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Russia before collapse in Donetsk? Ukraine reports “significant achievements”


Heavy losses for Russia: Further attacks repulsed – Putin faces further defeat Created: 2022-10-01 21:47 By: Teresa Toth, Karolin Schäfer, Moritz Serif, Constantin Hoppe, Tim Vincent Dicke, Vincent Büssow, Andreas Apetz, Lucas Maier, Jan-Frederik Wendt, Sarah Neumeyer Russia suffered massive losses in the Ukraine war. More than 5,000 soldiers had to be withdrawn in eastern Ukraine. The news tic

Heavy losses for Russia: Further attacks repulsed – Putin faces further defeat

Created: 2022-10-01 21:47

By: Teresa Toth, Karolin Schäfer, Moritz Serif, Constantin Hoppe, Tim Vincent Dicke, Vincent Büssow, Andreas Apetz, Lucas Maier, Jan-Frederik Wendt, Sarah Neumeyer

Russia suffered massive losses in the Ukraine war.

More than 5,000 soldiers had to be withdrawn in eastern Ukraine.

The news ticker.

  • Fear of partial mobilization:

    In Russia, 200,000 people have fled partial mobilization.

  • Defeat in Lyman:

    After the encirclement of several thousand Russian soldiers in the city of Lyman, Russia ordered the withdrawal of all troops there.

  • Editor's note:

     You can read news about Russian losses in the Ukraine conflict in this news ticker.

    Some of the information comes from warring factions in the Ukraine war and cannot be checked directly and independently.

+++ 9.35 p.m .:

The Ukrainian army has repulsed several attacks by the Russian armed forces.

This was announced by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in its situation report on October 1 on



Among other things, the villages of Kosacha Lopan, Bakhmut, Vesela Dolyna, Zaitseve and Pervomaiske were defended.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia also carried out three rocket attacks, five airstrikes and opened fire with multiple rocket launchers more than 16 times.

More than eleven settlements were hit.

The Ukrainian news portal

also points out that the Russian occupation authorities are intensifying the forced mobilization of the male population of military age in the temporarily conquered areas of Ukraine.

Russian attacks in several towns in Ukraine were repelled.

(Archive photo) © Kostiantyn Liberov/dpa

Heavy losses for Russia: After retreat in Lyman – Putin is threatened with another defeat

+++ 19:24:

After the defeat in Lyman, the next retreat of the Russian armed forces is apparently imminent.

As the Ukrainian news portal


reports, Serhiy Haidai, governor of the Luhansk region, expects further deductions in Donetsk.

“After the occupiers left Lyman [...] the evacuation of the Luhansk region to Lyman will begin.

We've all been waiting for this, we're prepared,"


quoted the governor as saying.

At the same time, Haidai pointed out that it was still unclear in which direction the Russian soldiers would be withdrawn.

In view of the precarious situation of the Russian armed forces in eastern Ukraine, Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov is calling for the use of Russian nuclear weapons.

Heavy losses for Russia: Russia gives up the encircled town of Lyman – thousands of soldiers withdrawn

+++ 16:12:

According to its own statements, the Russian Ministry of Defense has withdrawn its troops from the strategically important city of Lyman in eastern Ukraine.

"Because of the threat of encirclement, the allied troops from Lyman were withdrawn to better positions," the


news channel quoted a report from a state Russian news agency as saying.

The Ukrainian head of administration for Luhansk, Serhij Hajdaj, gave the surrounded Russian soldiers a choice on Saturday morning.

According to the German press agency

, he spoke

of “three options for action: either they can try to break out or they surrender.

Or they all die together.” In total, more than 5,000 Russian armed forces are said to be stationed in the eastern Ukrainian city.

Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman for the Ukrainian armed forces in the east of the country, spoke

of "heavy fighting" in the town of Lyman on the

Telethon television channel.

