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Hurricane "Ian" hits Florida with full force: Major damage expected - more than a million people without power


Hurricane "Ian" hits Florida with full force: Major damage expected - more than a million people without power Created: 09/29/2022, 04:56 By: Nadja Zinsmeister, Martina Lippl Hurricane Ian hit Florida with full force. The hurricane could cause major damage in the coming hours. The news ticker. Florida hurricane alert: "One of the worst hurricanes the region has ever seen". US President Joe Bid

Hurricane "Ian" hits Florida with full force: Major damage expected - more than a million people without power

Created: 09/29/2022, 04:56

By: Nadja Zinsmeister, Martina Lippl

Hurricane Ian hit Florida with full force.

The hurricane could cause major damage in the coming hours.

The news ticker.

  • Florida hurricane alert:

    "One of the worst hurricanes the region has ever seen".

  • US President



    : US government pledges support to Florida.

  • Disastrous storm surges





    : Hurricane "Ian" now reaches wind speeds of up to 250 km/h.

  • This

    news ticker on Hurricane Ian is




Update from September 28, 10:49 p.m .:

Hurricane “Ian” hit the land in Florida with a wind speed of up to 150 mph, the equivalent of about 240 kilometers per hour.

As CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller reports, "Ian" is the strongest hurricane to make landfall on the west coast of Florida, together with Hurricane "Charley" from 2004.

Both storms had the same wind force.

According to

, more than a million people in Florida are now without power.

More major damage is to be expected as water levels continue to rise in many cities on Florida's west coast.

With regard to the flood data, which go back to 1965 in Florida, new record values ​​​​were measured at water levels in several places.

Among them is the city of Fort Myers, for example.

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in Florida - Boat carrying migrants sinks near shore

Update from September 28, 9:54 p.m .:

As the National Hurricane Center reported on Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 p.m. (local time), Hurricane “Ian” in Florida has now reached the country and is raging there as a category four hurricane.

This is the second highest category for such storms.

Michael Brennan, deputy director of the National Hurricane Center, told CNN that "Ian" could maintain hurricane strength for the next 24 hours.

The first signs of the severe storm are already clearly visible: Almost 800,000 people are now affected by a power outage, as

currently records.

The number has more than tripled in just a few hours.

Florida Power & Light (FPL) President and CEO Eric Silagy said at a news conference, according to


, "Ian will be a life-changing event.

This is a very strong, catastrophic storm that will cause significant damage.” He already assumes that repairs will not be possible in some areas and that his company will have to rebuild them.

This could take several days to weeks.

The hurricane has already caused severe damage on the west coast of Florida.

Even more harmless: The photo shows a fallen tree in the city of Sarasota.

© Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

Particularly tragic: According to US information, a boat with migrants from Cuba sank off the coast of Florida.

The coast guard was looking for 23 people on Wednesday, as announced on Twitter.

Four migrants had previously reached America's Stock Island off Key West by swimming from the boat in "unfriendly" weather, sources said.

The boat then capsized in the area where the hurricane hit.

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Florida: Footage shows flooding in Southwest after Hurricane Ian

Update from September 28, 9:04 p.m .:

While hurricane “Ian” continues to rage in Florida, the first consequences of the storm in Collier County, whose administrative center is Naples, become clear.

Among other things, some parking garages on the coast were flooded with water that reached up to the car roofs.

Sheriff Kevin Rammbock from Florida made it clear in a Facebook video that the hurricane was not over despite decreasing wind strength in the area.

The region in southwest Florida is still expecting the storm surge in the afternoon (local time).

"And by all appearances, this is going to be a storm surge that we've never dealt with," he said in the video.

ABC7 News

, meanwhile, tweeted a video of the flooded garages:


LX News

Twitter video also shows footage of severely flooded streets, apparently from the city of Naples:

Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis warned in a press briefing Wednesday that the more than 200,000 reported power outages in the state of Florida are just "a drop in the bucket" for what's to come if the storm makes landfall at any moment.

This was reported

by Fox News


Hurricane "Ian": Footage from storm chasers shows violent hurricane gusts in Florida

Update from September 28, 7:50 p.m .:

Recordings from Reed Timmer, another storm chaser in the USA, show the intensity of Hurricane “Ian” in the center of the storm that is currently raging in Florida.

