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epidemic. Latest | 3667 new confirmed cases including 193 imported cases and 6 deaths


There were 3,667 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (27th), including 193 imported cases, and 6 more deaths. Hong Kong's new crown virus epidemic continues to stabilize, with 4,034 new confirmed cases yesterday (26th) and 12 more deaths. Hong Kong government

There were 3,667 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (27th), including 193 imported cases, and 6 more deaths.

Hong Kong's new crown virus epidemic continues to stabilize, with 4,034 new confirmed cases yesterday (26th) and 12 more deaths.

The Hong Kong government has adjusted the entry quarantine arrangement and changed it to "0+3" from yesterday. People arriving in Hong Kong from foreign countries and Taiwan are no longer required to stay in designated quarantine hotels. They can choose to go home or choose a hotel for medical surveillance for three days. During this period, the vaccine passport will be changed to Yellow code, not allowed to enter restaurants and other places of active inspection.

According to the news, the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau is preparing to launch a new function, so that caregivers can add the “Young, Young, Frail, Disabled and Disabled Card” on their mobile phones to “Travel with Peace of Mind” for presentation, which is suitable for children aged 5 to 15 and Teenagers, seniors 65 years or older, and people with disabilities with reduced mobility.

The authorities will announce details and updated features as soon as today.

Overview of yesterday's epidemic:


9.26|Single-day confirmed 4,000 cases again, Japan announces free travel vaccine and testing requirements

The average immediate effective reproduction rate of local cases remained at 0.809 on September 25, and the number of infected people showed a decreasing trend.

(Photo of HKU Faculty of Medicine)

▼September 26th, the first day of entry quarantine "0+3" implementation▼


Global return to Hong Kong is still cleared experts: masks order to help fight the flu, call for injections under three years old

[14:26] Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Hong Kong people are wearing masks, so that there has been no peak winter flu in the past two years.

However, as the world begins to ease entry restrictions, according to the World Health Organization's global fixed-point monitoring of influenza positivity ratios, a "golden cross" has appeared in July this year, that is, the influenza ratio is higher than the new coronary pneumonia virus ratio.

Lam Wai-sun, vice president of the Hong Kong Society of Infectious and Infectious Diseases, said that it is difficult to predict whether the peak season of influenza this winter will recur in Hong Kong, but he agrees that the immune barrier against influenza has dropped significantly. There is a high chance of an outbreak.” Family doctor Lin Yonghe said that this year’s influenza vaccination is more active than last year, and has received more than 100 appointments. It is recommended that citizens who want to travel can get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Travel with peace of mind|Deconstruction of pictures and texts on how to add a child’s vaccine pass to scan multiple needle cards with one click Travel with peace of mind|After the update, you can add 8 accompanying persons to the vaccine pass, including the elderly and young children

[12:30] An updated version of the Safe Travel mobile app was launched this afternoon, which can add the "vaccine passport" information of up to 8 accompanying persons. The program does not record the travel records of the accompanying persons.

The updated version reminds that each vaccine passport must ensure that the name and identification document number are exactly the same.

The so-called accompanying persons are limited to three categories of data exempted from the use of the Safe Travel Vaccine Pass:

(a) persons aged 65 or above and below the age of 15;

(b) persons with disabilities; and

(c) other persons authorized by the government or the government in this matter Institutional Accredited Person.

Five pictures to teach you how to add a companion pin card to "Travel with Peace of Mind"

Global flu and new crown cases are now "golden cross" Ho Pak-leung urges Hong Kong people to travel abroad to get flu shots first

[12:15] The government implemented "0+3", and many Hong Kong people can't wait to book air tickets to travel.

He Bailiang, director of the Center for Infection and Infectious Diseases at the University of Hong Kong, said today (27th) that as the international community gradually returns to normal, influenza is returning, and outbreaks have occurred in regions such as Europe and the United States that took the lead in lifting epidemic prevention measures. The World Health Organization's global fixed-point monitoring of influenza positivity rates showed that a "golden cross" occurred in July this year, that is, the influenza rate was higher than the new coronary pneumonia virus rate.

According to the World Health Organization's global fixed-point monitoring of influenza positivity ratios, a "golden cross" occurred in July this year, that is, the influenza ratio was higher than the new coronary pneumonia virus ratio.

(Provided by Dr. Ho Pak Leung)

[12:14] Since yesterday (26th), the Hong Kong government has relaxed the quarantine arrangement for arriving passengers to "0+3", which will also benefit foreign domestic helpers whose wages have been "highly fired" during the epidemic.

Chen Dongfeng, chairman of the Hong Kong Employment Association, said on a radio program today (27th) that the new quarantine arrangement is of great help to the foreign domestic helper agency industry. Employers no longer have to pay huge sums of money to arrange quarantine hotels for workers arriving in Hong Kong. The number of foreign domestic helpers has also increased, and the backlog of cases has been almost completed. As for the salary level of foreign domestic helpers, the salary level has dropped by nearly 20% to about HK$5,000 from about HK$6,000 in April.

0+3|Foreign Domestic Helpers Association predicts that 40% of employers still book hotels for isolation supply, increase the salary of foreign domestic helpers to 5,000 yuan

[12:13] The government sent personnel this morning (27th) to check whether the persons under inspection had fulfilled the mandatory inspection requirements. Four of them were found to have failed to comply with the mandatory inspection requirements. A mandatory testing order was issued, and the government issued a fixed penalty notice of $10,000 to two of them.

