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Labor justice. 4|The right to collective bargaining is regarded as a beast of a flood


The Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance fails to effectively prevent work-related accidents. The Employees' Compensation Ordinance and the Employment Ordinance also fail to provide employees with adequate occupational protection. Migrant workers are also caught in "low hourly wages" and "working hours."

The Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance failed to effectively prevent work-related accidents, the Employees' Compensation Ordinance and the Employment Ordinance also failed to provide adequate occupational protection for employees, and wage earners were also caught in "underpaid hourly" and "overworked hours". long” is an extremely unreasonable dilemma.

Because under the labor-management relationship between the strong and the weak, the business community firmly holds the "discourse power" of labor rights and interests, and the SAR government is unwilling to support the wage earners. Aberdeen can only be in the passive position of "people are knives and I am fish".

Hong Kong only briefly passed relevant laws in 1997 and quickly repealed them. However, if the right to collective bargaining continues to be absent, I believe it will be difficult for the labor force to break through the multiple difficulties.

In 2017, the Government amended the Employment Ordinance to provide that employees have the right to claim compensation against employers for "unreasonable and unlawful dismissal". If the Labour Tribunal considers that it is appropriate and feasible to make a reinstatement order, it can make an order without the consent of the employer. The employee is reinstated or rehired.

At that time, some political parties pointed out that the Employment Regulations failed to protect most employees, and even minor repairs could not solve the deep-rooted problem of the strong and the weak. Only by re-legislating the right to collective bargaining could employees have bargaining power.

AFL Chairman and Legislative Council Election Committee member Lam Chun-sing recalled the recent Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor administration and believed that since the authorities have successively made legislation on labor issues such as abolishing MPF hedging, increasing labor leave to the 17th, and extending statutory maternity leave, it is expected that the newly appointed Mrs. The Li Jiachao government may not necessarily deal with collective bargaining rights in a short period of time.

He believes that if Hong Kong implements the right to collective bargaining, it is expected to improve labor relations. He also mentioned that "there are only a small number of unscrupulous employers in Hong Kong, and most people will pay their wages on time."

However, can the on-time delivery of food really serve as an important indicator of labor happiness?

Even if the employer pays the wages on time, if the meager salary cannot guarantee the standard of living, how can the labor-management relationship be balanced?

For details, please read the 329th issue of "Hong Kong 01" Electronic Weekly Newsletter (August 8, 2022)

"The right to collective bargaining is regarded as a "flood beast", and the Hong Kong-style "social animals" can only be human fish."

Labor justice.

1 | The entertainment industry is only the tip of the iceberg where the capital is strong and the labour is weak. Labour-capital justice is everywhere.

2 | Why is this or that ordinance always failing to effectively prevent work-related accidents?

Labor justice.

3 | "Bloodless Work Injury" But "No Compensation" Who holds up the umbrella for workers? Labor justice?

4|The right to collective bargaining is regarded as a beast of a flood

Due to the unreasonable amount and adjustment method of the minimum wage, the number of beneficiaries has decreased year by year.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

The minimum wage increase cannot keep up with the rate of inflation, and the quality of life of grassroots workers cannot be guaranteed.

(Hong Kong 01 cartography)

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