Timmer posted a video of Pine Island, the largest island on Florida's Gulf Coast, on Twitter.

On it you can see: Extreme hurricane gusts that palm trees seem to be able to withstand and strong waves that spill over the shore.

The waves hit a nearby building where the storm chaser appears to be.

Meanwhile, Naples, Florida authorities have imposed a citywide curfew,



The hurricane is rapidly approaching the coastal city in the southwest of the US state, the lock is for the benefit of the population.

"There are extremely dangerous conditions on the roads," he told the broadcaster.


National Hurricane Center

is currently reporting wind speeds of 180 kilometers per hour in the region.

Florida hurricane alert: "One of the worst hurricanes the region has ever seen"

Update from September 28, 7:19 p.m.:

Hurricane Ian in Florida will “probably be one of the worst hurricanes the region has ever seen,” said Alvin Henderson, head of emergency management in Cape Coral, on Wednesday on CNN’s Inside politics”.

The exact extent of the hurricane can therefore be observed within the next half hour.

Nick Underwood, a so-called hurricane hunter in the US, went into the storm on purpose to document what was happening.

He tweeted that his flight into Hurricane Ian was the "worst I've ever been on."

He further reports: "I have never seen so many flashes in one eye."

Hurricane "Ian" spreads across central Florida - fear of storm surge increases

Update from September 28, 6:27 p.m.:

The effects of the hurricane in Florida are currently increasing.

According to

, more than 330,000 customers have been affected by a power outage.

Meanwhile, in the city of Cape Cora on the west coast of the US state of Florida, fears of a storm surge with catastrophic consequences for the region are growing.

The city's mayor told


that "this will have the greatest impact on the safety of human life, and that's very worrying."

Especially since the city is at the heart of the storm.

If it were to reach a height of sixteen to eighteen feet, it would be "definitely catastrophic for the area," he says.

St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida during Hurricane Ian.

© Gerardo Mora/Getty Images/AFP

Florida is currently being hit by hurricane-force winds that are beginning to spread inland across central Florida,


further reports.

An extreme wind warning has been issued for the cities of Sarasota and Charlotte, also on Florida's west coast, for the next two hours, which speaks of an "extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation".

Update from September 28, 5:14 p.m .:

The hurricane is getting closer to the US state of Florida.

The south-west airport in Fort Myers reported gusts of almost 100 km / h.

Hurricane Ian: US President Biden pledges help to Florida

US President Biden spoke up.

The US government is "on alert and in action" as Hurricane Ian heads toward Florida.

"We have approved every Florida request for temporary assistance, emergency assistance and long-term assistance," he said.

The planning included "deploying hundreds of FEMA personnel and activating thousands of National Guard members," Biden said.

The FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

have already pre-positioned millions of gallons of water, millions of meals and hundreds of generators.

A search and rescue team is already on site.

Already 200,000 electricity customers should no longer have electricity.

In Venice, the public utilities stopped the water supply on Tuesday evening to protect the infrastructure.

Hurricane "Ian" in Florida - Warnings for storm surges of more than five meters

Update from September 28, 3:24 p.m .:

The National Hurricane Center predicts life-threatening storm surges of almost 5.5 meters in height for some parts in southwest Florida.

The authorities are already assuming high water levels and severe flooding.

Record levels are forecast for at least five places in Florida, with the level rising to over seven meters.

Meanwhile, Florida residents continue to be warned – because the time to evacuate is becoming increasingly scarce.

Jamie Carson, communications director for Sarasota County, Fla., told residents that this is "the last opportunity to get to the evacuation centers" at this time.

Otherwise, people "must be prepared to take shelter on the ground."

Hurricane "Ian" now reaches wind speeds of up to 250 km/h

Update from September 28, 1:13 p.m

.: “Ian is strengthening rapidly” – according to the latest data from the National Hurricane Center, the wind speed is now 250 km/h.

Hurricane "Ian" thus almost reaches category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.

"Hurricane Ian could cause catastrophic storm surges, winds and flooding across the Florida peninsula," the National Hurricane Center said.

