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epidemic. 9.28|An additional 3911 confirmed cases will resume visits to non-emergency wards from Friday


There were 3,911 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (28th), including 208 imported cases, and 14 more deaths. Schools reported 388 cases, 7 schools had individual classes to suspend classes, and Hong Chi Pine Hill No. 2 School had a total of 8 classes in the whole school, and 6 classes appeared

There were 3,911 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (28th), including 208 imported cases, and 14 more deaths.

Schools have reported 388 cases, and 7 schools have individual classes to suspend classes. Hong Chi Pine Hill No. 2 School has a total of 8 classes in the whole school, and 6 classes have confirmed cases, which require the entire school to suspend classes for 7 days.

Another case was reported by a residential care home.

The Hospital Authority announced that as of yesterday (27th), 1,850 confirmed patients were hospitalized, of which 182 were newly confirmed patients.

At present, there are 37 critical and 39 critically ill patients, of which 12 critically ill patients are receiving intensive treatment.

From this Friday (30th), children aged 5 to 11 will also need to present a vaccine pass to enter premises that require active inspection, such as restaurants and public libraries.

The police arrested another doctor yesterday for allegedly spamming the "needle-free paper", a total of seven temporarily. The authorities issued an "ultimatum" to the 20,000 citizens who had obtained the "medical exemption certificate for the new crown vaccination", and their "needle-free certificate" was issued. Paper" will be invalid from October 12.

Overview of yesterday's epidemic:


9.27|Newly diagnosed 3667 cases

The average immediate effective reproduction rate of local cases remained at 0.809 on September 26, and the number of infected people showed a decreasing trend.

(Photo of HKU Faculty of Medicine)

▼The list of mandatory testing buildings on September 28▼


Tan Yaozong expects "reverse isolation" to be difficult in the short term.

[22:01] The "0+3" quarantine policy has been implemented for people arriving in Hong Kong from other places. The community is concerned about whether they can take a new step with the mainland customs clearance. However, the "reverse isolation" measures are only heard from the stairs.

Tan Yaozong, member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, believes that with the current epidemic situation in Hong Kong, it is difficult to implement "reverse isolation".

Some politicians pointed out that the mainland welcomes Hong Kong's relaxation of immigration measures to "0+3", but is puzzled by the cancellation of the nucleic acid test before boarding.

20,000 pieces of needle-free paper expired on 10.12. The Medical and Health Bureau did not answer the legal basis. Lawyers’ materials are administrative measures.

[21:55] Seven private doctors were arrested on suspicion of spamming medical exemption certificates. The case has not yet been tried. However, the Hong Kong government announced yesterday (27th) that they issued a total of more than 20,000 medical exemption certificates. Accepted and will expire on October 12.

"Hong Kong 01" has checked the relevant legal provisions, and there is no provision that mentions that "needle-free paper" may not be accepted for any reason, and its press release does not specify what the ordinance is to abolish the relevant "free paper". Needle paper", the bureau said there was no supplement.

Some members of the Medical Council estimate that whether to recognize certificates issued by doctors such as "needle-free paper" or sick leave certificate has always been the discretion of the Department of Health or the Medical and Health Bureau.

Some practising barristers believe that this is a policy decision to use administrative means to invalidate the relevant needle cards, while another chairman of the patient organization who is also a lawyer pointed out that it is unknown what legal basis the Medical and Health Bureau used to invalidate the relevant needle cards. , but believe the government has its legal justification.

Needle-free paper|Government DQ arrested doctor issued exemption certificate Civil Service Bureau inspected employee needle-free paper

[21:23] The government announced earlier that the "needle-free paper" issued by seven doctors will expire on October 12.

"Hong Kong 01" asked the Civil Service Bureau and the Hospital Authority about the number of employees currently holding the relevant "needle-free paper". The reply was that the government was reviewing the exemption certificates submitted by the employees, and no further information could be provided at the moment.

The bureau also emphasized that if the relevant government employees fail to provide new "needle-free papers", they will be refused entry to the relevant government buildings and office premises, and may be regarded as "unexcused absences".

