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As far as Netanyahu is concerned, Ethiopians are black people with ballots on which it must be written Khal - voila! news


Netanyahu, who presented Tsega Malko's candidacy for the Knesset this week, must have forgotten how his people shamefully removed her from the position of Network A manager. He barely met Avra ​​Mengistu's family, whom he had seven years to return. Meanwhile, his poison machine was turned again against the heroes of Israel

As far as Netanyahu is concerned, Ethiopians are black people with ballots that must have Khal written on them

Netanyahu, who presented Tsega Malko's candidacy for the Knesset this week, must have forgotten how his people shamefully removed her from the position of Network A manager.

He barely met Avra ​​Mengistu's family, whom he had seven years to return.

Meanwhile, his poison machine was turned again against the heroes of Israel

Ben Caspit


Friday, September 30, 2022, 01:04 Updated: 08:13

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She said a few polite words to Netanyahu.

Tsega Malko (Photo: Yossi Tsipakis)

Binyamin Netanyahu uploaded a video this week in which he introduces the Ethiopian candidate on the Likud list for the Knesset, Tsega Malko.

Honestly, I was almost excited.

I have known Tsega for over ten years.

No one deserves her.

One of the most impressive women in the Ethiopian community, and in general.

Here, in summary, is the text announced by Netanyahu in the same video, with Malko by his side: "I am proud that Tsega Malko is part of the Likud list, she is a well-known and respected leader in the Ethiopian community, everyone knows the close and deep connection of the Likud to the Ethiopian community... in the next Knesset and in the government Next we will allocate all the resources to really help this exceptional community to instill its legacy in the children of Israel and bring Abra home."

Every decent person's jaw should drop at every word of this text.

Let's start with "bringing Avra ​​home".

Avra Mengistu.

Really, what a shame Netanyahu didn't get a chance to bring Mengistu home.

From the moment Mengistu crossed the border into Gaza until he vacated the prime minister's office, Netanyahu had about seven years to "bring Abra home".

seven years

What did he do?

is nothing.

I googled how many times he met the family.

I found mention of three meetings, one of which was canceled and rescheduled.

By the way, members of the Mengistu family met Abu Mazen once and Netanyahu three times.

But now, Netanyahu promises, now "we will bring Abra home"!

One of the meetings with Netanyahu was canceled and rescheduled.

Avra Mengistu's mother (Photo: Shay Makhlouf)

Let's go back to the video: I looked at Malko's face, which I know closely, during Netanyahu's opening speech.

She had a puzzled expression.

She said a few words of courtesy to Netanyahu, who returned to take command and concluded: "We love you and we love the whole community and I'm sure they love you. We're coming home! The Ethiopian Jewish community is coming home to Likud and we're being welcomed with great love!".

First, I express my hope that when Netanyahu talks about "returning home" he does not mean the Netanyahu family.

Because there, at least according to the evidence, a ban was imposed on the Ethiopian cleaning workers from going up to the living floor.

I draw your attention to the famous video where he reaches out to caress a child of Ethiopian origin, when his wife next to him hurries to move his hand away, lest he touch the child, God forbid.

But it was not for these references that I gathered you around this video.

I would like to return to the Malko show itself.

crime and Punishment

For more than a decade, I have been running Malko's struggle in these pages, after she was removed in disgrace from the position of director of network A in Kol Israel by Netanyahu's people (whom he then appointed as the chairman of the Broadcasting Authority, the CEO, and the director of the radio).

There is no point in repeating their names here.

The story died out a long time ago, and so did the shame.

My fight for Tsega began on Friday, December 23, 2011. Here is part of the relevant passage from that Torshishi: "Just this week, the impeachment procedure of Tsega Malko, manager of Network A in Kol Israel, a spectacular woman of Ethiopian origin, a single mother, who is a striking living example of success (The too few) we have in accepting Ethiopian immigrants."