The hurricane will make landfall during Wednesday afternoon.

  • Category 4 Hurricane (Very Strong)

    : Winds 135 to 155 mph;

    Rise in water level 3.8 to 5.4 meters.

  • Hurricane category 5 (devastating)

    : wind > 251 km/h;

    Rise of the water level over 5.5 meters.

"It's a big, big storm.

There will be major damage, including to the infrastructure.

The power will also go out," said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a press conference.

He warned residents to heed local authorities' warnings and not go outside until the storm has passed.

Hurricane alert in Florida: TV presenter warns drastically – "You can't survive that"

Update from September 28, 10:41 am

: Hurricane "Ian" is moving relentlessly towards Florida's coast.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urges the population in risk areas to get to safety as a matter of urgency.

"This is their last chance." At first it is unclear exactly how the hurricane's track is going.

No one should take the current situation lightly.

A moderator at Fox News broadcaster makes this clear with drastic words.

He makes an absolutely grim prognosis.

"See that?

Melbourne, Daytona Beach all the way to Jacksonville,” a Fox News presenter explains a chart forecasting the hurricane’s path.

But what if the hurricane moved 20 miles west, he asks viewers.

He immediately provides the answer: “All of you are dead. You cannot survive this.

It is not possible.

Unless they're just very, very lucky.

And your children will die too.”

With the comment "most intensive weather transmission of all time" a user shares this gloomy forecast on Twitter.

The clip has since been clicked on more than 6.8 million times.

Hurricane Ian: 2.5 million people have to evacuate their homes

Update from September 28, 9:25 a.m

.: "This is a life-threatening situation," says the US weather service NOAA.

Hurricane Ian is the first major hurricane to hit the west coast of Florida this year.

Its track has recently shifted slightly to the east again, moving further away from Tampa Bay and approaching Cape Coral, a less densely populated area.

2.5 million people have fled their homes in high-risk coastal areas, the

Miami Herald reports.

The wind pushes water masses against the coast.

Storm surges of up to four meters high are therefore to be expected.

Heavy rainfall - sometimes 600 liters of rain per square meter - could be in parts of Florida.

The US Weather Service has also issued a tornado warning.

Two tornadoes have wreaked havoc at a North Perry airport.

Several small aircraft are damaged.

Miami International Airport will remain open until further notice.

The hurricane is already making itself felt with heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind.

Hurricane Ian is heading for the west coast of Florida.

Its current trajectory has changed slightly, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous.

© National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Ian continues on course for Florida

Update from September 28, 6:19 a.m

.: Hurricane "Ian" is currently over the Gulf of Mexico, the US weather service said.

The hurricane continues to head for Florida, as can be seen on current satellite images.

"Ian" will cause a life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds and flooding across the Florida Peninsula, authorities warn on Twitter.

A storm surge warning has been issued for the Lower Florida Keys.

Experts believe Ian will make landfall as a Category 3 or 4 hurricane.


wind force

Tropical low

from 62 km/h

tropical storm

63 - 118 km/h

Category 1 hurricane

119 - 153 km/h

Category 2 hurricane

154 - 177km/h

Category 3 hurricane

178 - 208km/h

Category 4 hurricane

209 - 251km/h

Category 5 hurricane

from 252 km/h

All of Cuba in the Dark – Power Outage After Hurricane “Ian”

Update from September 28, 6:05 a.m

.: Hurricane "Ian" caused a nationwide power outage in Cuba.

Cuba's power grid is considered ailing and the infrastructure is outdated.

Restoring the power supply is a complicated process that will take place gradually during the night and in the morning.

In the capital, Havana, lights could only be seen in the few buildings that had generators — mostly hotels.

Parts of the country, including the capital, were without power for most of Tuesday.

Update from September 27, 5:12 p.m .:

The dangerous hurricane "Ian" has reached Cuba and caused flooding and damage there.

With sustained wind speeds of up to 205 kilometers per hour, the hurricane hit land near the town of La Coloma in the west of the Caribbean island early Tuesday, as the US Hurricane Center (NHC) announced.

After Cuba, the storm center was expected in the nearby US state of Florida.

