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Opinion To get out of the blockade: the war over the governorships in the Negev does not help Shaked Israel today


Did you want rules? Since 2011, Netanyahu has thwarted plans to establish settlements in the Negev • Among other things, on territories he intended to hand over to the Palestinians • Shaked, on the other hand, announced 14 new settlements • And which Israeli book inspired George Maloney

One of the burning flags of the current election campaign is the governance in the Negev and the Galilee.

Itamar Ben Gabir is soaring in the polls, mainly out of concern about the Arab rampage within the Green Line.

The Likud and the Smotrich party attack the current "terrorist" government with foam, among other things because of the lack of governance in the Negev, the Galilee and the cities involved.

However, since 2011 a plan has been lying in the drawer to establish five settlements in the Arad Valley designed to combat this danger, four of which are Jewish communal settlements.

The rationale for their establishment is wrapped in fancy names, but the ultimate goal is to block the Bedouin takeover of the country's lands, their seizure and the renewal of settlement as a barrier to the ever-increasing violence and terrorism.

At one point it is about the reinforcement of the Jewish presence between Shukat Junction and Arad, also due to the fear that the residents of Arad will flee to Gush Dan, out of fear of living in hostile Arab territory.

And here last week, one of the key stakeholders on the issue told me how, in the last years of his rule, we begged Benjamin Netanyahu to approve the establishment of the four Jewish settlements in the Arad Valley.

We begged in vain, because Netanyahu prevented the establishment of the settlements, on purpose.

The spear came out of the bag only when the maps of the Trump plan were published, and it became clear that the Likud leader wants to transfer to the Palestinian state of the PLO parts of the Negev, all of which are within the Green Line, and among them part of the territory of the Arad Valley. Thus, the establishment of the Jewish settlements did not go well with the plan of the head of the Likud for handing over the territory to the Palestinians. A plan that also included the handing over of the entire Judean Desert to the PLO and the isolation of Arad.

They cheered for the strong right.   

A view of the Arad Valley from the south of Mount Hebron, photo: Dodi Vaaknin


He prevented the establishment of settlements, on purpose, photo: Emil Salman

Netanyahu against Lieberman: "Transfers right-wing votes to a left-wing government"

In March and April of this year, the government led by Bennett decided to establish 14 new settlements in the Negev.

Some of them were intended to stop the Bedouin takeover in the Dimona area.

Four will be established in the Arad Valley, in accordance with the plan from 2011, the one that Netanyahu rejected.

The decisions on the settlements were led by Ayelet Shaked and Ze'ev Elkin.

Although Tamar Zandberg strongly objected, with the determination of Ayelet Shaked and the support of other right-wing elements in the Bennett government, it passed.

Shaked did not hide the goal at the time and said: "This is an important and strategic step of the first order. Beyond the Zionist value of seizing state lands in the Negev, this has a very high security importance... Precisely at this time, in view of all the security events, the Israeli government is determining an urban sequence in the area, Sticking a stake".

The settlement policy in the Negev, with the aim of strengthening governance, joins a series of similar actions carried out by Shaked, for example in Jerusalem, such as the promotion of a large Jewish neighborhood in Atret, or the approval of the construction of the Givat Shaked neighborhood.

These and other steps in the field of security and control in Israel, which Netanyahu prevented during his reign.

And here, despite all these, Shaked is still looking at the blocking percentage from below.

The character assassination they did to her, as well as political mistakes she made herself, threaten her important presence in the Knesset and the next coalition.

In recent weeks, I have had the opportunity to speak with many dozens of people who express a desire to vote for Shaked, provided she has a chance to pass the percentage of blocking.

It's just that the very act of putting this equation creates the trap that leaves Shaked at the bottom of the polls.

It is precisely these supporters who create a self-fulfilling prophecy of destruction.

And after Elkin and his partners from the right joined the PA fans, right-wing and New Hope voters do not have the luxury of continuing with connoisseur's careful calculations, they must not perpetuate Shaked's blocking percentage catch.    

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Maloney's vision

In February 2020, Giorgia Maloney - soon to be Prime Minister of Italy - spoke at a conference of the new global movement for national conservatism, held in Rome.

The conference was organized by the "Edmund Barak Foundation", whose chairman is the Israeli Dr. Yoram Hazoni.

In warm words she praised a book written by Hazoni, "In praise of nationalism", and expressed a deep identification with its messages.

It was clear that Maloney sees the concept that the book presents an embarrassed teacher for the Italian people and other democratic nations, in front of the global progressive movement.

The one that threatens to annihilate the identity, independence and culture of the Western nations.      

Watching Maloney's in-depth speech teaches about the roots of the global rebellion against the pseudo-liberal values ​​that are trying to dictate to us, a rebellion of which the results of the Italian elections are a part.

The Israeli and global left, which controls many of the media, does indeed call Meloni an extremist and a fascist, but the Italian politician is actually close to the national view of the Zionist-democratic State of Israel.

She also deeply identifies with Israel and its values ​​and is not ashamed to announce it, as she did at the conference in Rome.

The global movement for national conservatism is gaining momentum in the US and all Western countries, and the person who formulated its basic concepts, Yoram Hazoni, is a Jewish intellectual wearing a kippah, who lives in Jerusalem. Just about a month ago, the movement held a conference in Miami, in the presence of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - a dominant candidate for the US presidency, alongside several Republican senators, who also gave speeches.

The politicians, intellectuals and clerics who joined in the USA echoed messages similar to those who just won the elections in Italy, the ones that are shaking other countries in Europe. They all see the attempt to impose values ​​of progressive liberalism on the world - a disaster. Neo-Marxist disaster - a new type of dictatorship of thoughts and control, which is led by the heads of the European Union and the politically correct setters from California.  

Maloney, photo: Reuters

Encouraging news           

The national identity formula that Hazoni put forward in his book, according to which democratic Israel is a model that should be used by other countries, speaks to them.

This is a model that points to the Bible as the source of national independence, which permeated the rest of the nations through Christianity and became part of their identity and culture. According to it, every nation has its own value, and its self-identity must not be suppressed and suppressed through global rule and values. Hazoni points to the nation of Israel as an example of a nation that managed to maintain His independence and his identity in the face of the oppression of the empires. The national conservatism movement speaks in the same terms, as is evident in what Maloney said.

Maloney spoke about the challenge of protecting the sovereign state against a tyrannical world government, of predatory liberalism in the style of the American left and the European Union.

A tyranny that tries to overrun the countries, the values ​​of the nation, the family and the accepted world of concepts of the world's inhabitants.

She pointed out the need for an alliance between independent nations, which have the right to preserve their identity, to oppose immigration that changes their internal character, and to design a democracy with internal and general values, which are not dictated by a predatory world government.

The same set of principles was echoed at a conference held about a month ago in Miami by dominant American thinkers and politicians.

Principles that indirectly arouse great sympathy and sympathy for the Zionist State of Israel.

It turns out that, contrary to the attempts to tarnish Meloni and her allies in the Western world, her election is refreshing and encouraging news, for the peoples of the world in general and Israel in particular.

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