Two weeks later, on January 6, 2012, a continuation arrived: "Only now are the real details surrounding Malko's removal beginning to emerge. Reminder: a single mother of two children, one of the symbols of the Ethiopian community, with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in business administration, a valued and outstanding manager, a woman who paved A way to the many, who fought, who is considered the jewel in the crown of the Ethiopian community, who has been working for 23 years at the Broadcasting Authority, who was dismissed during a forceful move, with a brutal and blunt ax... Malko does not intend to give up on them. She has already contacted a lawyer, she will file a lawsuit at the Labor Court, there is already Materials and affidavits that prove all her claims, also the review of the minutes of the "Tenders Committee" that dismissed her evokes a strong sense of disgust, and all this for what?

Why was Tsega kicked out for nothing?"

This saga went on for years.

I won't fool you here.

I will not publish a word of everything Tsega told me then about the Likud, about Netanyahu, about his emissaries who were engaged in those days in a sweaty and powerful effort to take over the Broadcasting Authority.

At the end of the day, it turned out that her biggest sin was, apparently, that in an interview program in Amharic that she hosted at the time (and aired, as far as I remember, on Channel 33), one of the items had a representative of some left-wing party, but there was no representative of Likud.

Tsega told me that a Likud MK who was invited canceled at the last minute. They then tried to treat her with "problems in human relations". Total fake. Tsega is a pleasant, modest, radiant and charming woman. They tried to treat her with "political affiliation" in the wrong direction. Fake.

Tsega, as mentioned, sued the Authority.

At the end of the saga she received, at least, her financial rights.

There was no one to restore her trampled dignity.

The fact that she dared to fight the management caused her friends on the radio to boycott her.

She walked around the building and no one addressed her.

Nobody cared.

Only in the parking lot of a school, far from the eye of the big brother, did people say hello to her.

She was left completely alone.

Apart from what was written in this column, no one felt for her help, no one thought that an injustice was done here to an outstanding woman who raised the listening and viewing percentages of Channel A, who did well in everything she turned to, who is a symbol and example that Ethiopians can also succeed in Israel.

Victory over racism and over-policing?

Not with Netanyahu (Photo: Or Ravid)

She fell victim to a purge campaign in which all the directors of Kol Israel's departments and networks were fired.

She was the easiest prey.

I called her yesterday.

I greeted her from the bottom of my heart.

I have no objection to her.

For her, this is a huge victory.

Late, but important.

Has Netanyahu already forgotten how in the purge campaign led by his people at the late Broadcasting Authority, Malko was also thrown under the wheels of the bus? I doubt if he ever remembered. For him, Ethiopians are black people with white ballots that must have the word Machal written on them.

This story reminds me of something Moshe Kahlon told me at the time.

This happened after the great Ethiopian protest which also led to several violent demonstrations in the center of Tel Aviv.

Before the elections, Netanyahu was looking for an image of victory.

Victory over the deprivation of the Ethiopians?


Victory over racism against Ethiopians and excessive policing?

also not.

Victory over the possibility that Ethiopians will not vote for him.

He ordered to organize a meeting with activists and community leaders in Kiryat Malachi.

Kahlon was then, among other things, also the minister of welfare.

He accompanied Netanyahu.

During the meeting, Kahlon preferred to sit among the community activists, in the audience.

The meeting was apparently closed to the media, but the sharp eye of Kahlon the Fox spotted a camera crew that entered from the side at the right moment, just before one of the activists jumped up and began to read chants thanks to Netanyahu and his wonderful activity for the community to the cheers of invited activists in the crowd.

The vision ended, the team left.

On the way back, Kahlon turned to Netanyahu from his heart: believe me Bibi, he told him, what our parents who came from North America went through here is a camp compared to what is done to Ethiopians.

He presented him with a detailed plan to correct all these injustices.

detailed and budgeted.

Kahlon told me that Bibi responded with a scornful gesture.

Leave you alone, he said to Kahlon (according to him), we have already taken a picture.

So now he posed for a photo with a Malco monitor.

He will bring back Avra ​​Mengistu just as he will close the Standards Institute, just as he will introduce free education for ages 0-3, just as he will return the governorships to the Negev and the Galilee and just as he will solve the real estate problem (which he said in 2015 was Olmert's fault).

Rummy against Rummy

The readers of this column met Rami Matan (Maman) a little over two years ago.

Netanyahu, then the prime minister, called the Balfour protesters "disease-spreading anarchists who defecate in the streets."

Matan was one of them.