The operation was carried out by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in conjunction with the Tai Po District and the Department of Health. It started at about 8:30 am and ended at about 11:30 am.

Child Vaccine Pass | Reduced to 5 years old on Friday

[10:06] The government has relaxed entry quarantine restrictions to "0+3" from yesterday (26th), and the catering industry recently issued a joint statement stating that they are worried that "0+3" will make Hong Kong people travel and consume, aggravate the tide of business closures and layoffs tide.

Xu Wenwei, chairman of the Rice Miao Diet Professional Association, said in a radio program today that it is expected that "0+3" and the reduction of the vaccine pass to children over 5 years old will hit the business of the catering industry, and the industry is studying the introduction of takeaway discounts for relevant groups to attract customers.

He urged the government to catch up with the international community as soon as possible and lift unnecessary restrictions on epidemic prevention, including relaxing the quarantine measures for passengers to "0+0", that is, cancelling even the three-day medical surveillance period. Anti-epidemic measures such as body temperature should also be bid farewell to, so that society can return to normal as soon as possible.

Influenza | Pediatric Society expects large outbreak in winter, urges parents to vaccinate young children as soon as possible

[09:10] The new crown epidemic in Hong Kong is stabilizing, and the entry quarantine has been changed to 0+3, and the market is gradually showing a sense of peace of mind.

However, apart from the new crown, Ye Baiqiang, president of the Hong Kong Paediatric Society, pointed out that the society should pay more attention to the seasonal flu situation. He explained that due to the lack of physical classes for school children in the past two years, coupled with the strengthening of epidemic prevention under the new crown epidemic, everyone is "clean." ”, resulting in a lower number of influenza and a significant reduction in the number of influenza vaccinations.

Ye worries that with the reduction of the chance of social exposure to influenza virus, it is expected that there may be a large seasonal influenza outbreak this winter.

▼On September 25, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Society of Hospital Pharmacists and other organizations recommended that young children be vaccinated against influenza as soon as possible▼

▼On September 25, the airport quarantine hotel diversion station will operate on the last day▼


▼September 25th, the increase in the number of citizens traveling abroad has made the "popularity" of the airport departure layer rebound▼


▼On September 24th, some citizens went to Mong Kok Bank Center Travel Agency to inquire about "0+3" outbound tours▼


0+3|The government has suspended the designated quarantine hotels and will need to renew the contract for the last 30 days. A total of 100 million yuan will be distributed in the first six rounds

[04:26] The entry quarantine "0+3" will be implemented from Monday (26th), and arrivals are no longer required to stay in designated quarantine hotels. However, there are 62 hotels on the eighth round of quarantine hotels, which were originally scheduled for October 31 Day ends.

According to the Medical and Health Bureau, the government will pay the participating hotels a "coverage" fee for the next 30 days according to the contract. As long as the hotel occupancy rate is less than half, it will benefit.

According to the Medical and Health Bureau, from the first round in December 2020 to the end of the sixth round in February this year, the government has distributed a total of about 100 million yuan in subsidies to hotels, and is still processing subsidy applications for March this year and beyond.

The lowest hotel price is 70% or 600 yuan (whichever is lower) X (50% - actual occupancy rate) X number of rooms

0+3|The government has suspended the designated quarantine hotels and needs to renew the contract for the first 30 days. A total of 100 million yuan will be distributed in the first six rounds. 0+3|The quarantine hotel was originally scheduled to end at the end of October. 3|Arriving passengers at the airport can take taxi drivers by themselves: there are long queues, and there are people returning to the city. 0+3|Travel agencies have long queues to report to the hotel, and the business of staycation has decreased by 0+3. Rong Haien was the first to benefit from the first day After returning to work in the Legislative Council, do you have to go to National Day activities?

0+3|Arriving in Hong Kong without having to stay in a quarantine hotel feels free today: I miss Hong Kong very much

▼On September 22, Lu Chongmao and officials received the fourth dose of Sinovac vaccine and influenza vaccine▼


▼On September 24, there were many citizens at the Wanchai Immigration Office to apply for SAR passports▼


0+3︱The General Chamber of Commerce hopes that the government will push "0+0" as soon as possible: returning to normal customs clearance is the key to retaining enterprises : Travel with peace of mind, you can present multiple injection cards for the elderly, the disabled, and the disabled as soon as possible on Tuesday, and the functional vaccine can be reduced to 5 years old. News: Travel with peace of mind and add a "parent-child injection card". The government will announce the details An employee has been diagnosed with the epidemic in the past 3 days without attending a large gathering | The number of confirmed cases in a single day has risen to 4,000, 12 people have died, and 15 people have been hospitalized in ICU

▼Compulsory testing announcement from September 20▼


Japan Free Travel|Official Documents Certificate Acceptance of WHO-Approved Vaccines Two buildings of Yueju and Beaji Hill Gardens Sunrise Hong Kong City are on the list in the Eleventh Conscience Consumption Campaign|Introduce shopping reward program, social enterprise in-depth tour to help disadvantaged groups Kornhill Garden, Galaxy Mingju and other four district housing estates with positive sewage 185,000 quick test packages

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