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War in Ukraine: Russia blocks occupied territories – entry and exit are no longer possible


War in Ukraine: Russian troops surrounded – loss of strategically important route threatened Created: 09/29/2022, 04:19 am By: Tobias Utz, Karolin Schäfer, Moritz Serif, Tim Vincent Dicke, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Jan-Frederik Wendt, Christian Stör, Sarah Neumeyer The separatist bosses propose the annexation. The Kremlin announces its minimum target in the Ukraine war. The situation in the

War in Ukraine: Russian troops surrounded – loss of strategically important route threatened

Created: 09/29/2022, 04:19 am

By: Tobias Utz, Karolin Schäfer, Moritz Serif, Tim Vincent Dicke, Vincent Büssow, Lucas Maier, Jan-Frederik Wendt, Christian Stör, Sarah Neumeyer

The separatist bosses propose the annexation.

The Kremlin announces its minimum target in the Ukraine war.

The situation in the news ticker on September 28th. 

  • Sham referendums :

    Foreign Minister Kuleba condemns votes

  • Ukraine counter-offensive:

    Zelenskyy announces reconquest of the territories

  • Tensions in separatist areas:

    Mutiny threatens for Putin

  • Editor

    's note: You can read all the news about the Ukraine conflict in this news ticker.

    Some of the information comes from warring factions in the Ukraine war and cannot be checked directly and independently.

Update from Thursday, September 29, 4 a.m.:

Russian troops are threatened with encirclement around the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region.

According to observers, the Ukrainian army has made decisive progress in the region.

The supply and communication routes to the city have been controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces for several days.

Recently, several villages in the surrounding area have been conquered.

Although the city of Lyman has only 20,000 inhabitants, it is of enormous strategic importance.

This is a crucial section of communication routes to the Luhansk region, where Russian troops are also stationed.

A Ukrainian army tank at a checkpoint in the Luhansk region.

© Alexander Reka / Imago Images

+++ 10:00 p.m .:

The visit of the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko to the breakaway region of Abkhazia from Georgia has increased tensions in the region.

Georgia's President Salome Zurabishvili wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that she "resolutely condemned" Lukashenko's visit.

"This step violates Georgian law in the occupied territories and is contrary to both international law and bilateral relations between our countries," added Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

+++ 8.30 p.m .:

The USA again announced military aid for Ukraine.

The US Department of Defense announced on Wednesday that 1.1 billion US dollars are to be made available in security aid in the form of new weapons.



reported, the weapons would not be supplied directly from existing weapons stocks, but would be produced from scratch.

Among the arms deliveries to Ukraine are 18 artillery-missile systems (Himars), associated ammunition, 150 wheeled multi-purpose armored vehicles, 40 trucks and 80 trailers for transport.

In addition, additional radar devices for unmanned aerial systems are to be supplied.

In total, the United States has provided "more than $16.2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine" since Russia's war of aggression began, the Defense Department said in a statement.

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News about the Ukraine war: Russia's secret service probably arrests a Ukrainian spy

+++ 7:00 p.m .:

According to its own statements, the Russian secret service FSB arrested a Ukrainian spy in Moscow.

The suspect “is a Ukrainian citizen” and an agent of the Ukrainian secret service (SBU), the state news agency


reported on Wednesday (September 28), citing FSB circles.

In the spring of 2022, he "was given the task of collecting data on Russian military technology on Russian territory," it said.

Most recently, a Ukrainian citizen was arrested at the end of August for suspected espionage.

The Russian law enforcement agency is also investigating among its own citizens.

Former journalist Ivan Safronov was sentenced to 22 years in prison for high treason in early September.

News about the Ukraine war: Von der Leyen wants to "make penance" for Russia with a gas price cap

+++ 17.48:

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has proposed an eighth package of sanctions against Russia to the Member States.

Among other things, it should enable a price cap on Russian oil, as von der Leyen said in Brussels on Wednesday.

In addition, further import and export restrictions in the amount of seven billion euros are planned.

"We are determined to make the Kremlin pay for the renewed escalation," von der Leyen said.

The EU does not accept the "sham referendums nor any kind of annexation" of Ukrainian territories, she stressed.

After so-called referendums in four regions occupied by Russian troops in eastern and southern Ukraine, the pro-Russian authorities held polls with the population there.