He was already 70 years old at the time, and sat in front of the daycare center in Balfour for a whole year.

A lieutenant colonel (retired) who zealously made reserves well into his sixth decade of life.

Giving is a tough nut to crack.

It is impossible to treat him with the nonsense of the first and privileged Israel.

No, he is not a white Ashkenazi from Marhavia with a villa in Caesarea who likes Cuban cigars at the expense of American billionaires.

He is simply a Tabreini, the son of a love who immigrated from Morocco and a Sephardic mother, one of seven brothers and sisters, grew up in hardship, experienced deprivation, saw his father not promoted in favor of an Ashkenazi colleague, and went through the entire tedious route, Platinum, to establish a luxurious home in Israel and along the way also To save her. Matan, as Gadi Eisenkot (another Moroccan Tavreini) said, did not whine. He excelled.

Matan is one of the heroes of the Chinese farm.

It seems to me that the concept of a hero is small on him in quite a few numbers.

MP Tanks in the 79th Battalion who was left there almost alone on that terrible night between October 15th and 16th. Everything was burning around him. The burning tank crews were lying shattered on, under and beside the tanks. Infernal fire was laid down from all sides. All that night he went in and out , in and out of the kill zone, he and his tank. Each time he risked his life again, each time re-entering the range with minimal chance of getting back out of it.

He didn't stop until he got 34 of his men back to safety. He was blind part of the time, he fought tooth and nail for every His soldier, for every warrior. During the war he lost 27 of his soldiers. Three times in that war he was left alone as a tank in the field. He swore to save the country and not let the "destruction of the third house", as Moshe Dayan's prophecy, come true. Now he is fighting to To save the country from the internal danger Netanyahu called this man an anarchist.

Yesterday it was announced that Rami Matan was questioned by the police with a warning.

It seems to me that the police had bigger moments of brilliance than these.

This is an incident that happened at the last demonstration of Matan and his men on Hamad Bridge.

Another Rami, Ben-Yehuda, arrived there with a megaphone to snort from Danim, as usual.

During the confrontation that developed on the bridge, Ben Yehuda was clearly photographed landing a punch in Matan's face.

Rami one hit, Rami second hit, was thrown backwards, spun around and fell on a car that was standing there.

And who is the police investigating?

You are the beaten, not the beaten.

He landed a punch in Rami Matan's face.

Rami Ben Yehuda (Photo: screenshot, Keshet 12)

I looked at all the videos that were taken of this incident, of all the possible hallucinations.

Only God knows how whoever came to the police came to the conclusion that Matan should be questioned and Ben Yehuda could continue singing.

They lost control in the Negev, they lost control in the Galilee, they lost the ability to diagnose at Gesher Hamed.

Just a scandal.

And speaking of chants: the aforementioned ben-Yehuda filmed himself on his way to that demonstration. The video is available online. Guys in the police, do Google and turn on volume. Here is the text: "Here are the haters of Israel, these wretched supporters of terror, they are here," says ben- Yehuda while passing the protesters and stopping the vehicle, "Soon we will remove them, soon, soon we will remove them.

Those who can get to the Ein Hamed bridge are asked to come.

Come up, share, because there is going to be a celebration here.


I want everyone here with me, because the displaced people of Israel are sitting on the bridges.

The disgruntled, we will immediately take care of them, the disgruntled."

We have already gotten used to the fact that he calls Rami Matan and his friends (such as Brigadier General Amir Hashakal and several others of this type) "immigrants of Israel" or "supporters of terror". The point is that this video is a magnificent self-incrimination. " In them, to "remove" them, to "make a celebration". And that's exactly what he did. After punching Rami Matan in the face, Matan was summoned for questioning.

The injection of poison

Another event took place this past long weekend also around Brigadier General (retired) Amir Hashkel. Another hero of Israel, the initiator of the individual protest, a man who knows no fear. There is one, Avital Director, who decided that he is a Nazi. She tweeted a picture of the brain and added the philosophical thoughts This one: "It turns out that it's really true, that there were Nazis who stole the identities of Jews they murdered, and immigrated to Israel with them, protected by international war crimes tribunals for crimes against humanity. When, in order to protect the very soul of democracy, I would do a DNA test on the garbage in the picture, to locate his genetic-Aryan family tree and then judge him accordingly."