In response to the enquiry, the HA pointed out that the HA does not maintain relevant statistics for enquiries on certificates of recovery or infection and medical exemption certificates for COVID-19 vaccination.

Compulsory testing|65 Building is listed

[20:38] The Medical and Health Bureau announced the announcement of mandatory testing, with 65 buildings on the list.

Among them, 53 buildings have more patients living, mainly public housing, HOS or subsidized housing. The private buildings on the list include 1 Parkview Terrace, Aberdeen Centre, Hoi Hu Court, Mong Kok No. 595 New Reclamation Street, MOD595, Lam Tin Block 14 of Scenery Garden, Tseung Kwan O, Skyview, Tseung Kwan O, LOHAS Park, MALIBU, Block 2A and 2B, Tseung Kwan O, Block 2 of Tian Yuen Court, Sha Tin, Block 9 of Grand View Garden, Block 1 of Lan Cheng Wan, Tsing Yi, Block 2 of King Garden, Tsuen Wan , Block 1, Kingsun Terrace, Tuen Mun.

Another 12 buildings tested positive for sewage samples and were listed on the list, involving the high and low blocks of Lee Fook House, Ap Lei Chau Estate, Tuen Mun Fu Kin Garden, Block 8 and 9, Lung Tak Court, Stanley, Tak House and Shing Tak. Towers, Towers 6, 7 and 8 of Royal View, Tseung Kwan O, as well as Wen Man Court, Man Lan Mansion and Man Oi Mansion at Chun Man Court, Ho Man Tin.

Anyone who has been in the building for more than two hours from September 22 to 28 must go for nucleic acid testing tomorrow or the day after (29 or 30).

▼Compulsory testing announcement on September 28▼


Five pictures to teach you how to add a companion pin card to "Travel with Peace of Mind"

From 9.30 to 26 public hospitals, prospective family members will visit non-emergency low-risk patients once a day for one hour

[19:18] The Hospital Authority announced today (28th) that in response to the latest development of the local epidemic and taking into account the needs of patients and their families, the non-emergency wards and departments of 26 public hospitals will adjust their visit arrangements starting this Friday.

The HA will be risk-oriented and adjust the arrangements for visiting patients in public hospitals in stages to make it easier for family members to visit inpatients.

Under the new arrangement, patients at lower risk of infection, including patients under the age of 60, or patients 60 years or older who have received at least two doses of the new crown vaccine, or patients who have been diagnosed with the new crown and have completed at least one dose of the new crown vaccine, will receive daily A one-hour visit can be arranged. Depending on the ward situation, a maximum of two registered visitors can enter the ward to visit the ward at the same time.

Changes may be made during the visit (up to three registered visitors).

For patients at higher risk of infection, such as immunocompromised patients, or patients aged 60 or above who have not completed two doses of the new crown vaccine, two one-hour visits each week can be arranged. A maximum of two registered visitors may enter the ward for visits.

The "Medical Exemption Certificate for New Crown Vaccination" issued by seven doctors suspected of spamming "needle-free paper" will expire on October 12.

[19:15] A doctor in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of United Hospital was diagnosed yesterday (27th). The hospital's follow-up investigation found that 7 more fellow doctors were infected. All patients in related wards tested negative, and ward services remained normal.

HA promotes new crown TCM rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment of cough and asthma, 90% of people still have poor lung function

[19:05] The Hospital Authority launched the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Outpatient Special Treatment Service" in 2020, providing free treatment for no more than 10 treatments within 6 months for discharged COVID-19 patients.

The Hospital Authority today (28th) published a clinical study on Chinese medicine rehabilitation diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19. The study reviewed and followed up the clinical conditions of 150 recovered patients. Using the 6-minute walk test, physical fitness and lung function questionnaire analysis, it was found that many clinical symptoms including cough, asthma and fatigue were improved or tail docking, but the lung function of 9 adults did not improve significantly.


The Department of Health suspends 7 doctors who were involved in spamming needle-free paper to be vaccinated.

