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Projects 2022: heat July August | Israel today


At the beginning of the new Hebrew year, we have compiled for you the hottest projects that are getting underway • Get a glimpse and new ideas for moving to a new apartment or purchasing an apartment for investment


Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs Phase B • 12 mixed-use towers

About the environment:

next to the Foreign Ministry district in the Kiryat HaLaum area, Kiryat Ariel Sharon - the international business district of Jerusalem - is currently being built, where 12 office, residential and business towers will be built on an area of ​​about 300 dunams and an area of ​​about one and a half million square meters. International and Israeli companies from the high-tech and biotech fields will come. The complex will include more commercial areas and hotels and will benefit from proximity to main traffic routes, such as Highway 1 and Derech Begin, as well as maximum proximity to public transportation: Israel Railways, the light rail lines and the central station.

The building companies:

Aviv Group and Lenny Group

What will be built:

a project that includes five 6-8 story residential buildings that include 66 housing units.

The project is expected to break ground in March 2023.

How much does it cost:

about NIS 40,000 per square meter.

Kiryat Yuval, over 20 projects // Imaging: viewpoint,

Kiryat Yuval • Over 20 projects

About the environment: The

old neighborhood in the south of Jerusalem, where about 22 thousand residents currently live, is currently the leader in terms of the scope of urban renewal projects being launched in the city.

Over 20 projects are being promoted in the neighborhood which are in various stages of planning and include an estimated addition of approximately 5,000 housing units over the next 20 years.

Kiryat Yuval is going to join the light rail revolution in Jerusalem, using the red route which is in the process of being extended to the Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center in the south, and to Neve Ya'akov in the north.

What was built:

In recent months, the district committee approved a plan for urban renewal in the Olswanger complex, which covers an area of ​​about 50 dunams.

The plan includes the demolition of 8-story buildings each containing about 320 housing units and the construction of about 1,200 housing units in 12 buildings of 7 to 22 stories.

The plan includes another 2,000 square meters for employment areas, and about 28,000 square meters for public buildings.

Alongside this project, Avni Derech and Yuvals group is promoting the "Yuval" project, which includes 70 new housing units that will be added to the existing 80 units. In total, the project will include 150 units in 5 7-story buildings and an underground parking lot.

The building companies:

Milestones Group and Yuval Group.

How much does it cost:

a 3-room apartment with a garden of 88 square meters is sold from NIS 2.21 million.

Agrippa • 78 apartments in 7-story buildings

About the surroundings:

close to Mahane Yehuda, bustling Jaffa Street and the famous Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall.

Nearby is the light rail station and a short distance from Mamilla station, the old city and the Western Wall.

What is being built:

Cardan Real Estate's "Agrips Jerusalem" complex includes 78 apartments in a 7-story building, commerce, and a spectacular and historic preservation wall. The architectural style is of Jerusalem-mandatory construction, covered with Jerusalem stone. Sivan Hilli, VP of Marketing and Sales at the company Carden Real Estate: "Most of the buyers are investors who will rent the apartments for a short or long term and we wanted to give them a high-quality product that is highly sought after in the market that will allow them to get the maximum return."

The building company:

Carden Real Estate Company.

How much it costs:

last 4-room apartments left with a balcony starting at NIS 3.9 million.

Modi'in Maccabim Reot, Ma'ar district - 1,500 apartments // Image: olin,

Modi'in Maccabim-Reut

Ma'ar district - 1,500 apartments

About the environment:

The Ma'ar district was designed as the future city center of Modi'in-Maccabim-Reot and is located between Hashmonaim Boulevard and Telant Street and will include approximately 1,500 units in addition to office space, commerce, an academic institution, student dormitories and public buildings.

In the heart of the Ma'ar is the "Blood of the Maccabees" avenue, which is a central urban avenue and on both banks of which there is a sequence of street commerce. The avenue is bustling with life and has bicycle paths, fountains, green lungs and pleasant corners for the whole family.

Around 470 housing units are being built along the boulevard in five-story buildings, with the ground floor being commercial, including shops, restaurants, pubs, delicatessens, galleries, and cafes, similar to the centers of large cities.