The aim is to join Russia.

Rapid annexation by Moscow is expected.

News about the Ukraine war: Scholz pledges support

+++ 3.55 p.m .:

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has promised Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj continued political, financial and humanitarian aid as well as arms deliveries for defense in the Ukraine war.

In a telephone call on Wednesday, Scholz also emphasized that Germany would never recognize the results of the sham referendums in the Russian-occupied areas of Luhansk, Donetsk, Cherson and Zaporizhia, explained government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit.

+++ 2.30 p.m .:

Russia wants to continue the Ukraine war until the entire Donetsk region is conquered.

That is the minimum goal, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

So far, Russian troops and separatist groups have controlled around 58 percent of the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine.

In the occupied parts of the Donetsk region, a sham referendum on joining Russia had been held for five days until Tuesday - with an alleged majority of almost 100 percent approval.

"You know that not the entire territory of the Donetsk People's Republic has been liberated," Peskov said, according to the Russian news

agency Interfax


"Therefore, as a minimum, we must liberate the entire territory of the Donetsk People's Republic."

Even after half a year, the war in Ukraine is still accompanied by suffering, destruction and death.

(Archive image) © Ceng Shou Yi/imago

+++ 12.50 p.m .:

The heads of the separatists appointed by Russia in the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Cherson have asked Vladimir Putin for the annexation of these areas by Russia.

"I ask you to consider the question of joining the Luhansk People's Republic to Russia as a member of the Russian Federation," Luhansk separatist leader Leonid Pasechnik told Telegram.

The head of the Kherson separatists, Vladimir Saldo, also stated that he had asked for the region to join Russia.

News about the Ukraine war: Kuleba condemns mock referendums

+++ 12.00 p.m .:

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has condemned the Russian sham referendums in bulk.

The votes are "null and void" from Ukraine's perspective, Kuleba said in a statement.

People were forced to fill out paperwork at gunpoint, another Russian crime.

“Ukraine has every right to restore its territorial integrity through military and diplomatic means and will continue the liberation of the temporarily occupied territories.

Ukraine will never respond to a Russian ultimatum.”

+++ 10.30 a.m .:

According to British secret services, Ukraine has increased its counterattacks against the Russian invasion in the north-east of the country.

The units were making slow progress on at least two axes east of the line of the Oskil and Siverskyi Donets rivers, the British Ministry of Defense said in its daily bulletin.

However, Russia is also defending itself more strongly than before.

The Cherson region is also still heavily contested.

Russia is also trying to advance further in eastern Ukraine's Donbass near the town of Bakhmut, while Russian troops are under great pressure in the north and south.

News about the Ukraine war: Selenskyj announces reconquest of the territories

+++ 9.35 a.m .:

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj has announced the recapture of the affected areas of his country, regardless of the sham referendum.

"This farce in the occupied territories cannot even be described as an imitation of referendums," Zelenskyy said in his video address that night.

"We move forward and liberate our country."

In addition, Selenskyj ruled out negotiations with Vladimir Putin regarding the annexation of Russian-occupied areas in his country.

As long as Putin is President, there would be nothing to discuss in such a case.

+++ 08.30 a.m .:

Threats are currently circulating on Russian state television, according to which citizens who have left the country are warned of return campaigns.

In a talk show, Kremlin propagandist Olga Skabeeva named Kazakhstan or Belarus as countries in which such return operations could take place.

Julia Davis, a reporter for the US news portal

Daily Beast

, published the recordings on Twitter.

News about the Ukraine war: Putin is threatened with mutinies in separatist areas

+++ 7.15 a.m .:

The Russian annexations of the occupied Ukrainian territories could apparently cause new tensions in the self-proclaimed “People’s Republics” of Luhansk and Donetsk.

The US think tank “Institute for the Study of War” predicts this in a status report.

Even before the referendums were held, mutinies repeatedly broke out as soon as the separatist organizations were asked to fight for Russia outside their territorial borders.

Denis Puschilin, separatist leader in the Donetsk region, said on Tuesday (September 27) that the operations could continue to increase.

The information is not independently verifiable.

News about the Ukraine war: Russian recruits as “cannon fodder”?

+++ 6.30 a.m .:

The Russian government speaks of “mistakes” in the partial mobilization for the Ukraine war.

This must be corrected, stressed Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday.