Questions: Who are the Jews that the intelligence officer murdered in order to bring their identity to Israel? Is it possible to compel a Nazi to perform a DNA test under duress, and if not, why isn't a law enacted immediately that will allow us to reveal the identity of that intelligence? Will the sentence be sentenced to death by hanging, shooting or throwing poison?

The injection of poison can be skipped.

We are facing the greatest injection of poison in history.

This poison machine built by Benjamin Netanyahu has been overflowing lately and the closer we get to the elections, the more dangerous it will be.

The tweeter we're talking about is a senior director at the Poison Directorate.

When she realized that she had caused harm to her sender, she hastened to publish a clarification: "My family survived the Holocaust, most of them were exterminated. I guide Holocaust tours in Berlin, and in my eyes the meaning of the Holocaust is enormous. In a storm of emotions, I copy-pasted the text I tweeted. A text that does not suit me and my values ​​- for that I apologize."

I almost got the apology.

But then it turned out that she did copy and paste.

She simply copied countless of her past tweets, in all of them she vindicates the nickname "Nazi" for his various biases on anyone who is not willing to admit that Benjamin Netanyahu is the messenger of God and the crown of creation.

Oh well.

But she guides Holocaust tours in Berlin!

In other words, a Likudnik, active in the Likud's election headquarters (paid), photographed with the best Likud MKs and ministers, coming down to Berlin to return in honor of the elections to pour a little Nazism into the lap of the Israeli melting pot. What could possibly go wrong?

Attack on demonstrators at Gesher Hamad, September 24, 2022

On video: Attack on protesters at Gesher Hamad (Walla system!)

Director is not alone.

Almost all the leaders of the poison machine use Nazi jargon and Nazi nicknames against those who dare to think otherwise.

Rami ben-Yehuda often uses the phrase "the Gentiles".

I guess somewhere he keeps the names of all the foreigners who brought me and my friends into the world.

One has to go into one of Ben Yehuda's and his friends' "Spice" gatherings, listen to a sample minute of the cluster of blood plots detailed there, throw up and run away.

Merav Michaeli is, of course, the granddaughter of a collaborator with the Nazis, Gantz's mother is from Kastner's train, Lapid's father was an adviser to Kastner, and in general this Kastner runs the country here, he saved only the Smolenians and sold everything else to Hitler.

In another Spice, hosted by one of Ben Yehuda's close friends, the following text was stated: "The top officials of the economy, as in the revolutions, were led in a cart, all the rich who were brought in carts to the gallows to the guillotine. This is more or less what is going to happen here, with a small difference: this time they They earned it. They earned the long prison years for decades, and they are like a wounded animal, fighting for their lives. We need to understand that there will be no mercy here, this will be a war, I'm not ashamed to say, with blood."

Why am I filling you with these sickening texts?

Because they are said, spread, spread, permeate, stabilize, swell and become true.

This has happened hundreds of times.

See Idit Silman and the poison machine that killed her.

How she was for a whole year a slave of Arabs, a servant of the Muslim Brotherhood, how she was bullied and tortured and humiliated and persecuted by those Itzik Zarka and his spear (the wife, Zarka's spear), that Rami Ben-Yehuda, that screeching bunch of bootleggers, who did not let go of her until she broke.

Then, like a century-old magic wand, she became the darling of the nation.

Family, to the queen.

From maid, to princess.

Netanyahu knows that this phenomenon causes him heavy damage.

Knows, but is silent.

He doesn't disapprove, he doesn't condemn, he doesn't call anyone to calm down.

Just as he didn't lift a finger when he was warned at the time that he was releasing the genie from the bottle and that a prime minister might be assassinated here.

He hides behind the broad backs of his emissaries, most of whom are employed by the Likud headquarters and receive our money to continue polluting the streets and souls.

He is the great thinker and founder of this phenomenon.

He is the generator.

History will never forget him.