As part of the construction of the city center, an underground parking lot designed for about 400 vehicles was also built, which, together with the other public parking lots and nearby streets, will serve the island of the place.

Also, an urban multi-purpose cultural center was established on the boulevard.

What will be built:

The Gilad Mai company's my avenue project will be built in a mixed-use style and will include 7 5- and 7-story boutique buildings with 123 apartments in a varied mix of 3-5 rooms, garden apartments, small and large penthouses and about 1,000 square meters Commercial spaces The project will be built as a private complex overlooking the main avenue - Blood of the Maccabees.

The building company:

Gilad Mai Group.

How much does it cost:

Approximate price per square meter: about NIS 35,000.

Lod, "Nopi Ben Shemen" - 530 apartments in six buildings // Image: OLIN,

Lod - "Nopi Ben Shemen"

530 apartments in six buildings

About the surroundings:

The new "Nopi Ben Shemen" neighborhood is being built these days on the main road between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, between Moshav Ben Shemen and Lod, east of Highway 40. The neighborhood covers an area of ​​about 850 dunams and is expected to have about 4,500 units In addition, 400 units intended for long-term rent are expected to be built as part of the 'Apartment for Rent' project and about 300 units for assisted living. Planning for road 200, which will connect road no. 1 to road 431. The neighborhood is expected to be inhabited between 2022-2023.

The neighborhood was designed using a mixed-use technique that includes residences in a variety of building types, public buildings, green areas, commerce and employment.

In addition to the residential buildings, the neighborhood will include extensive public buildings, including a large educational building with institutions that are suitable for all ages from kindergarten to high school, as well as commercial and employment areas of approximately 16,000 square meters.

What will be built:

The "Dreams of Ben Shemen" project includes 530 units in six buildings of different heights and a commercial and office floor. The project received an excavation permit and is expected to be inhabited in August 2025.

The building company:

Shikun and Binui Real Estate Company

How much it costs:

You can find a 4-room apartment with a balcony, starting at NIS 2.25 million.

Ben Shemen Phase II • 11 buildings and 602 apartments

About the environment:

next to the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem road in an excellent location, a new neighborhood is currently being built in Lod in the territory of Moshav Ben Shemen, which is annexed to Lod.

The extensive environmental development will include walking and bicycle paths, an amphitheater next to a park and an ecological lake, seating areas, play and sports facilities, well-kept gardens including a dog park, leisure and recreation areas.

In order to maintain a high quality of life, the municipality will also install advanced technology for removing household waste without garbage trucks and without odor and noise nuisances.

All buildings will include a pneumatic garbage system, with an underground transportation system from the buildings to the garbage center.

What will be built:

Phase B is a continuation of the 8 towers that are already under construction with expected occupancy in 2024. Within the Ben Shemen neighborhood, the 'Aora Ben Shemen' project is being built, which includes 11 buildings of 7-23 floors that will offer 602 housing units.

3 boutique buildings of 9 floors each.

The 'Aura Ben Shemen' project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between two of the largest and oldest architectural firms in the residential field in Israel: Eyal Architects, headed by architect Danny Eyal, and the Giura Gor architectural office.

The company is starting marketing these days.

The building company:

Aora company.

How much does it cost:

Presale prices start at NIS 1.89 million for a 3-room apartment.

Netanya City of Days, two towers - 128 apartments // Image: snapshot cohen,

Netanya - city of days

Two towers - 128 apartments

About the environment:

Netanya enjoys high demand among apartment buyers who come from the city and the surrounding area as well as from non-residents, following new complexes and neighborhoods with access to the sea.

Such is the "City of Days" neighborhood that enjoys proximity to the sea alongside a significant increase in commercial and employment areas in the city, parks and transportation accessibility within and outside the city.

What will be built:

The 'Demari Yama City of Days' project will include two luxury towers close to the sea of ​​24 and 17 floors with 128 apartments with 5-6 rooms and penthouse apartments, where every apartment has a view of the sea.

The project includes another huge lobby, a gym, a swimming pool and a tenants' club.

The building company:

YH Demari company.