Again and again there are reports that untrained civilians are being used as recruits.

The Russian news portal


even anticipates that recently conscripted soldiers will have to go to the front after just one day of training, which is particularly the case in the Cherson and Kharkiv regions.

The US think tank “Institute for the Study of War” speaks of “cannon fodder” in this context.

The information on the training duration of the conscripted Russian soldiers cannot be independently verified.

Update from Wednesday, September 28, 5:30 a.m .:

The United States is currently preparing new arms deliveries to Ukraine.

According to the Reuters

news agency

, citing US officials, it is said to be worth $1.1 billion.

Part of the weapons deliveries are therefore new "HIMARS" multiple rocket launchers and the associated ammunition.

In addition, various drones and radar systems are to be delivered.

+++ 10.45 p.m .:

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has again pointed out that the alliance must fully support the sovereignty of Ukraine and its right to self-defense.

That is why weapons production must also be boosted, Stoltenberg demanded at a meeting with the Social Democratic Group in the EU Parliament.

He met with NATO armaments directors.

"We have to be ready to continue supporting Ukraine in the long term and that's why we also have to boost production."

In addition to the sham referendums in Russia, the partial mobilization and the recurring nuclear threat represented an escalation of the conflict, according to Stoltenberg.

"Any use of nuclear weapons is absolutely unacceptable, it will completely change the nature of the conflict, and Russia must know that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be waged," stressed the NATO Secretary General.

In addition, one must prevent the Ukraine war from becoming a war between NATO and Russia

Ukraine War: Explosions shake Kharkiv again

+++ 10:07 p.m .:

Although large parts of the Kharkiv region have now been liberated by the Russian occupiers, this does not seem to protect the region from further attacks.

Russian troops fired on the center of the city of the same name, Oleh Syniehubov, head of the military administration, reported on Telegram.

“Russian troops launched rocket attacks on Kharkiv.

We appeal to the residents: do not ignore the air raid sirens,” said Syniehubov.

According to CNN

, witnesses reported

several explosions in the city center.

Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov reported four attacks in the city.

“According to preliminary information, they hit the Cholodnohirskyi district and an infrastructure facility was damaged.

There is no electricity in some parts of the city,” the news portal


quoted the mayor as saying.

In the meantime, attempts are being made to supply the residents' houses with electricity again.

According to the military administration, the emergency number "103" is currently unavailable.

However, medical staff are available on “112”.

There have been no injuries so far, it said.

News on the Ukraine war: tens of thousands flee Russia

+++ 8:00 p.m .:

After the partial mobilization was announced, tens of thousands have now left Russia.

Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin announced last week that hundreds of thousands of reservists would be partially mobilized.

Since Wednesday (September 21), around 98,000 Russian citizens have traveled to Kazakhstan alone, the migration department of the Kazakh Interior Ministry said, according to information from the

Interfax agency


Around 66,000 citizens have entered the EU, according to the European border protection agency Frontex.

That was an increase of more than 30 percent compared to the previous week.

Many have mostly fled to Finland and Estonia.

If Russia closes its borders to those who are able-bodied, Frontex expects illegal border crossings to increase.

Miles of cars were also backed up at the border to Georgia at the weekend.

Latvia is now in a state of emergency.

The Pededze border crossing was closed by the government in Riga on Tuesday (September 27) in order to reduce the entry of Russian citizens.

The state of emergency allows Latvia to draw on additional resources for border protection.

In addition, the border guards were instructed to monitor the border more closely, as the State Chancellery announced.

Along with Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, Latvia had stopped entry for many people from the neighboring country.

News on the Ukraine war: Kyiv continues counter-offensive

+++ 6.30 p.m .:

The Ukrainian military continues its counter-offensive east of Izyum in the Kharkiv region.

According to Ukrainian sources, the settlement of Pisky-Radkivsky has been partially liberated.

"The village of Pisky-Radkivsky is already under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," the council of the neighboring settlement of Borova wrote on Facebook.

The Ukrainian defenders would still locate "groups of Russian soldiers" there, it said.

Mines still need to be cleared.

Currently, more Ukrainian forces would push north along the Oskil River to liberate the occupied village of Borova.

News in the Ukraine war: Kremlin searches for explanations for "mistakes"

+++ 5 p.m.:

The Kremlin is apparently desperately looking for explanations for the “mistakes” in the partial mobilization, as the Russian government itself described it.

