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What are the countries with the most hurricanes?


The US is on the list of countries that have received the most direct hits from hurricanes. Here we tell you the other countries that are added to the list.

The 5 deadliest hurricanes in America in the 21st century 1:08

(CNN Spanish) --

Hurricane Ian is the most recent meteorological phenomenon that has impacted the United States.

Ian has left devastation and death in his wake after making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane off the southwest coast of Florida on Wednesday afternoon.

  • In which US states have the most hurricanes?

  • What types of hurricanes are there and what do categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 mean?

This phenomenon once again reminded us how impressive the force of nature can be.

And just as it happens in the United States, there are other countries in the world that suffer from hurricane impacts every year.

Here we tell you which are the countries that register the most hurricanes.

The countries with the most hurricanes

It's not called a hurricane everywhere, but it's called a tropical cyclone.

To begin with, it must be made clear that the generic name for this type of weather phenomenon is tropical cyclone.


In other words, the entire phenomenon and its transformation (ranging from a tropical disturbance, a tropical depression, a tropical storm and even becoming a hurricane) is called

a tropical cyclone

, which designates "a low pressure system that formed over tropical waters (25°S to 25°N) with thunderstorm activity near the center of its sheath and cyclonic winds," according to the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA for its acronym in English).

Now, if the tropical cyclone occurs in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific oceans and reaches its most intense phase, it is called

a hurricane


but if it occurs in the North Western Pacific, it is known as a


, explains the NOAA Laboratory.

Finally, a tropical cyclone becomes a hurricane or a typhoon when the phenomenon's maximum sustained winds reach 74 miles per hour, 119 kilometers per hour or 64 knots, according to NOAA.

List of countries (before and after 1970)

Now yes, taking into account this information, which are the countries with the greatest accumulation of these phenomena in their history?

The NOAA Laboratory points out that, if we add the phenomena that occurred prior to the satellite era (before 1970) and after this era, there are countries that have been more impacted by tropical cyclones with hurricane or typhoon strength.

This list includes only tropical cyclones with hurricane or typhoon strength that directly impacted countries;

that is, they crossed the coastline.

The order is as follows:

  • United States - 268 tropical cyclones with that strength

  • Chinese - 230

  • Philippines - 176

  • Mexico - 134

  • Japan - 133

  • Cuba - 79

  • Australia - 66

  • Bahamas - 61

  • Viet Nam - 45

  • Madagascar - 30

  • List of countries (after 1970)

    The NOAA Laboratory also shares a list of the countries that have recorded the most hurricane or typhoon-force tropical cyclones since 1970, when satellite detection began (which denotes a more accurate record).

    For this list, NOAA does not share the number of phenomena, but it does share the order of the countries that accumulate the most direct impacts.

    It goes as follows:

  • China

  • Philippines

  • Japan

  • Mexico

  • USA

  • Australia

  • Taiwan

  • Vietnam

  • Madagascar

  • Cuba

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