How much:

5-room apartments starting at NIS 4.85 million.

North Netanya •

292 apartments in three towers

About the environment:

North Netanya is an area characterized by old housing buildings and is therefore expected to undergo many renewal processes in the scope of over 2,000 housing units in cooperation with the Netanya Renewal Company.

Near the complex, on Sokolov Streets and Weizman Boulevards, as part of the "Fast to the City 2025" program, priority routes for public transportation and bicycle paths are planned to improve transportation and traffic in the area.

What was built:

The Weizman-Barry complex connects the main Herzl and Sokolov streets and is near the Einstein interchange leading to the coastal road and close to the city center.

The 'N Bari' urban renewal project of the Azurim company is expected to include the demolition of 6 3-story housing buildings with 72 apartments in favor of the construction of 3 24-25-story towers with 292 apartments on a total area of ​​approximately 5 dunams.

The project incorporates a hybrid residential concept and includes commercial floors, public buildings, gyms, music spaces, gaming rooms and multi-purpose spaces.

The project is expected to be implemented in the coming months.

The building company:

Azorim Company.

How much will it cost:

3-room apartments starting at NIS 1.9 million.

4-room apartments starting at NIS 2.25 million.

5-room apartments from NIS 2.5-2.6 million.

Tel Aviv, Shikhon Tzameret - 2 towers of 15 floors // Visualization: Bar Orian Architects,

Tel Aviv - Top housing

2 towers of 15 floors

About the environment:

Shikon Tzamarat is a neighborhood of villas in North Tel Aviv that was established on absentee properties for government officials and Tel Aviv municipality employees.

What is being built:

'Vysotsky 6 Project' in the heart of the old top housing neighborhood in Tel Aviv, including the construction of two 15-story buildings that will include 173 apartments.

The buildings were designed by the architect Gidi Bar-Orein and the interior design of the project was done by the architect Irma Orenstein.

The project will be inhabited in June 2024.

"The design of the apartments meets the needs of the population that aspires to live in Tel Aviv, in small, high-quality, carefully planned apartments, with a spacious balcony, in a modern building and in a central and accessible location, both to Tel Aviv's leisure, culture and employment life, as well as to main traffic routes," explains Merav Billet, assistant professor To the CEO of Aviv Group.

The building company:

Aviv Group, Acro Real Estate and LR Group.

How much will it cost:

estimated price per square meter is about NIS 65,000.

Tel Aviv - Yehuda Maccabi •

64 apartments with shared workspaces

About the surroundings:

the old and regenerating north of Tel Aviv, between Madinah Square and the Yarkon River, at the intersection of Yehuda Maccabi-Weizman streets, which is rapidly regenerating and changing its face.

What was built:

The project includes the demolition of three buildings that include 33 housing units.

Their place will be taken by two iconic buildings that include 64 housing units, with garden apartments and penthouses.

The project will also include private and shared work spaces, a cooperative and pastoral garden, spaces on the roofs that include relaxation corners, yoga and pilates workshops, a leisure club for children and an underground parking lot.

Adi Nahum, CEO of Contempo Real Estate: "We emphasize contemporaneity, both in the planning of the smart apartments with luxury specifications and in the planning of the living environment adapted to a contemporary lifestyle so that the project will also include shared work spaces, conference and hospitality rooms, children's play areas and yoga and pilates workshops" .

The building companies:

Contempo Real Estate Company, belongs to the Bozhet and Binui Group, one of the veterans in the field of urban renewal.

How much will it cost:

the apartments will sell from NIS 67,000 per square meter.

Bari 32, 25 instead of 11 // Image: Hoffler Architects,

Barry 32 • 25 in 11th place

About the environment:

a central and prestigious but quiet location in the 4th district of Tel Aviv, which is undergoing urban renewal, near the Ichilov Hospital and the city's entertainment and cultural centers.

What was built:

The 'Bari 32' project includes the evacuation of 11 housing units.

In their place, a building will be erected that will include 25 spacious and larger housing units, parking lots, and a new and designed building.

The project is in the stage of obtaining a construction permit and soon the works will begin.

