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Ukraine war: Several Russian ammunition depots destroyed - new figures published


Russia Losses: Ukraine repels Russian forces at Kharkiv and Donetsk Created: 08/11/2022 04:51 By: Sandra Kathe, Nail Akkoyun, Andreas Apetz, Lucas Maier Russia suffers heavy losses in the Ukraine war. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense publishes August 10 statistics: the News Ticker. More than five months after invading Ukraine, Russian forces are suffering heavy casualties. Russia draws up pla

Russia Losses: Ukraine repels Russian forces at Kharkiv and Donetsk

Created: 08/11/2022 04:51

By: Sandra Kathe, Nail Akkoyun, Andreas Apetz, Lucas Maier

Russia suffers heavy losses in the Ukraine war.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense publishes August 10 statistics: the News Ticker.

  • More than five months after invading Ukraine, Russian forces are suffering heavy casualties.

  • Russia draws up plans to compensate for losses in the Ukraine war.

  • Editor

    's note: Some of the information on the Ukraine conflict comes from warring factions and cannot be directly checked independently.

+++ 1:45 p.m .:

As reported by the Ukrainian General Staff, the Ukrainian military has repulsed the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts.

The Ukrainian military repulsed a Russian offensive towards Veterynarne and Udy in Kharkiv Oblast near the border, sources say.

The General Staff also said that Russian forces retreated after pushing at Lovoluhanske, Spirne, Volodymyrivka, Yakovlivka, Striapivka and Soledar in Donetsk Oblast.

A Russian offensive was also repulsed at Mineralne, Spartak and Avdiivka, the general staff added.

The Ukraine War in Pictures - Destruction, Resistance and Hope

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News about losses for Russia in the Ukraine war: planes destroyed in the Crimean explosion

+++ 11.50 a.m .:

According to Ukrainian information, at least ten aircraft were destroyed in the explosions at an air force base on the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia.

"After the explosion that we saw, it is clear that the Air Force contingent was hit," Ukrainian Air Force Staff spokesman Yuri Ihnat said on TV on Wednesday.

According to Ihnat, Sukhoi Su-30M and Su-24 combat aircraft and Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft are stationed there. 

Ukrainian soldiers report successes against the Russian army.

© Nariman El-Mofty/dpa

Meanwhile, Hollywood star Steven Seagal is the Russian government's special representative - and is on a special mission in the Donbass war zone.

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News about the Ukraine war: The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense publishes the latest statistics

+++ 09.20 a.m

.: The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reports the losses of the Russian army every day.

Kiev now assumes that 42,800 Russian soldiers have died.

The information cannot be independently verified.

  • Soldiers:


  • Aircraft:


  • Helicopters:


  • Tanks:


  • Armored Fighting Vehicles:


  • Artillery systems:


  • Air defense systems:


  • Multiple rocket launcher systems:


  • Cars and other vehicles:


  • Ships:


  • Unmanned combat drones:


  • As of Wednesday 10 August 2022

  • The information on Russia's losses in the Ukraine war comes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    They cannot be independently verified.

    The Kremlin itself gives very little information about its own losses.

News about losses in the Ukraine war: Ukrainian weapon is said to have caused an explosion in Crimea

Update from Wednesday, August 10, 6:40 a.m .:

It is still unclear what caused the explosion on the Crimean peninsula.

While the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that ammunition had exploded due to negligence, the

New York Times

reported on a Ukrainian attack.

A weapon developed by Ukraine was used, the newspaper quoted a senior Ukrainian military officer as saying.

Partisans loyal to Ukraine also played a role in the attack.

Zelenskyy's advisor Oleksiy Arestovych also spoke unofficially of an attack with a new Ukrainian weapon "while the partners are not yet sending us long-range missiles".

The Ukrainian defense industry is making progress.

Arestovych also mentioned the possible use of partisans.

Losses for Russia: Ammunition depot explodes at Russian Crimean base

+++ 8:25 p.m .:

After the first reports of explosions on the Crimean peninsula annexed by Russia, reports are heard that attribute the explosions to the destruction of an ammunition depot at a Russian air force base near the city of Yevpatoria.