The Ukraine War in Pictures - Destruction, Resistance and Hope

View photo gallery

Heavy losses for Russia: Ukrainian troops entered the key town of Lyman

+++ 3:00 p.m .:

Another loss for Russia is looming in the Ukraine war.

Now Ukrainian troops have entered the key city of Lyman.

This is said to have been reported by Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesman for the Eastern Group of Armed Forces of Ukraine on national television, reports the Ukrainian news portal Pravda.

As a result, videos were also circulating that are supposed to show fleeing Russian soldiers.

Heavy losses for Russia in the Ukraine war: Lyman shortly before liberation?

5000 soldiers surrounded

+++ 12.11 p.m .:

According to their own statements, the Ukrainian army has surrounded Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.

Around 5,000 Russian soldiers were surrounded in the strategically important city of Lyman in the Donetsk region.

That was the status on Saturday morning, said the Ukrainian head of administration for Luhansk, Serhiy Hajdaj.

"The occupiers asked their leadership to come out if possible, and they were rebuffed," he said.

"They now have three courses of action: either they can try to break out or they surrender.

Or they all die together.

There are about 5,000 of them, there is no exact number.”

Hajdaj said there had never been such a number of encircled Russians in the war.

Almost all entrances are blocked.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi reported "considerable successes" of the Ukrainian counter-offensive in the east of the country.

Western military experts assume that Lyman will be completely freed in the next few days.

For the army of Russian President Vladimir Putin, this would be another massive defeat in the invasion that has been going on for more than seven months.

Losses for Russia: Hundreds of soldiers killed - military vehicles destroyed

Update from Saturday, October 1, 9:42 a.m .:

The Ukrainian General Staff has updated its information on Russia's losses.

Accordingly, 530 other Russian soldiers are said to have fallen.

According to the Ukrainian task force "South", air defense units also shot down a Russian helicopter and a combat drone over the Kherson region.

In addition, the Ukrainian military destroyed several tanks, artillery systems and other military vehicles.

News in the Ukraine war: An overview of Russia's losses

  • Soldiers: 


  • Aircraft:


  • Helicopters:


  • Tanks:


  • Armored Fighting Vehicles:


  • Artillery Systems:


  • Air defense systems: 


  • Multiple rocket launcher systems:


  • Cars and other vehicles:


  • Ships:


  • Unmanned Combat Drones:


  • As of Saturday 1 October 2022

  • The information on Russia's losses in the Ukraine war comes from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

    They cannot be independently verified.

    The Kremlin itself gives very little information about its own losses.

Heavy losses for Russia in Donetsk - Ukraine in key region 'in the final stages'

+++ 10:37 p.m .:

“Everyone has heard what is happening in Lyman,” said Selenskyj in a video speech on Saturday night with a view of the strategically important small town in the Ukraine war, which is located in the Donetsk region that has just been incorporated by Moscow.

The Donetsk occupation chief Denis Puschilin had previously admitted the almost complete encirclement of Russian troops in Lyman by Ukrainian soldiers, reports the German Press Agency.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian troops had previously spoken of being in the “final phase” in Lyman.

Ukraine war: Heavy losses for Russia in Donetsk - Ukraine in Lyman "in final phase"

+++ 6.35 p.m .:

In the Donetsk region, the troops of Ukraine are “in the final phase” of encircling the strategic key city of Lyman, as Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesman for the eastern troops, reports.

A video of the Ukrainian armed forces shows fleeing Russian soldiers, it is said to have been taken near the city, according to the Ukrainian online newspaper


“Our troops are trying to complete the encirclement of a group of Russian troops in the direction of Lyman.

The Russians want out.

We beat them with all weapons," Cherevatyi said, according to the US TV channel



It is not yet known how high the losses on the part of Russia are.