The arguments for punishment

Towards the end of the week, it was the turn of the chairman of the Central Election Commission, Chief Justice Yitzhak Amit. Just as happened to Silman and her friends, only the opposite: one moment he is a respected Chief Justice, the next minute he is a "political activist" at best, an "agent of Meretz" or "A thug in a suit" in the wrong case. A colleague studied at a yeshiva, is considered a conservative judge, voted for Netanyahu's term despite the indictment and voted for the establishment of the Keramim outpost only recently. Well, all of this is in arguments for punishment. He dared to do his job and determine that the retired Shiki could not run on the list exists for the Knesset, because he interpreted the language of the law simply. For that, his sentence has been decided. The poison machine is on him, with all its might. He is already accused of falsifying the elections, of leading a military or legal coup, and of convicting Netanyahu, even though he is not at all sitting in his trial. Like this It works.

By the way, anyone who understands anything about law knows that Amit's decision was expected.

The boisterous parent dances of Shikli and his friends after his petition to the district, testified mainly to their dancing.

At the end of the day, the district rejected the petition and Shiki was declared retired.

This is the bottom line.

My district had no authority to approve any compromise or reach any conclusion related to the question of whether Shikli retired from the Knesset within a reasonable time after he was announced as retiring.

This is the exclusive role of the chairman of the Central Election Commission, aka Judge Amit. The court of appeal against him is the Supreme Court. Everything else is nonsense.

If we ignore for a moment the dry language of the law (according to which Shikli cannot contest because he resigned from the Knesset only 80 days after he was announced as retiring), then even in terms of a sense of justice and logic, keeping Shikli on the Likud list is a laughing stock.

His followers claim that "he is the only one who remains faithful to the principles and promises of the right."

Well, you can argue about that.

On the other hand, it should be remembered that the retiree is not supposed to be loyal to any principles, but to be loyal to the faction's decisions.

The faction decided to form a government in Israel (and to fulfill Bennett's two core promises: prevent fifth elections at all costs and replace Netanyahu).

Shikli objected and retired.

Conclusion: Shikli retires.


He will sacrifice a little.

Amichai Shikli (Photo: Flash 90, Noam Rivkin)

But even if we examine the ideals and principles for a moment.

The web is full of quotes from the very same Shikli, on the eve of his decision to defect: he praised Ram and Mansor Abbas a lot. He claimed that a government could be formed with them. He even recommended appointing Abbas as minister for the development of the Negev and the Galilee! He announced that Meretz was not invalid. He attacked again and again Netanyahu stated that he is the problem, not the solution, and ridiculed him. "Netanyahu proved that he cannot be trusted in everything related to the right," Shikli said at the time, "He proved that he cannot be trusted even in what is happening in the Negev and the Galilee," he added.

Here are some more pearls Shikli: "Armed militias in the Negev with dozens and hundreds of guns.

Netanyahu has been prime minister for over a decade, the Negev is not under Israeli control, complete chaos is raging there, even in the Galilee the situation is not alarming.

I think Netanyahu is less impressive in his performance as a right-wing man, on the contrary, he is quite weak in these issues."

And I think that Shiki is less impressive in the spectacular flips he did before and after some promise he allegedly received.

Because up until a certain moment he solemnly announced and even tweeted that he stood firmly behind Bennett and was going forward with all his might.

Then, pulled out the knife.

This, and more: at the time Shikli promised Bennett that if he could not conscientiously stand by something, he would resign from the Knesset.

At the moment of truth he held on to the chair.

ordered to hold on.

In complete contrast to everything he preached and taught in the pre-military preparatory school he led for years.

He just became a different person.

Must have seen the light.

or the job.

When he learned of the decision to disqualify him, Shikli brought a moving quote from the words of the commander of Gush Etzion in 1978, Moshe (Mosh) Zilberschmidt.

We will cripple the enemy wherever we gain... Our answer is determined, Jerusalem will be preserved." Well, what's the matter? Who is the enemy? What happened to the Gush Etzion bloc, apart from the fact that Netanyahu was afraid to annex it? To the shekels of the solutions.

One thing can be taken from the above quote: he exalts the sacrifice for the sake of the country as a miracle. Aphu. So why wouldn't he sacrifice a little too? Did you fall on your sword because of the ideology, Shikli? So come on, sacrificing a seat in the Knesset is less than you. This is the language of the law, in any case Manner.

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