The building company:

Ken Hathor Urban Renewal Company.

How much will it cost:

two-room apartments starting at NIS 3.65 million.

Ramat Gan - Harozim neighborhood

Demolition and rebuilding

About the environment:

The Harozim neighborhood is located near Yarkon Park, surrounded by green lungs, quiet but also very close to the offices and employment area of ​​the Stock Exchange in the Raz and across the Halacha Bridge. Tel Aviv is about a 5-minute walk away. Near the neighborhood, about 10 A red line station will be built a few minutes' walk away. In addition, one of the underground train lines (Metro) will pass through Namir Road, with a station about a quarter of an hour's walk from the neighborhood.

What is being built:

The Assaf 17 project in the neighborhood includes the demolition of an old two-story building on stilts and a 10-story building will be erected in its place and will include 26 housing units and two floors of an underground parking lot in an area of ​​approximately 400 square meters. The project includes a mix of apartments of 2- 4 rooms with areas of 50-90 square meters and balconies with an area of ​​about 12 square meters. The scope of the project is estimated at about NIS 60 million.

Lior Navon, VP of Marketing of the Rozio Group: "As part of the group's strategy to locate the areas with the highest potential in the areas of demand, we identified the Rhizome neighborhood years ago as a neighborhood that would be upgraded and improved and adapted to today's residential needs."

The building company:

Rozio Group.

How much will it cost:

about NIS 40,000 per square meter.

Ramat Hasharon - Neve Rasko

An addition of 22.5 square meters to the area of ​​the apartment

About the surroundings:

The Neve Rasko neighborhood in Ramat Hasharon is one of the sought-after neighborhoods in the city near highway 5. The neighborhood has old cottages and next to them several high-rise buildings.

As part of the urban renewal plans that began in the complex, the old buildings were recently demolished and the construction of two boutique buildings began in their place.

What is being built:

The 'Portrait' project is an urban renewal project at 34-38 Sheshet Haim Street in Ramat Hasharon.

The project includes two 7-story buildings with a total of 44 apartments that will be built instead of 18 housing apartments that were recently demolished.

Each of the old tenants will be entitled to an additional 22.5 square meters on the area of ​​the destroyed apartment and two parking spaces in an underground parking lot.

The project will include special 5-room mini-penthouse apartments, garden apartments and penthouses with spacious balconies, patios and special architectural planning.

An equipped gym, a tenants' room and a parking lot will be built in the buildings.

Occupancy of the project is expected in the last quarter of 2024.

According to Ortal Lieber, the VP of Marketing at the Rothstein company: "Neva Rasko is a neighborhood that is characterized by community and a green environment, but at the same time it is an old neighborhood that cries out for renewal.

The excellent location of the neighborhood and its proximity to main transportation routes contribute to the high demand.

Before we got on the ground, 45% of the apartments had already been sold."

The building company:

Rothstein Company.

How much will it cost:

5-room mini-penthouse apartments with an area of ​​about 148 square meters and balconies of 18-27 square meters will sell from NIS 5.8 million.

4-room garden apartments with an area of ​​121-131 square meters with a garden of 250 square meters are offered for sale starting at NIS 6.4 million.

5-room penthouse apartments with an area of ​​131 square meters with a balcony of 83 square meters, are offered starting at NIS 7.4 million.

Bat Yam, close to the sea - 560 apartments in five towers // Visualization: viewpoint,

Bat Yam - close to the sea

560 apartments in five towers

About the surroundings:

a short walk from the sea, adjacent to a large park with an area of ​​about 6 dunams and near the Bat Yam mall and cultural and leisure centers.

Close to the Israel train station, Ayalon routes, and the light rail station (red line) which is expected to start operating soon.

What was built:

"THE 5" project on Katznelson Street in the Ramat Yosef neighborhood in the city.

This is one of the largest eviction and construction projects in Bat Yam, which includes 560 housing units in five 27-story residential towers, 112 apartments in each tower.

The project mix includes 3,4,4.5 apartments and five-room apartments and a penthouse with an open view.

According to Pini Malka, joint CEO of Maoz Daniel Company: "Unlike other construction evacuation projects, this is a project designed for residences only without office and commercial areas.