Russian state television in particular is now attempting to shift the blame onto the country's bureaucracy.

There is talk of "unmotivated" and "reckless" employees in recruitment offices, according to an analysis by the think tank "Institute for the Study of War".

This is also confirmed by a statement by the governor of the Omsk region: the bureaucracy is "the enemy of patriotism".

Above all, this strategy attempts to explain why men, some of whom were unfit for military service, were drafted into the Ukraine war.

+++ 3.45 p.m .:

Russia plans to set up a new “federal district of Crimea” after the sham referendums.

This should include not only the Crimean peninsula, but also the occupied areas of Luhansk, Donetsk, Cherson and Zaporizhia.

This is reported by the

Kyiv Independent

news portal , citing information from Russian media.

News about the Ukraine war: Long traffic jam in the border region between Russia and Georgia

+++ 3:00 p.m .:

Thousands of people are waiting in their cars in the border region between Russia and Georgia.

Images from the US satellite company Maxar Technologies show the snakes.

Earlier it became known that the Russian military, in cooperation with the secret service, intends to build a base on the border.

The aim of the campaign is to check men of military age (see update from 10.30 a.m.).

+++ 1.30 p.m .:

According to the US think tank “Institute for the Study of War”, the Russian government is currently trying to fix “mistakes” in partial mobilization.

Part of this are measures against the ongoing protests in Russia.

Violations of the so-called mobilization law are “individual errors”, and “careless employees” must now be punished.

The information provided by the think tank cannot be independently verified.

+++ 12.00 p.m .:

Russian representatives have blocked the city of Enerhodar (Zaporizhia Oblast) from leaving the country – and are threatening the population with mobilization for the war.

This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

+++ 11.15

a.m .: The former head of the Kremlin, Dmitry Medvedev, has again emphasized Russia’s alleged right to use nuclear weapons.

He explained on Telegram that this is an option "if it should be necessary".

The use of nuclear weapons is possible in "specified cases" and in "strict accordance with the principles of state nuclear deterrence policy," Medvedev said.

Russia will also do everything to ensure that Ukraine, for example, does not have access to nuclear weapons, other “enemy states” are also meant by this.

+++ 10.30 a.m .:

A Russian military convoy is currently moving to the border region with Georgia.

As the news portal


reports, a new base is to be built there, where able-bodied men are to be prevented from leaving the country.

The convoy therefore started in the city of Vladikavkaz.

It was already reported on Monday that the Russian secret service FSB is currently leading such an operation.

The above information cannot be independently verified.

+++ 9.30 a.m .:

The British secret service assumes that the Russian government wants to justify the war of aggression on Ukraine in front of its own people by annexing the occupied territories.

A situation report said that this was part of the "special military operation".

The sham referenda in the occupied Ukrainian territories expire on Tuesday.

News about the Ukraine war: Russian hospital found

+++ 8.45 a.m .:

The Ukrainian police have published images of an abandoned military hospital of Russian soldiers.

This is a temporary building in the city of Izyum, which was liberated by Ukrainian troops.

According to the police, injured people were lying on the ground in unsanitary conditions.

This is apparently confirmed by traces of blood.

During the search of the hospital, the investigating authorities found, among other things, medication and bandages from the 1950s and 1960s.

The information provided by the police and the


news agency cannot be independently verified.

However, recordings published on YouTube confirm the scenery described.

News about the Ukraine war: Russian troops block parts of the Cherson region

+++ 07.45:

The Russian armed forces have completely closed the occupied parts of the Cherson region in southern Ukraine for entry and exit.

This is reported by the news portal

Kyiv Independent

, citing the General Staff of the Ukrainian military.

The government in Kyiv had previously asked residents to evacuate the area due to the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Meanwhile, there were renewed Russian rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities: According to the report, the rocket hits occurred in the southern Ukrainian cities of Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv.

Update from Tuesday, September 27, 6 a.m.:

The last day of mock referendums on accession to Russia is taking place in the Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine.

Ukraine and the West see the compulsory voting as a violation of international law.

It is expected that the areas will be annexed and possibly declared Russian state territory by Putin on Friday.

(vbu/jfw/tvd/cs/lm/sne/tu/kas with dpa/AFP)

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