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Why don't companies advertise the best job offers? We explain how to find them and how to apply


"There are a lot of great positions - at least 60% - that never make it to the public job boards," says one expert.

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The secret to landing your dream job isn't submitting hundreds of applications on company websites. 

More and more people find and get new opportunities through the “hidden job market”: vacancies that are not published or advertised through recruitment companies, but are filled through “internal candidates or references”, explains to CNBC Make It, Stacey Perkins, professional and leadership trainer of the recruitment company Korn Ferry.

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"There are a lot of great jobs - at least 60%, I'd say - that never make it onto the public job boards, which really surprises a lot of people," adds Perkins.

Here's how you can take advantage of the hidden job market to find your next opportunity:

Start with a list of target companies and people 

When it comes to the hidden job market, less is more. 

Make a short list of companies you'd like to work for — no more than 10 — and let that list guide your search, recommends career coach Emily Liou. 

Next, find out who the decision makers are at those companies: the people who work on the teams you're interested in, who would be your potential boss, the recruiters, and the hiring managers.

LinkedIn and past job descriptions on company websites are solid places to start. 

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A well-focused search can help you make deeper, more personal connections, and those connections should alert you to job opportunities before they're posted online. 

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That's because companies want to hire people who have a strong and genuine interest in their business, Liou explains, and as a job seeker, it's much easier to build relationships with these managers if you're thoughtful and intentional in your search online. instead of copying and pasting the same outreach message to 50 people. 

"Even if they don't have an immediate opening, it doesn't mean that in a few weeks or months someone gets promoted or resigns and suddenly there's an open position," Liou said.

“If you're on their radar, you'll be at the top of their hiring list,” she added.

Take a personal approach to networking

Networking can be intimidating, but building relationships and connecting with new people is the only way to break into the hidden job market. 

For example: One of Perkins' customers recently told his neighbor that he was looking for a new job, and the neighbor told him that he worked for a company in his industry and would recommend him for a position.

Now, he is interviewing for a position there. 

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“We tend to discount our personal connections, but letting family, friends, classmates and neighbors know that we're looking for new opportunities can open the door to a great position,” he says. 

However, most of your networking should come from the names on your list of companies you want to work for: the recruiters, the hiring managers, the potential co-workers, and the top people you would work with. 

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Even if there isn't a vacancy that matches your experience and interests or you don't have anything in common with that entry person, "it's important that you share why you're contacting them... specifically attracts from your career or your company?

Perkins says. 

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In your initial contact, whether by email, on LinkedIn, or in person, you should also explain “what solutions you can bring to the table and how you might solve their problems or strengthen existing processes,” says Liou. 

Liou advises that you pick three specific skills, milestones, or experiences that you can highlight in your speech that really add value to the organization, and end with the following script:

“Although I don't see an opening for [insert dream job here] at this time, I just wanted to introduce myself and find out what my major is, in case future opportunities arise.

I'm always looking to connect with like-minded professionals in [insert field here].

In case you're interested in hooking up, here's how you can contact me!” 

“Putting the time and effort into forming deep connections, and approaching networking from the perspective of how you can contribute to the organization and make it stronger, will help you stand out in the search compared to all the other applicants who really just focus on in your wishes,” he explained.

"And when a position becomes available in the future, you'll be one of the first to know," she added.

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