According to a report by the German Press Agency, an area within a five-kilometer radius around the base has been cordoned off.

According to the authorities, the fire that broke out as a result was brought under control towards evening.

According to information from Sergey Aksenov, leader of the self-proclaimed "Republic of Crimea", one person was killed and several injured in the explosion.

Observers assumed an act of sabotage because the Ukrainian troops on the mainland are more than 200 kilometers away.

According to previous reports, the Ukrainian army does not have any missiles with this range.

Russian sources speak of a "violation of fire safety rules" at the base.

Losses in the Ukraine war: high-tech missiles destroy Russian air defense systems

+++ 3.10 p.m .:

A senior White House official confirmed on Monday (August 8) recent reports that the Ukrainian Air Force now has high-tech missiles capable of allegedly destroying up to 17 anti-aircraft installations belonging to the Russian army in said to be responsible for the past 72 hours.

Colin Kahl, US Undersecretary for Defense Policy, told reporters in Washington that the US had sent Ukraine for the first time an unspecified number of the AGM-88 HARM (High-Speed ​​Anti-Radiation Missile) air-to-surface missile that specially developed to combat ground-based radar systems.

Ukraine-News: Ukraine attacks Russian military positions

Update from Tuesday, August 9th, 6:40 a.m.:

The mayor in Russian-occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhia Oblast.

reported ten explosions.

Mayor Ivan Fyodorov said Ukrainian forces previously used HIMARS missiles to hit Russian military positions at industrial sites in the city.

Ukraine news and losses for Russia: Pentagon estimates 80,000 dead Russian soldiers

+++ 8 p.m .:

Russia has suffered around 70,000 to 80,000 victims in the Ukraine war so far, said Colin Kahl, Undersecretary of State for Policy in the US Department of Defense, on Monday at a briefing at the Pentagon.

"I think it's safe to say that the Russians have had 70 or 80,000 casualties in the last six months.

That's a combination of killed and wounded, the number could be a little lower or higher, but I think that's about it," Kahl is quoted as saying by



The number of victims is "remarkable" because so far "none of Vladimir Putin's goals have been achieved".

News about the Ukraine war: Losses for Russia - Army is said to have lost more than 5000 units

+++ 7.35 a.m .:

Russia is said to have lost more than 5000 units of military equipment since February 24th.

According to the analysis project Oryx, the Russian military has lost around 5083 units of equipment since the invasion began.

Of these, at least 3,238 have been destroyed, 109 have been damaged and 326 have been abandoned.

Update from Monday, August 8th, 6:33 a.m .:

The Ukrainian Air Force is said to have attacked three Russian positions in the Kherson Oblast.

Task Force South reports, according to

The Kyiv Independent

, that Ukrainian forces have killed two dozen Russian soldiers and destroyed various Russian equipment, including a T-62 tank, five units of armored and other military vehicles, and an ammunition depot in Beryslavskyi district of the Kherson Oblast .

Heavy casualties for Russia: Ukrainian forces destroy ammunition dumps

Update from Saturday, August 6th, 6:35 a.m.:

The Ukrainian military is destroying six Russian ammunition depots in southern Ukraine, as reported by The Kyiv Independent.

Accordingly, the task force "South" according to its own statements killed 79 Russian soldiers and destroyed four tanks, two howitzers, an artillery installation, a radar station and 22 armored and military vehicles.

Ukrainian forces also reportedly hit two Russian checkpoints and a command post.

Losses to Russia: Ukraine destroyed Russian ammunition depots


/Moscow - According to a Facebook report by an operational Ukrainian military command, Ukrainian forces have destroyed three Russian army ammunition depots: one each in Kherson, Prydniprovske and Tokarivka in southern Ukraine.

However, this information could not be verified independently.

In addition, 41,650 Russian soldiers are said to have fallen in the Ukraine war.

This emerges from the daily updated statistics published by the

Ukrainska Pravda

news portal, among others .

(luc/aa/ska/nak with AFP/dpa)

Source: merkur

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