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Here comes a Tiny House: Antonia (27) fulfills a big dream in Tegernau


In Tegernau, naturopath Antonia Steuerer (27) is making a dream come true: she has a tiny house "fly in".

In Tegernau, naturopath Antonia Steuerer (27) is making a dream come true: she has a tiny house "fly in".


– Antonia Steuerer (27) is excited.

"I'm so happy," she says.

The low loader is coming soon.

Her dream is written on it.

That's why a huge truck-mounted crane from the company BKL from Forstinnning is already set up in the meadow next door.

He has extended his supports far.

Because he is about to lift a modular house over the treetops at Quarry 1 in Tegernau (Frauneuharting municipality).

Tegernau: Tiny House - Six tons are hanging from the hook of the crane

The crane has to reach out 24 meters and at least 15 meters high with its load on the hook.

The Tiny House that is to be lifted and placed weighs six tons.

The small building is made of moonwood.

The trees used for this were harvested during the waning moon.

Everything is ready in the garden.

"The house is built on Erdspax," says Konrad Voglsinger, meaning one meter long, massive screws that are screwed into the ground.

Voglsinger rented a house at Steinbruch 1, where Antonia and her boyfriend Simon Fink (28) live.

Tegernau (Bavaria): A naturopathic practice is being built in the tiny house

Now, with his consent, they can set up a small modular house in the garden.

"It's three by six meters tall.

As far as I know, this will be the first tiny house practice in the area, says Antonia and takes pictures diligently.

She is a non-medical practitioner and will soon put the modular house into operation.


Antonia Steuerer and Simon Fink lend a hand so that the modular house "lands" in the right place.

© Stefan Rossmann

Water and electricity connection, everything is prepared, there is also space for a toilet.

A large privacy mirror is embedded in the wall, providing a view of the countryside.

Nobody can see in from the outside.

Right next door is a small pond, the property can be reached via a narrow iron bridge under which a stream runs.

This is how you imagine a place where you can relax.

Antonia Steuerer will practice here.

Tiny House: The manufacturer speaks of the “most sustainable construction method there is”

She comes from Vorarlberg, which you can still tell from her dialect.

The modular house was manufactured by the company Freiraum GmbH from Amberg.

"Depending on the equipment, they are available from 50,000 euros," says managing director Jonas Wolfsteiner.

The small building is clad on the outside with thermal spruce and made entirely without glue using wooden dowels.

"This is the most sustainable construction method there is," says Antonia proudly.

Everything without artificial materials, but no compromises are made in terms of quality.

"It's supposed to be better than the standard in normal houses," says Wolfsteiner.

"They asked me if they could put that in," reports landlord Voglsinger.

“We first had to clarify whether we were allowed to do that.

But it has been approved by all the authorities,” he and the young non-medical practitioner are happy about the bureaucratic hurdles that have been cleared.


The house is placed in the garden on Erdspax, which was turned a meter deep into the ground.

© Stefan Rossmann

The semi truck is here.

Punctual to the minute.

Photographed Antonia.

The Tiny House and the town sign of Tegernau have to be in the photo.

Wolfsteiner climbs onto the roof via an aluminum ladder and takes a small Akkuflex up with him.

He cuts off a piece of each of the four threaded rods that the modular house will be hanging on in a few minutes.

Then eyelets are screwed on and chains are attached with four snap hooks.

The monster crane suddenly comes to life.

Tiny house in Tegernau: The house is carefully pushed off the loading area

The small wooden house is carefully lifted off the loading area.

Just don't bump into anything, so that the beautiful facade doesn't get a crack right away.

Wolfsteiner directs and his men push and pull as best they can until the building finally levitates safely in the air.

Then off you go to dizzy heights.

On the prepared place in the garden, massive iron rails are laid on the ground spax.

They are precisely aligned with the spirit level.

In the meantime, the modular house is already floating far above the treetops and is waiting to be lowered.

Communication with the driver of the truck-mounted crane is via radio, there is no visual contact.

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Tiny House: In the end, it's precision work

Nothing the men haven't done more often in their lives.

Simon helps.

It has a meter rule in its hand and keeps measuring the distances.

Finally, one of the iron beams has to be corrected again.

The last few centimeters will be tricky for everyone.

Then it's precision work.

After all, the solid wood modular house rests securely on its supports.

Antonia beams with joy.

The men get to work on the electrical installation while the truck-mounted crane is already retracting its huge boom.

Konrad Voglsinger and his father Toni, who also helped out, look at the clock.

"It took them half an hour," the two say appreciatively.

Antonia walks around her future practice, takes pictures and is very happy.

She and her friend Simon will later do the final touches in peace and quiet.

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“Now there are spare ribs first,” she invites.

A topping-out beer is also prepared.

There is a special reason why everything went so well.

"We are 99 percent in the hall and only one percent of the time on the construction site," informs Wolfsteiner.

The customers would take the finished house at the production facility in Amberg, where it was assembled, then it just has to be delivered.

And that works well, as everyone from Tegernauer noticed who watched the spectacle with interest.

Living in your own home on 50 square meters - that can be cozy, but also has its odd moments.

In Glonn, a couple lives in the community's first "tiny house" - and often gets unexpected visitors.

Source: merkur

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