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Where are you, the packers? | Israel today


The bridge protesters are back - last season they chased away the darkness, and this time they won't let it return • And suddenly the identification of Yair Golan's processes sounds subtle and restrained compared to the October plot or the November disaster or a final call to the country if the worst happens • Is it possible that it's all actually empty election rhetoric?

They are coming back, protesting the bridges, the intersections and the squares, and with them the tweets and the pictures, and also the pathos every Shabbat night, come back to bloom, like stones in the fall.

Last season they banished the darkness, and this time they won't let it come back.

"Don't come back" is their almost biblical motto.

The 11th commandment.

The violence (obscene, obviously obscene) towards them only illustrates in their resonance boxes their historical reproach.

The last round, which has already entered the pantheon with at least one statue, one exhibition and one book - they concluded as a brilliant historical victory.

What did one of the former IDF spokesmen call it? "What is happening now on bridges, squares and intersections is called a rebellion... a type of liberation war, which will be recorded in the annals of the state as a defining event." It seems that the annals were written with a marker, or the event was less defining than Otherwise, how can we explain that so quickly again bridges and intersections and roundabouts are required every night?

From a war of liberation to a war of attrition.

"And the polarization only deepens," they will warn.

It is also clear whose fault it is.

"There is a very, very difficult phenomenon of Sabbaths," a minister in the Israeli government, his name is Yoez Handel, will explain to you.

"Walking with closed eyes, without criticism, is a dangerous walk. Always. Always-always. And it doesn't matter who the leader is."

Admit that it's nice to know what an elected official thinks about the political wisdom and civic ability of many in the public he claims to serve.

With such a sect, blind and messianic, there is not and cannot be a dialogue.

The bridges protest.

Demonstrators were attacked in Hod Hasharon (for illustration), photo: Koko

Demonstrations on the bridges against Netanyahu, photo: David Cohen-Gini

Leaving dust for Yair Golan

What is there to talk about?

Like Mount Sinai, and in fact like Oslo, like Persia, like Barak: once again this hard-necked and low-brow people do not understand the value of the miracles that the left praises, like a hand from heaven.

Again, soma and fanatic, he prefers the dark.

That's why you have to go to intersections.

"The moments of decision are approaching," said a woman of science from one of the valley's settlements with Churchillian pathos, urging her friends on social networks to mobilize for demonstrations.

"We have no choice but to win," she concluded in a reproachful tone reserved for wars of liberation.

or exhaustion.

In the video distributed by the head of Meretz, viewers were instructed: "Raise your head, take a deep breath, look at evil."

And what is evil?

"We will not agree to a Messianic dictatorship," was printed on shirts worn by protesters on one of the bridges.

Here the unbelievable happened, and the speech identifying the processes of Yair Golan sounded gentle and restrained like no other.

His successors have already openly denied the October conspiracy or the November disaster or a final call to the country if the worst happens.

Messianic dictatorship, racist-fascist alliance.


Meloni's victory in Italy in general sent Twitter into hysteria: Italy has finally fallen to black fascism.

All is lost.

Israel may still be saved.


Ready for the state summary interview?, Photo: Oren Ben Hakon

It raises a melancholy reflection.

How can you live for a long time within such a perception of reality?

How is it possible to conduct one's daily life under a gloomy and ominous cloud of clouds, with such absolute confidence, that here is the end, brothers, he is silent, because silence is in him.

A day will come and historians will ask, did the leftists believe in their nightmares?

It is worth mentioning, by the way, who was always accused of the politics of intimidation.

To which leader was attributed the use of fear tactics to impose voter discipline, and in which political camp did they impose a tendency to vote emotionally, which stems from a tribal threat perception, from a terror mixed with malicious Finkelsteinian fuel - from Palestinians, from Iran, from asylum seekers - just to capture the herd around the figure of the protective leader .

Suddenly it becomes clear that for quite a long time, an entire political camp has existed here at the same time - left, center, light right, the entire area of ​​opposition to Netanyahu - under a leadership that knowingly instills real existential terror in it.

"Hell," Labor MK Reitan warned this week. Judging by statements, tweets, signs and shirts, an entire political wing is full of panic and surrounded by a sense of anxiety that inspires compassion. Are the leaders of the camp aware of the mental damage they are inflicting on their constituents? 

Opposition leader Netanyahu.

His 12 years in office did not end like the prophecies of horror that the left constantly recites to itself, photo: Oren Ben Hakon

Jose, go run away

It seems that there is no longer any point in mentioning how 45 years of political upheaval, and 12 years of Netanyahu in the content, have not fulfilled even a thousand prophecies of horror that the left has persistently recited to itself as a founding myth for decades.

In the end, the mob that scared Sternhal and his friends in circle 77 did not establish a fascist regime.

A messianic theocracy of the settlers did not arise from a group of believers in the 1980s.

A dystopia of knitted domes did not materialize in the 90s.

No intellectuals were deported to penal camps, and the free media was not silenced in the dark Netanyahu era.

vice versa.

In all international indicators - Israeli democracy has only continued to prosper and flourish.

Even Smotrich - one of the most evil and terrifying villains in the horror movie that the left lives in - did not take advantage of the golden opportunity that fell in part when he was appointed Minister of Transportation in that extremist-women-hating-Iran-is-here government of Netanyahu.

Miraculously, he did not fire Arab drivers, and did not introduce gender segregation on buses and trains.

vice versa.

Some of his bitter opponents admitted that he was conducted in a purposeful, stately and efficient way above and beyond their expectations.

Meloni is a complete fascist, so is Netanyahu, and all the rest are bibists, racists, dark and extremists.

A bit like Handel's Shabbatites, there is nothing to talk about with these either.

And what benefit will arise from a dialogue with a fascist or a racist?

Or is it all just empty election rhetoric?

Political marketing tricks?

Pictorial language on the road to exaggeration?

Could it be that we were just rushed, just stressed?

Because it's not possible that everyone is brave, and a fighter, and stays to fight until the last bullet knowing that the end is near. The neighbors have already packed up, we won't stay either. The women and children must have already been sent away, queues are as long in Israel as at the border crossings in Russia.

Where are you, the packers?

were we wrong

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