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How to eliminate bad smells from the garden?


The trees and the lawn bring a feeling of well-being but the latter is spoiled by scents whose origin you cannot find. In the vegetable garden, in the pond or because of animal urine, here is the procedure to follow so that the air is in line with the decor.



have taken possession of your garden and you enjoy staying there less.

To neutralize them, there are several solutions that are not very restrictive and which are not harmful to the environment.

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How to remove bad smells from the vegetable garden?

  • If the smell comes from the plantations

You have taken a closer look at your vegetable garden and your plantations and have discovered small yellowish spots on zucchini and other tomatoes.

It is probably an insect called a stinky green bug, which has come to feed on your vegetables and flowers.

Originally from Ethiopia, its smell has the effect of intruding into the plantations where it has taken up residence.

To keep them away, a solution based

on garlic powder

is both effective and biological (mix about 20 ml of garlic powder in 500 ml of water then spray the affected parts regularly).

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  • If the smell comes from the earth

Your investigation has led you to the ground.

Indeed, it is possible that the earth, if it is

poorly aerated

, macerates and that after a certain time an unpleasant odor emerges.



can also be an indicator: if it is dark, it means that it contains humus.

To remedy this, use a spade fork to ventilate it and thus allow your fruits and vegetables to grow properly and be less weakened by any hazard.

You can also add green manures, manure or compost and mulch for a better balance with moisture management.

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How to remove the smell of dog and cat urine in the garden?

Dog and cat urine has an acidic pH and will eventually damage your grass or plants.

It's time to do something.

  • With water

If you catch it 'red-handed', you can pour water (a sprinkle) right away to get rid of any smell.

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  • With baking soda

Your pet frolicked in the grass and at the same time relieved itself there.

A preparation based on baking soda (4 tablespoons) in a liter of water then spray on fragrant surfaces.

You can also sprinkle it directly so that the grains absorb the moisture and the smell at the same time before vacuuming everything up.

  • With soil from Sommières

If the urine is more rooted in the earth, sprinkle it with Sommières earth and leave to act for at least two hours before rubbing then suck it up to remove it.

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  • With apple cider vinegar

Add the equivalent of a teaspoon in ½ liter of water in a spray bottle and target the affected areas.

  • With lemon juice

In a spray bottle, mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with ½ liter of water.

To apply on the part of the garden concerned and to renew regularly so that the acid smell dissuades your four-legged animal from starting again there.


To avoid these inconveniences, you can install plants whose smell will keep them away.

Aromatic herbs (thyme, lavender, rosemary) or lemon verbena are not to the taste of cats.

Conversely, you can put a litter box in a corner for him to change his habits.

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How to get rid of bad smells in the garden pond?

It happens that after a certain time, the stagnant water of the basin releases certain untimely odors.

First of all, take care to regularly remove the external elements which, with the wind in particular, settle on the water, such as leaves, petals, etc.

And also note the color of the water to see if its balance is there.

It can also be algae that has lodged in your aquatic area and has proliferated – this phenomenon occurs especially in summer.

In this case, it is better to take glovesand remove them from the pelvis.

You can also replace half of the water with clear water to renew the quality and promote the removal of bad odors emanating from the pool.

If you have fish, see if they are all swimming, one of them may have died, which would explain the origin of the smell.

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It is also possible that it is a passing animal that had a bad fall in the water and drowned, such as a hedgehog for example.

In both cases, remove the victim from the water.

It will take a few days for it to regain its balance.


You can opt for plants with oxygenating functions to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

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