[18:54] At present, 7 private doctors have been arrested for allegedly spamming medical exemption certificates (needle-free paper).

Following the government's earlier announcement that the relevant "needle-free paper" will not be accepted from October 12, the Department of Health said today (28) that it has immediately suspended the qualification of relevant doctors to participate in the vaccination program after discovering abnormal conditions. And they are taking back the new crown vaccine that has been issued to them, and they cannot continue to vaccinate citizens against the new crown.

In addition, the department also pointed out that the eligibility of other subsidy schemes for relevant doctors, including other vaccine subsidy schemes and the elderly health care voucher scheme, has been suspended at the same time, and they can no longer issue "needle-free papers" for vaccine passports.

One article clearly sees eight types of people who can be issued needle-free paper Doctor: If you have any doubts, you should check with your family doctor

[18:41] The Hong Kong government announced earlier that the 7 doctors who were arrested for over-distributing needle slips will lose the needle-free slips issued by them. Some patient organizations worry that it will be more difficult for citizens to get needle-free slips if they need them in the future. .

According to the new crown vaccine guidelines issued by the Centre for Health Protection to private doctors on September 2, there are eight categories of people who can be issued needle-free papers, including those who have recovered from the new crown pneumonia and who have been severely sensitive to the new crown vaccine in Hong Kong. Needle-free paper.

Family doctor Lin Yonghe said that many patients think that they cannot get injections, but generally speaking, the number of people who are not suitable for vaccination is very small. Like many doctors, he has issued no more than ten pieces of needle-free paper. If in doubt, consult your family doctor.

Six men in Shek Wai Kok Village, Kwai Chung fined for violating the gathering order

[18:25] Officers from the Special Duty Team of Tsuen Wan Police District inspected various locations in the district today (28th) and found a crowd gathered at a staircase near Shek Wai Kok Village at 4 pm.

Fixed penalty notices were issued to six local men (aged between 60 and 84) for allegedly contravening the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G).

0+3|The demand for flights has increased rapidly, Express Express will add 400 flights from October to December, and Cathay Pacific will add 400 flights next month

[18:19] After the government eased entry restrictions to the "0+3" arrangement, citizens who have not traveled abroad for nearly three years can't wait to grab air tickets.

Low-cost airline HK Express (HK Express) announced today (28th) that its flight bookings have broken records after the "0+3" news, so it plans to add more than 400 flights and more than 80,000 seats from October to December. In Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Bangkok and Singapore, airfares to and from Tokyo soared to 6,700 yuan in mid-November.

Cathay Pacific has previously announced that it will open more than 200 additional passenger flights to Asia and long-haul destinations in October, resume daily flights to and from Tokyo Haneda Airport in November, and resume four weekly flights to and from Sapporo in December Wait, the number of flights to and from Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka will increase to 43 and 50 pairs respectively from October.

Epidemic | 3911 new cases were confirmed and 14 more people died

[17:20] There were 3,911 new confirmed cases in Hong Kong today (28th), a slight increase of more than 200 cases compared with yesterday (27th). Among the new cases, 208 were imported, and 14 more people died.

Schools reported 388 cases, 7 schools have classes to be suspended, and Hong Chi Songling Second School has a total of 8 classes in the whole school, 6 classes have confirmed cases, and the whole school needs to be closed for 7 days.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong reached 1,757,112, with a total of 10,148 deaths.

The government sent 210,000 quick test kits for positive sewage such as Ho Man Tin King Garden, 6 Stanley Beach Road, etc.

[17:05] The government stated that certain places in Yau Tsim Mong District, Southern District, Kowloon City District and Tuen Mun District tested positive for sewage, and the virus load was high, indicating that there may be hidden patients in the relevant premises, so it will distribute 21 Thousands of rapid antigen test kits for residents to test themselves.

According to the data, the residences involved include the residence of the Chief Executive Li Jiachao, the Ho Man Tin Emperor Garden, the luxury house Jun Yifeng; 6 Stanley Beach Road, Chun Lu, Good Cheer Villa; Leo Fang, Tai Kok Tsui.