All the tenants in the complex have already been evacuated and housing solutions have been found for them.

The buildings are being built at the same time and thus it will be possible for everyone to settle together and not in stages.'

The building company:

Maoz Daniel Company.

How much will it cost:

4-room apartments with two balconies - from NIS 2.864 million, 4.5-room apartments from NIS 2.688 million, 5-room apartments - from NIS 3.197 million and penthouse apartments - from NIS 4.598 million.

All apartments have attached parking/two parking spaces and a warehouse.

Petah Tikva, Neve Oz - 7 buildings and 170 apartments // Visualization: 3DIVISION,

Petah Tikva - Neve Oz

7 buildings and 170 apartments

About the environment:

The new project is located in the heart of the sought-after Neve-Oz neighborhood in a strategic location next to the light rail that will be built and nearby major traffic routes.

The attractive location of the seven-building complex will be a source of attraction for families and housing developers who wish to benefit from the proximity to central employment centers, entertainment, commerce and culture and a rich and developing culinary complex.

Among the centers in the area, you can mention "Yachin Center", close to the park "The Great Lake" and "Ofer Mall" (Avanat).

In addition, the new complex is close to leading educational institutions, advanced sports centers, gyms and lifestyle.

What will be built:

The Amsterdam complex will include 7 buildings, 6-9 stories high with 170 apartments.

The project will offer a diverse mix of apartments including duplex garden apartments, penthouses and 3-6 room apartments.

The project received a construction permit.

The building company:

Yuval Group in cooperation with Oz Hillel Company.

How much will it cost:

new apartments near the project are sold starting at NIS 2.4 million for a three-room apartment;

4-room apartments for NIS 2.7 million and 5-room apartments for NIS 3.3 million.

Kiryat Tivon - in the shade of pines

21 two-level cottages and penthouses

About the environment:

The opening of Highway 6 across Israel gives the "Bezal Oranim" neighborhood, which is being built at the foot of the settlement, accessibility, among other things due to its proximity to Highway 70 and Highway 75. The neighborhood will benefit from a new school and kindergartens and boutique shopping complexes and parks.

The "Shitit" company was one of the pioneers of construction in the neighborhood and built two residential complexes with a rustic design, including 26 buildings of 3-4 stories.

The apartments were sold on the free market and within the framework of a tenant price project.

What is being built:

The 'Oranit' project includes 21 units of two-level cottages and penthouse apartments - a total of 3 housing units in each complex.

The building company:

Shetit Company.

How much does it cost:

a 5-6 room cottage, with an area of ​​about 172 square meters, two levels with high ceilings and a garden of about 160 square meters, including preparation for a jacuzzi and a storage area of ​​about 6 square meters and two parking spaces - Will be sold starting at NIS 3.3 million. Penthouse apartment with an area of ​​162 square meters, a unit on the first floor with a private elevator and a balcony of about 80 square meters, with preparation for a jacuzzi - will be sold at a price of NIS 3.2 million at presale prices.

Kiryat Ata, Givat Elonim - 1200 housing in phase B // Photo: Spring Productions,

Kiryat Ata - Givat Alonim

1,200 apartments in phase B

על הסביבה: שכונת גבעת אלונים תוכננה כשכונת מגורים בעלת אופי כפרי, עם שטחים ירוקים רחבי ידיים, שבילי אופניים, גן משחקים לילדים, רחובות מרוצפי אבן ומערכת כבישים בטוחה. גבעת אלונים ממוקמת מצפון לשכונת גבעת טל, מצפון-מערב למחלף סומך וכ-10 דקות נסיעה מהקריון. השכונה נהנית מנגישות גבוהה לצירי תנועה בדגש על יציאה נוחה לכביש 6.

מה נבנה: פרויקט גבעת אלונים כולל כ-1,200 דירות בתמהיל מגוון: צמודי קרקע דו-משפחתיים, בנייני בוטיק נמוכים, בניינים בני 10 קומות ומגדלים בני 19 קומות. החברה סיימה לשווק ולאכלס את השלב הראשון של הפרויקט שכלל 622 יח"ד והחלה לאחרונה בשיווק השלב השני שכולל 558 יח"ד. תמהיל הדירות בשלב החדש כולל דירות 4-6 חדרים, דירות גן, פנטהאוזים וצמודי קרקע דו-מפלסיים.

