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The 'Messi of hashish' enters the list of the most wanted criminal bosses by the European Union


Europol requests citizen collaboration to arrest a hundred criminals. The list incorporates four fugitives claimed by the Spanish justice

Abdellah El Haj Sadek, the 'Messi of hashish', in an undated image from his social networks.

Four criminals claimed by the Spanish justice have joined, along with another fifty others investigated by other countries, the list of the most wanted by the European Union (EU), which has just been updated to request citizen collaboration.

They are Erick de Ventura Pacheco, Vassil Nikolov Baklarov, Nikolay Kurchuchev and Abdellah El Haj Sadek el Membri, better known as

The Messi of hashish


The last three are classified as "dangerous".

The complete list, made up of almost a hundred criminals, includes a fifth fugitive from Spanish justice, Viviana Andrea Vallejo, alias


, added to the list last July.

The campaign, presented in Brussels by Europol (the European agency for police material) and Enfast (the European Network of Active Fugitive Search Teams), invites citizens to visit the website game over

and check if they recognize any of the escapees that appear in the photos.

This European initiative began operating in 2016. Since then, the profiles of 335 fugitives have been released.

Of them, 120 have already been arrested. The information provided by the citizens served to arrest 43 of them.

The current campaign focuses on the alleged leaders of organized crime groups, and therefore includes mafia bosses accused of murder, drug traffickers, human traffickers, hitmen, money launderers and embezzlers.

To encourage citizen collaboration, the campaign plays with the image of a house of cards that collapses when one of the cards is removed to convey the idea that "the elimination of a key figure in the criminal network by an anonymous tip it could lead to the entire organization falling”, Interior highlights in a statement.

The director of Europol, Catherine De Bolle, made this Wednesday in Brussels – where a campaign mural was unveiled – an appeal to citizens in this regard: “A small action on your part could lead to the arrest and indictment of a fugitive dangerous, thus saving potential victims.

Of those wanted by Spanish justice, the best known in the media is El Haj Sadek, the

Messi of hashish

, 38 years old and Moroccan nationality.

Europol describes him as "the head of the largest hashish trafficking organization in Spain, which works in the Campo de Gibraltar area."

Its file highlights that "it has a strong network of collaborators who directly carry out illegal activities, as well as a large number of contact persons and subordinates", in addition to "abundant funds" and an "extensive network of personal and relatives who facilitate their concealment, both in Spain and in other countries”.

Arrested in November 2018 in Spain, El Messi has been unaccounted for since March of the following year, when he took the opportunity to flee that he was on provisional release while a drug trafficking case was being investigated against him.


The Spaniard Erick de Ventura,


, is also an old acquaintance of the police.

At 36 years old, he is considered the "alleged lieutenant of one of the most dangerous and violent criminal organizations in Spain in recent decades."

He refers to the one led for years by Ángel Suárez Flores, better known as


, who died in February 2021 due to cancer.

According to the Europol file, Ventura is accused of "at least 36 crimes such as drug trafficking, illegal detention, torture, threats, kidnapping and the like", for which he is asked to serve a sentence of 965 years in prison.

"The criminal group was dedicated to stealing large amounts of illegal drugs from other traffickers," Europol highlights, noting that De Ventura "was an expert in different technical and computer tools."

The other two recently added to the list by Spain are the Bulgarians Nikolay Shterez Kurkuchez, 54, and Vassil Nikolov Baklarov, 55. The former is noted as "one of the key members of an international organization dedicated to the trafficking of large quantities of illegal drugs in containers from South America to Europe”.

His file details that the investigation revealed that he was the leader of the organization in his native country, "where he received the cocaine and organized everything to later send it to other European countries."

Europol stresses that he "is considered dangerous and possibly armed."

Triple crime in Spain

Baklarov is related to "a criminal organization dedicated to vehicle theft and trafficking" within which he allegedly committed a triple crime in Spain more than 27 years ago.

“On August 15, 1995, together with an accomplice, a Spanish citizen of Venezuelan origin, he murdered three people, two Valencian businessmen and a Cameroonian citizen, who were found in a burned car near Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

The three bodies had 16 gunshot wounds and had been placed in the back seat of a car that was set on fire”, details the European police agency to warn of its dangerousness.

The motive was that the victims tried to swindle him.

Viviana Andrea Vallejo is the one who has been on the list the longest.

Her name was included last July, although then Europol did not publicize the update of the list of the most wanted.

In the file, Europol indicates that this 37-year-old woman of Colombian nationality is accused of human trafficking, drug trafficking and money laundering for bringing women from her country with deception and false documentation to exploit them as prostitutes in Spain in conditions of slavery. .

To facilitate her identification, the European agency notes that she is 1.48 meters tall, has green eyes and several tattoos on her body.

Source: elparis

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