Kai An, Ao Yu; Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Tuen Mun Times Square, etc. in Tuen Mun.

▼September 28, some housing estates and housing estates were positive for sewage▼


Vaccine|The Department of Health received 25 abnormal reports, two young children developed facial paralysis after being hit with Kexing, and the condition is stable

[16:33] In the past week as of September 25, the Department of Health has received 2 reports of suspected myocarditis or pericarditis among young people aged 3 to 15 after vaccination against COVID-19. The cases involved a nine-year-old boy respectively. and a 15-year-old man, who developed chest pains within two days after receiving the Clarifol vaccine and Forbidden vaccine, respectively, and are in stable condition.

In addition, the Department of Health has received two reports of unusual incidents involving children under the age of three after receiving the new crown vaccine. The cases involved a two-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl, both of whom developed facial muscle weakness after receiving the Kleef vaccine. , the situation is stable.

Leung Pak-hsien again "picks the machine" and advocates 0+0 to refute Lo Chongmao's 3 times risk theory: the burden of imported diseases is limited Ye Liu expects to be 0+0 next month, restaurants should loosen their bonds first, and Hong Kong can follow behind: life in Sin Chew is dull

[13:08] The director of the Medical and Health Bureau, Lu Chongmao, said recently that after comparing the proportion of positive tests in the local community and those of inbound tourists, it was found that the risk of the latter was three times higher, and that the current situation in Hong Kong was not suitable for relaxation to "0+0".

Leung Pak-yin, the former chief executive of the Hospital Authority, retorted today (28th) without naming names, saying that the mixed herd immunity barrier in Hong Kong has been consolidated, and the input figures are not an important monitoring indicator. limited impact.

New crown vaccine | 50,000 children have not been vaccinated to see 9.30 prohibited places and activities

[12:01] The government announced earlier that the age of the "vaccine pass" will be lowered. From Friday (30th), children aged 5 to 11 must receive at least one dose of the new crown vaccine before they can be designated in restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, libraries and swimming pools. premises.

The Education Bureau's guidelines also stipulate that unvaccinated students cannot participate in non-academic activities after school, including music and sports.

[11:55] Several government departments carried out enforcement operations at Block 2, Tseung Kwan O New Treasure City this morning (28th), and checked 269 persons under inspection. Among them, seven persons were found to have failed to comply with the announcement of mandatory testing and have been granted Mandatory testing orders were issued, and the government issued fixed penalty notices of $10,000 to three of them.

The operation was jointly organized by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, the Intellectual Property Department, Invest Hong Kong, Tseung Kwan O Police District and the Department of Health. The operation ended from about 8:30 am to about 11:30 am.

Senior officials infected with the epidemic︱Deputy director of the Political Bureau Hu Jianmin quickly tested positive on 9.26 The latest return to work

[11:36] Deputy Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Hu Jianmin, tested positive for a rapid test, and is currently under quarantine in accordance with the guidelines of the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health.

Hu Jianmin has no recent travel history. He went to work the day before yesterday (26th) for the last time. The government stated that he wore a mask and complied with relevant epidemic prevention measures at work, including daily quick tests.

Hu Jianmin.

(file picture)

Needle-free paper|Over 20,000 sheets of non-needle paper will be invalidated on 10.12 due to spam, OGCIO will update scanners to prevent entry to restaurants

[10:04] The government announced last night (27th) that 7 private doctors have been arrested by the police for allegedly spamming medical exemption certificates. The more than 20,000 medical exemption certificates they issued in total will not be valid. If accepted, the relevant "pin-free paper" will expire on October 12.

If the public holds a medical exemption certificate issued by the relevant private doctor, they can consult other doctors as needed to determine whether they are suitable for the new crown vaccine, or they can continue to obtain medical exemption.

Assistant Government Chief Information Officer Zhang Yiwei said today (28th) that according to the list of the Department of Health, the "authentication QR code scanner" at the premises will be updated to prevent the public from entering the listed premises with the "needle-free paper" involved, hoping to clearly inform Citizen QR code has expired.