Social media users reported a terrifying night from the hard-hit areas of western Cuba.

A video showed a house flooded during heavy rain because the roof was missing.

Flooded streets and fallen trees were seen in several locations in pictures.

Communication with the people affected was restricted, according to reports on state television, internet access and telephone connections failed in some places.

It appealed to the solidarity that Cubans are known for.

The storm also made itself felt in the capital, Havana, with rain and strong winds. In view of the general lack of many products and basic necessities, the residents were only able to make makeshift preparations.

In addition, many houses in Cuba are in a state of disrepair and were therefore ill-equipped for a storm.

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in western Cuba

Update from September 27, 10:55 a.m

.: Hurricane "Ian" hit land in western Cuba with wind gusts of around 205 km/h.

Hurricane "Ian" hits Cuba: Peak gusts of around 205 km/h - Florida evacuates 300,000 people

Florida, meanwhile, has issued an evacuation order for Tampa residents.

300,000 people are affected.

Authorities warn that other regions and cities will follow in the next few days.

The situation could quickly deteriorate.

Hurricane Ian has been gaining strength in the past few hours.

Ian could develop into a Category 4 hurricane over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Ian upgraded to Category 3

Update from September 27, 7:51 a.m

.: Hurricane "Ian" will soon make landfall in Cuba, the US weather agency's National Hurricane Center tweeted on Tuesday morning.

According to current data, the weather experts now estimate the wind speed at 185 km/h – sometimes even higher.

This makes Ian a Category 3 hurricane.

Hurricane "Ian" now a Category 3 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale since 2012

Update from September 27, 7:34 a.m.:

Hurricane "Ian" is gaining strength and is heading for Cuba and the US state of Florida.

The hurricane was a Category 2 out of 5, according to the US Hurricane Center.

"Life-threatening storm surges, hurricanes, flash floods and possible landslides" are expected in Cuba.

According to the latest information from the Cuban weather authorities, wind speeds of 111 km/h have already been measured on Isla de la Juventud.

The hurricane may then move further towards the west coast of Florida with a magnitude of 4.

Meteorologists there warn of storm surges from Wednesday – the risk is greatest between the cities of Fort Myers and Tampa.

Hurricane Ian heads for Cuba and Florida.

The people are preparing.


Tropical storm "Ian" develops into a hurricane: Cyclone heads for Florida - state of emergency declared

First report from September 26, 2022

Miami – The US state of Florida is already declaring a state of emergency.

Tropical Cyclone Ian is heading for the coast.

The tropical storm continues to increase in strength.

"Ian" is expected to become a hurricane on Monday and continue to gain strength as a result, the US Hurricane Center (NHC) announced on Monday.

Hurricane "Ian": This course is taken by the tropical storm

Weather officials are watching "Ian" very closely.

It's the fourth hurricane of the season.

The tropical storm will first hit parts of Cuba and Jamaica.

Tropical storm Fiona had previously caused devastation in the Caribbean.

"Ian" is moving at a speed of 22 kilometers per hour, according to INSMET.

According to the Cuban weather authorities, the tropical storm will reach wind speeds of up to 120 km/h.

The storm center west of the Cayman Islands is therefore heading for the island.

The hurricane will hit the Florida coast in the middle of the week, the NHC said in a recent forecast.

This also causes further problems with the “Artemis” moon mission.

Tropical storm "Ian" is heading for the US state of Florida, as can be seen on the satellite image.

© Screenshot Noaa

US Hurricane Center warns of extreme storm surges

Strong winds and heavy rain are to be expected, especially in the western part of Cuba.

The water level there could rise up to four meters above normal.

The area around the capital Havana was also affected by tropical storm conditions.

The expected large amounts of rain could cause flash floods and mudslides in higher areas of Cuba as well as Jamaica.

Hurricane Ian: US President postpones trip to Florida

According to the information, heavy rain, flash floods and flooding are also expected in Florida by the middle of the week, first in the Florida Keys island chain and then further north.

The governor of the southeastern US state, Ron DeSantis, declared a state of emergency as a precaution and called on the population to take precautions.

US President Joe Biden, who wanted to travel to Florida for a campaign event on Tuesday, postponed the trip because of the storm.


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