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Beautiful in a different way than the color: the temporary super trend returns in honor of winter - voila! Sheee


Winter is usually characterized by dark makeup, but not this time - Yarin Shaf explains how to start the year healthier and greener and adopt the transparent makeup trend without making an effort

(Photo: Tevel Gilad)

Beautiful in a different way than the color: the temporary super trend returns in honor of winter

Winter is usually characterized by dark makeup, but not this time - Yarin Shaf explains how to start the year healthier and greener and adopt the transparent makeup trend without making an effort

Irin Sheaf



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A proposal for a standard make-up for the first day of studies second semester (NOW Roni Scharmeister)

The hot season is behind us, and when the weather starts to cool down, you can go back and put on makeup without fear that the makeup will smear or run off.

Every summer the bright colors star and the winter flaunts dark and intense colors, but this time - not anymore.

Get a makeover: according to the emerging trends, the approaching cool season will be characterized by minimalist makeup, light to transparent.

No more layers of make-up, colorful eyeshadows and eyeliner sketches.

The next look, clean, is not afraid to reveal the natural tone of the skin, and mainly combines organic makeup products.

The right trend for the upcoming winter, natural and self-confident.

The makeup is effortless and flatters the personality.

The make-up is extremely thin and does not pretend to hide the skin but only to unify its appearance.

The eyes are made up with mineral shadows, which travel in a delicate range of pinkish-brown (similar to the natural color of the eyelids).

The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with highlights and shadows that shape the face, and lips with a changing texture.

During the day - the texture is opaque, and in the evening - transparent and shiny.

And... most importantly: don't forget the design, make-up and combing of the eyebrows.

When the makeup is clean and subtle, the eyebrows become a focal point.

Eyeshadows in skin tones (Photo: Tevel Gilad)

What is organic makeup?

So, in many ways, it is normal makeup, the main difference is expressed in the composition of the ingredients it contains.

While in normal makeup you can find preservatives, silicone, paraben, propylene glycol, sodium, synthetic fragrance components or genetically modified components, organic makeup is often composed of natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and minerals from nature.

These materials help keep the facial skin flexible and shiny, and they do not clog pores, and most of them are already combined with a sunscreen.

Due to the growing popularity of green consumerism, more and more companies are switching to producing organic makeup products.

As part of a way of life, a responsible attitude and understanding of the environment.

However, it is important to know that not every product called organic really is.

In fact, the standard note guarantees 90 percent of organic materials, while the composition of the remaining ten percent remains unknown.

Therefore, you should also read the small lines.

Note that the new packaging is also made of biodegradable paper as part of the trend towards a greener and healthier environment.

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Greener, more beautiful (Photo: Ben Leon)


  • 1. Switching to organic makeup allows the skin and body to rest from chemicals.

  • 2. The mineral makeup adheres to the skin's natural moisture and gives it a light look that is maintained over time.

    It contains natural essences of smell and even flavors such as: vanilla, cinnamon, and more.

  • 3. When synthetic makeup products are frequently applied to the face, the skin's metabolism goes wrong, causing it to lose its elasticity, and sometimes dryness and wrinkles develop.

  • 4. The organic make-up is free of chemical preservatives, and provides an answer for those who until today had difficulty applying make-up due to skin problems such as acne or allergies.

Holding less, but healthier (Photo: Ben Leon)


  • 1. The lifespan of organic makeup is short due to the lack of preservatives.

  • 2. Certain organic make-up products tend to have a finer and less powerful pigment than traditional make-up products.

  • 3. The organic makeup market is in its infancy, and as a newcomer in the field it does not have many competitors, therefore it is marketed as "boutique makeup" and its price is relatively expensive.

without drying the skin (photo: Hila Elkayam)

What are the differences and how to identify

The organic makeup contains user-friendly natural ingredients.

There are no preservatives in it, and it is produced from minerals and plant extracts.

Most of the causes of the cosmetic allergy are the preservatives that are there to prevent spoilage and prevent oxidation of the product.

The traditional make-up products are produced from by-products of the oil industry, which provide fats, silicone and wax so that the make-up adheres well to the skin.

To unify the color in the product, paraffin is used, which clogs the pores, a substance known to dry the skin, and may even interfere with the supply of oxygen to it - hence, by the way, the obligation to remove the makeup before going to bed.

Awareness of green consumerism has been increasing in recent years, and the competition has only just begun.

To identify organic products, you must read the small lines on the packaging, and make sure that the product was produced from natural minerals.

The use of powdered products should be preferred instead of liquid, because they are not absorbed by the skin and can be completely removed.

Organic makeup products boast biodegradable cardboard packaging, and have the recycling symbol on the packaging.

Also check the expiration date.

If not, you can smell the product.

If it smells bad and is discolored, it is likely expired.

Makeup by Yarin Shaf (Photo: Tevel Gilad)

The author: Yarin Shaf - Director of the School of Makeup, Styling and Hairdressing

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