelter during a red color alert // Photo: Ancho Ghosh, Gini,

A round that brings peace for only one year is not a success.

This cannot be our political ambition.

True, there are important excuses: we gave autonomy to the Palestinian Authority and broke away from Gaza, but then Hamas took over the Strip and reality slapped us in the face;

So we empowered Hamas, Likud allowed the transfer of the famous money suitcases, they shot and we were deterred, but once again there is a rebellious organization.

Now the jihad.

Maybe in a decade he will be the adult in charge, and a new organization will be born and manage another "round".

Will we live forever?

The political echelon does not create the operational plan - it accepts what the IDF and Shin Bet plan and recommend, and allows them to act.

In other words, the groomsmen of success are the security organizations.

The Prime Minister and the ministers are supposed to outline a policy so that it does not happen next year, nor in a decade. Not even in two. There is currently no policy regarding the Gaza Strip. And when was there actually one? The heads of state decided to submit to the security reality in the region, and not from today. Lapid did not invent It's not Gantz either.

Explain to me a moment

Apart from the empowerment of Hamas, which is common to all Israeli governments in recent years, no leader has revealed what he intends to do with this political threat.

Live from round to round, abandoning the citizens year after year.

Lapid in a security assessment during the operation, photo: Kobi Alkotzer / L.A.M

The first step on the way to understanding that there is a solution and that it is possible to achieve a safe life in the State of Israel, is found in advocacy;

Israel's biggest obstacle to fighting its enemies in a way that does not endanger its soldiers is propaganda;

Israel will not be able to put an end to the disgrace of the "rounds" without bombing Gaza, and it is impossible to bomb Gaza without investing in propaganda.

There are many public information bodies that the state maintains - the national information system, the Ministry of Intelligence Affairs which also includes the Ministry of Strategic Affairs that entered the floor, there are special units in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - there is no shortage.

And yet, the strongest thing we have is one tweet by Yosef Haddad who voluntarily demonstrates how a Gazan missile falls in the center of a Palestinian population.

Israel did not bother to mediate to the world the administrative detention into which it put hundreds of thousands of people living in unoccupied territory;

The mass flight of families who don't stand in line at the National Bank of Israel but on Route 41; there is no ticktock where citizens are recorded on the alarm, risking their lives from missiles in Bat Yam, Ashdod or Sderot.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

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Source: israelhayom

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