News in the Ukraine war: Losses for Russia are increasing

+++ 5.50 p.m .:

On the day of the annexation of the four Ukrainian territories by Russia, there was a suspected paint attack on the Russian consulate in New York in the USA, as



The facade of the building was sprayed with red paint over a large area, as shown by photos published by



+++ 3:00 p.m .:

The problems for Russia in the Ukraine war continue.

While the strategically important small town of Lyman in the Donetsk region is completely surrounded (see update from 11:00 a.m.), the losses continue to increase.

According to Ukrainian sources, more than 59,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in action.

(See update from 8:45 a.m.) For comparison: According to official figures, 14,453 Soviet soldiers fell in the ten-year war in Afghanistan.

Heavy losses for Russia in the Ukraine war: Troops in Donetsk are coming under increasing pressure

+++ 11.00 a.m .:

The Russian troops are under heavy pressure in the Donetsk region.

In the battle for the strategically important small town of Lyman, Russian troops have taken several locations east of the town, according to Russian sources.

"Around midnight, Ukrainian troops managed to effectively encircle Lyman," the nationalist military

blog Rybar said


If Ukraine succeeds in capturing Lyman, the Ukrainian military will have access to Svatove and Kreminna, and thus deep into the Luhansk region, which Moscow has largely brought under its own control since the summer.

Update from Friday, September 30, 7:35 a.m .:

According to the Ukrainian task force “South”, two Russian SU-25 fighter jets were shot down over the southern Ukrainian region of Mykolaiv.

According to the

Kyiv Independent

, the task force also reported a successful attack on a Russian command post near Beryslav and the destruction of a drone control center in Davydiv Brid in the Kherson region.

According to Ukrainian sources, 43 Russian soldiers were killed.

Four tanks, two Msta-B and Msta-S howitzers, two Grad multiple rocket launcher systems and two Giazint-S self-propelled guns were also destroyed.

Losses for Russia: 200,000 people flee partial mobilization

+++ 9:09 p.m .:

Putin’s partial mobilization is not going according to plan.

Since the Russian President's announcement last Wednesday (September 21), more than 200,000 Russian citizens have fled Russia.

Around 100,000 Russians have traveled to Kazakhstan alone, Kazakhstan's deputy interior minister, Marat Kozheyev, told the


news agency on Wednesday (September 28) .

At least 53,000 people left the federation across the Georgian-Russian border between September 21 and 26, data from the Georgian Interior Ministry showed on Tuesday (September 27).

Almost 66,000 Russian citizens, on the other hand, entered the EU, according to the border protection

agency Frontex


That is 30 percent more than in the previous week.

Losses for Russia: turning point for Putin?

Approval ratings fall for the first time since the beginning of the war

The partial mobilization is now also reflected in Putin's approval ratings, as indicated by a survey by the independent Russian polling institute Levada Center.

Satisfaction with the work of the Kremlin boss fell by six percentage points, the first drop since March and the beginning of the war.

34 percent of respondents reject the Kremlin's activities.

Heavy losses in the Ukraine war: is Russia on the brink of collapse in Donetsk?

+++ 3:25 p.m .:

In the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, the Russian troops are apparently still on the defensive.

They have been threatened with encirclement by the Ukrainian army in northern Donetsk since Wednesday.

Russian war reporters reported on successful Ukrainian advances northeast and east of the small town of Lyman.

The collapse now seems only a matter of time.

+++ 12.00 p.m .:

According to its own statements, the Ukrainian army has destroyed three Russian S-300 anti-aircraft systems near the city of Tokmak in the Zaporizhia area.

The General Staff announced this in its situation report on September 29 (as of 6:00 a.m.) on Facebook.

In addition, Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses shot down four drones and four Ch-59 air-launched missiles.

News about the Ukraine war: The Russian losses in numbers

+++ 8.45 a.m .:

The statistics of the Ukrainian general staff on Russia’s losses have been updated.

These are the data in a compact overview:

+++ 05.15 a.m .:

In addition to the “East” task force (see update from 04.00 a.m.), the “South” command has also reported military successes.