▼On September 22, the police arrested three doctors who were suspected of spamming "needle-free paper"▼


Peace of mind travel update|No need to prove the family relationship of the companions

[09:40] The applicable age of the "Vaccine Pass" was reduced to 5 years old on Friday (30th), and a new function was added to "Safe Travel" yesterday (27th).

Assistant Government Chief Information Officer Zhang Yiwei said today that citizens can enter restaurants and other premises with their companions by adding the pin cards of their children, elderly or disabled people to travel with them, and there is no need to prove that the two parties are related. The recipient's needle card cannot be displayed as a "red and yellow code", but the premises can still identify whether the other party has received all the needles. It is expected that the program will be updated next month to add relevant functions to facilitate identification.

▼September 26th, the first day of entry quarantine "0+3" implementation▼


▼September 26, airport situation on the first day of implementation of entry quarantine "0+3"▼


▼On August 9th, the first day of the implementation of the yellow and red code for safe travel will have little impact on restaurants▼


Consumption Voucher|10.1 Send the second one to see if it can be used to book hotel tickets

【07:00】【Consumption Coupon/PayMe/BoC Pay/Octopus/Alipay HK Alipay/WeChat Pay/Tap & Go】The second tranche of the second phase of consumption coupons will be distributed on October 1, and eligible citizens can receive 3,000 RMB (non-Octopus) or RMB 2,000 (with Octopus).

From Monday (26th), the entry quarantine will be relaxed to "0+3", and there is no need to stay in designated quarantine hotels when returning to Hong Kong. In addition, Japan will resume visa-free inbound tourism from October 11, which stimulates Hong Kong people's desire to travel abroad.

Is the voucher valid for booking air tickets and hotels?

Can travel agencies, airlines or travel websites collect coupons?

It will be explained in detail below.

▼On September 24th, some citizens went to the Mong Kok Bank Center Travel Agency to inquire about "0+3" outbound tours▼


Li Jiachao: The implementation of 0+3 changes is very vigilant. If some people do not follow the rules, it will be difficult to relax the measures. Officials and experts all turn off 0+3|The General Chamber of Commerce expects that about 10% of business activities will be lost, and calls for relaxation to "0+0" as soon as possible to attract returnees. Regarding Shenzhen's strengthening of external defense against importation, Li Jiachao: A positive attitude towards reverse isolation must meet Shenzhen's testing requirements

▼September 25th, the increase in the number of citizens traveling abroad has made the "popularity" of the airport departure layer rebound▼


A 65-year-old doctor in Sham Shui Po was arrested for spamming needle-free paper, asking for prices ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 yuan each. Western medicine Lin Dingyi was arrested for spamming needle-free paper Zhang Free Needle Paper Arrested Hong Kong Government: Relevant needle free paper will expire on October 12. The vaccine will be implemented on 9.30. Let help fight the flu and call for quick injections for children under the age of three to travel with peace of mind|Deconstruction of pictures and texts on how to add a child’s vaccine pass to scan multiple injection cards for safe travel|After the update, 8 accompanying persons can be added to the vaccine pass, including the elderly and young children 0+3 |Foreign Domestic Helpers Association predicts that 40% of employers still book hotels for isolation supply, increase foreign domestic helper salary to 5,000 yuan Flu | Pediatric Medicine Association expects a large outbreak in winter and calls on parents to vaccinate children as soon as possible Worrying about business reduction and advocating 0+0 withdrawal to travel with peace of mind

▼Compulsory testing announcement from September 20▼


Compulsory testing | 79 buildings are listed on the list involving Da Po village houses such as Laguna City by Metropark, Cai Ming Court, Ka Fook Village and Tin Ping Village, which are rarely on the list. +3|On the first day, the airport recorded 4,527 arrivals to Hong Kong, an increase of 16.4% on a week-on-week basis, while visitors from other places dropped by 8.3%. |Government suspends designated quarantine hotels and needs to renew their contracts at the end of the 30th. The first six rounds of subsidy will be distributed to 100 million yuan. Get a flu shot before traveling abroad

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