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Only 10% of the master's students are left with eyesight and refuse to admit defeat and become "IT dogs": visually impaired will not take away the color of life


Most of the visually impaired people looking for jobs after graduation are stereotyped as masseuses and operators. 30-year-old Huang Yutong was told by doctors ten years ago that he only has 10% of his eyesight. Family and teachers believe that his growth, learning process was influenced by

Most of the visually impaired people looking for jobs after graduation are stereotyped as masseuses and operators. 30-year-old Huang Yutong was told by doctors ten years ago that he only has 10% of his eyesight.

His family and teachers believed that his growth and learning process were limited by his eyesight, and the road ahead was difficult, but he was not discouraged, and after successfully entering the university, a liberal arts student was "transformed" to study for a master's program in computer science.

Huang Yutong joined a local I&T company a few years ago and was promoted to the executive level. He described programming as "communicating with a computer", and he spends more time closing his eyes and thinking than looking at the computer.

He hopes to use his own example to encourage hope in life. "Although visual impairment makes you see less, it will not take away the color of your life."

Huang Yutong is born with visual impairment. He was told by doctors more than ten years ago that he only has 10% of his eyesight.

(Photo by Lu Nuojun)

Childhood vision problems, doctors report that the degeneration of the nerve line in the eye cannot be cured

Huang Yutong recalled that when he was in kindergarten, he found that his vision was not clear. At first, his family did not care about it and only took him to get glasses. However, the situation did not improve. When Huang Yutong went to the eye hospital for examination at the age of 8 or 9, he realized that he had The world he arrived at turned out to be different from everyone else.

At that time, the doctor's report stated that his eyeball was completely healthy, but the nerve line had degenerated for some reason, so there was no surgery or other treatment.

As he got older, Huang Yutong's visual impairment deteriorated, and only 10% of his eyesight remained.

When I first talked to me, I got 50% of my eyesight back. Although I didn’t really know what was going on, but seeing my grandma’s eyes wet and my relatives and teachers telling you, “The road will be very difficult in the future”, I feel like too horrible.

Visually Impaired Huang Yutong

Huang Yutong said that the current computer has built-in free and perfect zoom function.

(Photo by Lu Nuojun)

Primary and secondary schools face learning difficulties and resolve them one by one

Huang said that learning in primary and secondary schools is the most difficult, because he uses a blackboard for class. He is tall and cannot sit in the center of the front row of the classroom. He bought a magnifying machine worth more than 20,000 yuan to help him cope with the preparatory exam. "It is much easier to go to university. The computer has built-in magnifying software. The teacher can give me the textbook in advance, and use the computer to watch it when I go to class."

10% has maintained his vision for more than 10 years. Fortunately, Huang Yutong's vision has stabilized, and the follow-up period is getting longer and longer.

He successfully entered the university threshold by studying for an associate degree, and enrolled in the Linguistics and Language Technology courses at City University, in which he needed to use simple programming for language research, so he began to contact computers and became interested. There will be a little bit of surprise again, because the teacher is very happy to go to the computer classroom, and the teacher is very happy to ask the classmates to follow the projection screen, but I can't see it, and I feel so helpless." Fortunately, with the help of the university teachers As a result, Huang Yutong slowly discovered his interest in computers, and even his grades in the class became more and more "frustrating".

Huang Yutong pointed out that in the past, when he was looking for a job, he had been questioned by employers, and he was glad that he was now appreciated and trusted by employers, allowing him to develop his talents in the IT industry.

(Photo by Lu Nuojun)

When writing a program, it is very comfortable to see a black screen, and I feel happy, as if I communicated with a computer, and I am talking about it.

Visually Impaired Huang Yutong

Lazy to question and criticize, stick to my way

Choosing the path of IT, there are many objections from the outside world, and many people are preconceived, thinking that it is possible for visually impaired people to write programs. Huang Yutong knows that the career path he chooses is more difficult than other able-bodied people, and he has also encountered employers when looking for a job. ; However, after graduating with a master's degree five years ago, he was still looking for a job related to computer programming. He even interviewed for a self-made computer animation short film, and finally successfully joined the current innovation and technology company in August 2017.

Currently, his position is Assistant Director of Dev Ops (Development Operation), mostly responsible for server work. He is very fortunate to have this job opportunity, "I don't care too much about people watching... I have my ideals and my own. play."

Chen Zhiquan (right), CEO of I&T Corporation, believes that small businesses should give more opportunities to people with disabilities to find their own advantages.

(Photo by Lu Nuojun)

Chen Zhiquan, CEO of Compathnion Technology Limited, an innovation and technology company, pointed out that the company ignores the background and country of its employees, and only focuses on ability and talent.

He said that Huang Yutong was the first batch of employees in the company, and he described him as being careful, clear and comprehensive; and they spend 90% of their work "thinking about code", and "writing code" only takes up 10% of their time, so "combined" It's even more crucial to keep your eyes peeled.

Chen Zhiquan believes that the society often labels people with disabilities as disadvantaged groups. "Society only thinks about helping them. In fact, there are all harms and no benefits." belong to their advantage.

As long as you don't think disabled people are weak, they will become strong.

Chen Zhiquan, CEO of I&T Corporation

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