Ukrainian troops say they destroyed Russian equipment and killed soldiers on Wednesday (September 28).

According to a situation report, 18 Russian forces fell.

In addition, two tanks, three drones and six armored vehicles were destroyed.

The information is not independently verifiable.

Update from Thursday, September 29, 4 a.m.:

The Ukrainian army has apparently shot down four Russian missiles in the Zaporizhia and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

According to a report by the news portal Kyiv Independent, the task force "East" explained that the "KH-59" air-to-surface missiles were fired by "SU-35" fighter jets.

The defense system destroyed the projectiles, it said.

The information is not independently verifiable.

+++ 10:15 p.m .:

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Russia has lost 58,150 soldiers.

In addition, 261 planes, 224 helicopters and 2,312 tanks have been crushed since the start of the Ukraine war, the ministry said.

+++ 7.20 p.m .:

According to the General Staff, Ukraine fended off Russian attacks on a total of eleven settlements on Wednesday.

Ukrainian forces have fended off Russian attempts to advance into several villages in eastern Donetsk Oblast, sources said.

At the same time, the liberation of the settlement of Novoselivka in the Donetsk region was announced.

The Ukrainian military liberated the village together with the air force, the news portal

Kyiv Independent

reported .

As a result, a Russian armored vehicle was secured.

Heavy losses for Russia: the military reports new figures

+++ 11.25 a.m .:

Recordings by a Ukrainian drone unit apparently show attacks on Russian equipment in the east.

The Twitter account

Ukraine Weapons Tracker

reports that a launcher, several transport trucks, a tank and four rocket launchers were destroyed.

+++ 8.30 a.m .:

According to the General Staff of the Ukrainian military, more than 58,000 Russian soldiers have fallen in the Ukraine war.

Update from Wednesday, September 28, 5:45 a.m .:

The Ukrainian task force "South" reported that soldiers were killed on Tuesday and Russian army equipment was destroyed.

As the news portal

Kyiv Independent

reports, 58 armed forces are said to have fallen.

In addition, a tank, seven military vehicles, an "Orlan-10" drone and a "SU-35" fighter jet were destroyed.

The information cannot be independently verified.

News in the Ukraine war: Losses for Russia - Ukrainian military with further offensive actions

+++ 19.00:

A total of 454 settlements in the Kharkiv region are said to have been liberated by the Ukrainian military.

Reconstruction has now begun there.

The work of the police as well as banks, shops and schools are to be resumed.

“Thanks to the offensive actions of the Ukrainian military in the region, 454 settlements were liberated.

To date, 14 police stations have resumed their work in the liberated areas, 90 educational institutions have been established," Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the Presidential Office, was quoted as saying by the

news portal .

Auch Mobilfunk sei vielerorts wieder möglich, zudem wurde für die Strom- und Gasversorgung wiederhergestellt. Die Reparatur von Dächern und Fassen sei ebenfalls im Gange, informierte Timoschenko. Den Einwohnerinnen und Einwohnern würden Produkte des täglichen Bedarfs wie Lebensmittel, Hygieneartikel und Babyprodukte zur Verfügung gestellt.

News zum Ukraine-Krieg: Ukrainisches Militär zerstört Ausrüstung

+++ 12.55 Uhr: Die ukrainische Luftwaffe hat nach eigenen Angaben drei iranische Shahed-136-Drohnen zerstört, die von Russland genutzt werden. Die Drohnen haben demnach am Morgen das Oblast Mykolajiw angegriffen. Das ukrainische Militär behauptete zudem, es gewinne mehr Erfahrung bei der Zerstörung von Kamikaze-Drohnen.

News zum Ukraine-Krieg: Russland verliert 57.750 Soldaten

+++ 10.40 a.m .:

The Ukrainian General Staff has announced the latest figures on Russian losses.

A total of 57,750 Russian soldiers have died in Ukraine since the invasion on February 24.