לדברי שרה אילין, סנכ"לית השיווק בחברת שרביב: "רוב תושבי השכונה הם משפחות צעירות ומשפרי דיור המגיעים מתוך השכונה ומהסביבה הקרובה".

החברה הבונה: חברת שרביב
כמה עולה: דירת 4 חדרים – כ-1.6 מיליון שקל ודירת 5 חדרים – כ-1.8 מיליון שקל.

נתיבות - שכונת רמות מאיר

1,728 דירות וחדרי מלון

על הסביבה: שכונת רמות מאיר נמצאת בחלקה המערבי של העיר הוותיקה וממזרח לנחל בוהו. השכונה תכלול שטחי מסחר ושטחי ציבור, בדגש על שטחי ציבור פתוחים רבים, הפארק הארכיאולוגי 'תל בוהו', פארק הבאבא סאלי וטיילת נחל בוהו. השכונה משתרעת על שטח של כ-612 דונם ויבנו בה כ-1,728 יחידות דיור, חדרי מלון ו-240 יחידות לדיור מוגן. בשכונה מתוכננים מתחמי בנייה רוויה בגובה של 7-10 קומות בשילוב עם צמודי קרקע בשיטת "בנה ביתך".

מה נבנה: חברת 'אסיה סיירוס' זכתה במכרז של רמ"י במגרש בשטח של 10.5, עליו תקים בניינים בני 7 קומות, 173 דירות 3-5 חדרים, דירות גן ופנטהאוזים ומתחם מסחרי בשטח של 1,200 מ"ר.

החברה הבונה: חברת אסיה סיירוס.

כמה עולה: כ-15,000 שקל למ"ר. דירות 3 חדרים – החל מ-1.2 מיליון שקל, דירות 4 חדרים החל מ-1.5 מיליון שקל. דירות מיוחדות ימכרו לפי 16,000 שקל למ"ר. כל דירה מגיעה עם מרפסת וחניה.

גן יבנה, שכונת נאות אשכול - 68 יח"ד בצמודי קרקע // הדמיה: 3Dvision,

גן יבנה – שכונת נאות אשכול

68 יח"ד בצמודי קרקע

על הסביבה: שכונת נאות אשכול החדשה ממוקמת בצפון מערב גן יבנה ונהנית משירותי קהילה, כגני ילדים, בתי ספר, גני שעשועים ומתחם קניות. השכונה נהנית גם מגישה קלה ונוחה לצירי תנועה חדשים שיאפשרו לתושבים יציאה וכניסה קלה ונוחה הן מכיוון דרום - אשדוד והן לכביש 4 ו-6.

מה נבנה: פרויקט "צרפתי GARDEN" בגן יבנה, יכלול 68 יח"ד צמודות קרקע וייבנה מכמה שלבים. החברה סיימה את מכירת שלב ג' בפרויקט ונערכת בימים אלה להתחלת השיווק השלב הרביעי שיכלול 12 קוטג'ים בני 6 חדרים, חלקם עם תוספת מרתף ולחלקם תוספת של בריכה פרטית בחצר. שטחי הבתים נעים בין 250-330 מ"ר, הם תוכננו ועוצבו על-ידי האדריכל, אבי שטרנפלד.

According to Avi Zarfati, co-CEO of Zarfati Shimon Company, "Detached houses are a rare and sought-after commodity, Israelis still dream of a private house with a garden, but the data in recent years clearly indicate that this dream is getting further and further away.

In Gan Yavne, for example, not a single detached housing unit started to be built in the first quarter of 2022 after 92 such housing units were built the year before.

The residents of the project in Gan Yavne will enjoy the quiet and rural character of life in a settlement not far from the center of the country."

The building company:

the French company Shimon.

How much does it cost:

Detached houses in the fourth phase of the project will sell starting at NIS 4.7 million.

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