In addition, Russia is said to have lost 2,306 tanks and 261 aircraft.

News about the Ukraine war: Russia loses three tanks in an ambush

Update vom Dienstag, 27. September, 09.00 Uhr: Ukrainische Streitkräfte haben nach eigenen Angaben drei russische „Tiger“-Panzer angegriffen und ein weiteres Fahrzeug in einem Wald in der Region Donezk niedergebrannt. „Soldaten der Spezialeinheiten der Streitkräfte der Ukraine überfielen den Feind in einem Waldmassiv in der Region Donezk“, heißt es in der Bildunterschrift eines Facebook-Videos. „Während der Operation hat die Kampfgruppe ein russisches Kampffahrzeug verbrannt und die Besatzungen von drei Tigern vollständig zerstört.“

+++ 22.48 Uhr: Laut Angaben der Ukraine hat Russland schwere Verluste erlitten. 260 Flugzeuge und 224 Hubschrauber seien seit Beginn des Krieges zerstört worden. Präsident Selenskyj sagte, dass Putin die Niederlage des Kremls mit der Teilmobilisierung nur hinauszögern könne.

Schwere Verluste: Russland verliert 57.200 Soldaten

+++ 20.12 Uhr: Außerdem habe Russland 57.200 Soldaten im Verlaufe des Krieges verloren. 4857 gepanzerte Kampffahrzeuge und 1369 Artilleriesysteme seien zerstört worden.

+++ 17.35 Uhr: Die Ukraine hat laut Verteidigungsministerium bislang 2290 Panzer im Verlaufe des Krieges mit Russland zerstört.

+++ 15.00 Uhr: Ukrainische Truppen haben offenbar im Gebiet Donezk eine Angriffsformation russischer Fahrzeuge zerstört. Zwei Schützenpanzer MT-LB, ein Schützenpanzer BMP-1, ein Panzer und ein Kettenfahrzeug IMR-2 fielen Panzerabwehrminen zum Opfer. Im Internet wurde dazu ein Video verbreitet. Die Angaben sind nicht unabhängig prüfbar.

News zum Ukraine-Krieg: Russische Soldaten unvorbereitet - hohe Verluste wahrscheinlich

+++ 09.45 Uhr: Viele durch die jüngste Teilmobilmachung rekrutierte russische Kämpfer ziehen nach Einschätzung britischer Geheimdienste ohne fundierte Ausbildung oder Erfahrung in den Krieg in der Ukraine. Moskau stehe nun vor der enormen Herausforderung, die Truppen zu schulen, hieß es am Montag in einem Kurzbericht des britischen Verteidigungsministeriums.

In der russischen Armee sei es im Gegensatz zu vielen westlichen Armeen üblich, eine Erstausbildung innerhalb operativer Einheiten zu durchlaufen statt in speziellen Ausbildungseinrichtungen. Normalerweise werde innerhalb jeder Brigade eine gewisse Zahl an Ausbildern bereitgestellt, die neue Rekruten trainieren würden. Viele dieser sogenannten dritten Bataillone seien jedoch aktuell in die Ukraine entsandt. Der Mangel an Ausbildern und der überstürzte Ablauf der Teilmobilmachung deute darauf hin, dass viele Soldaten ohne ausreichende Vorbereitung an die Front geschickt würden. Dies mache hohe Verluste wahrscheinlich.

Erstmeldung vom Montag, 26. September: Ukrainische Streitkräfte wollen fünf Munitionsdepots im Süden der Ukraine zerstört haben. Das berichtet The Kyiv Independent. Demnach teilt das ukrainische Einsatzkommando „Süd“ mit, dass ukrainische Streitkräfte am 25. September 43 russische Soldaten getötet und drei Panzer, ein selbstfahrendes Artilleriesystem und neun gepanzerte Fahrzeuge zerstört haben. (red mit AFP/dpa)

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