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Page announces a reduction in personal income tax for incomes below 30,000 euros


The Government of Castilla-La Mancha will approve an extraordinary deduction of up to 200 euros and new aid for families

The president of Castilla-La Mancha, the socialist Emiliano García-Page, announced this Tuesday a tax reduction focused on "the middle and lower classes" to "compensate" families for the effects of inflation (the rise in prices triggered by ).

The regional government will approve an extraordinary personal income tax deduction of between 100 and 200 euros for taxpayers with incomes of less than 30,000 euros, at a cost of around 75 million for public coffers.

Those who enter less than 12,000 euros a year will be able to deduct 200 euros;

those of less than 21,000, 150 euros;

and those of less than 30,000, 100 euros.

This measure will benefit 87% of taxpayers, according to Page.


Existing deductions for families will be expanded and others will be created for expenses in education (purchase of textbooks and language learning) and childcare;

There will also be a new extraordinary deduction for interest on mortgage loans.

In total, the decrease for the public coffers will be about 85 million euros.

There will be no tax increase to any economic sector or income bracket.

Page has announced these measures during his very long initial intervention —of almost five hours— in the debate on the state of the region, which is being held from 11:00 in the Castilian-Manchegas Parliament.

“I am not going to enter the debate of rich and poor.

Nor am I going to blame anyone for the crisis.

I will not fall into that trap.

I am an anti-frontist”, the socialist leader has sentenced in reference to the fiscal battle that the central government and regional executives of the PP are facing these days, which the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, began by announcing the abolition of the income tax. Heritage.

Several communities with a socialist president have also joined the race for tax cuts.

The regional president has wanted to underline that this tax reduction has nothing to do with the deflation of personal income tax, the measure insistently demanded by the PP and which involves intervening in the tax brackets —directly or indirectly benefiting all income levels— to prevent taxpayers from paying more income due to the effect of rising prices on their salaries.

“If the personal income tax had been deflated, the savings would only be between 7 and 14 euros for these incomes.

And for incomes below 20,000 euros, the savings would have been zero, ”say sources from the Page Government.

“The measure is aimed at helping people who need it most.

It has been proposed with a progressive, fair conception and within the framework of economic growth”, the president specified on the lectern.

There will also be measures for the self-employed and companies, with deductions for those who help create a company or undertake an economic activity.

And a program to stimulate employment with 1,000 million euros between 2023 and 2025.

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The PP distances itself from the fiasco of the British tax plan, despite the fact that its electoral program includes the same reduction for high incomes

During his speech and before announcing his own tax measures, Page has tried to distance himself from the spiral of tax competition between autonomies in recent weeks.

“The autonomous communities cannot practice 17 different economies.

I don't believe in Spain breaking up into 17 markets.

I expect that from Bildu or the Catalan separatists, not from people who aspire to govern Spain.

It is that this [the autonomous model] has not been invented so that everyone can go their own way!”, the president protested, before requesting that the State make use of its capacity to “harmonize” certain taxes: “It has to have a cohesive fiscal policy in Spain.

I ask the State to harmonize so that this country does not become a jungle in fiscal terms”.

He has also taken the opportunity to launch a direct message to the PP, which this Monday distanced itself from the fiasco of the British tax plan despite the fact that its 2019 electoral program includes the same reduction for high incomes.

“Mr. [Juan] Bravo [PP Deputy Secretary of Economy] said that 'it's not about lowering taxes, it's about not raising them'. What are we left with?

London has had to happen for economists to tell them that we don't want tall tales," the president exclaimed.

Page, who has also assured that the leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, told him in the past —when he was president of the Xunta— his predisposition to harmonization and not to turn the country into that “fiscal jungle” .

"I will work so that the fiscal ditches, instead of going to more, go to less", he has pointed out.

Raising taxes on the rich, "a big mistake"

Next, the socialist leader announced his fiscal plan to deal with the crisis.

“You have to accommodate the situation to the people who are having a hard time due to inflation [the rise in prices].

What am I after?

That the essentials are not lacking, guarantee a basic floor of consumption.

And shield the health, educational and social systems”, he said.

“I'm talking about helping by fiscal means, doing social acupuncture.

That when this crisis is over, people can say that the IPC did not make them go through a limit situation, that they did not have to give up extracurricular classes or special medications”, Page stressed.

And he added: "I'm not going to raise taxes on others [referring to the richest], that's a big mistake from my point of view."

“There are two ways to deal with the crisis: with a soul or without a soul”, the Castilian-Manchego president had begun his speech, assuring that he makes decisions outside the interests of the PSOE: “I am autonomous from my party”.

According to Page, the crisis that all of Europe is experiencing has something positive: “The cheap populism that emerged with the crises of 2007, which could not offer solutions because they had no idea, is clearly in decline.

I celebrate it ”, he has maintained, in apparent allusion to Podemos.

“It is the time of realism, [although] there will still be people who say that money should not be allocated to security: to the Police, to the Civil Guard, to the Armed Forces...”

Page has boasted of having approached the crisis with "certainty" and continuous aid to entrepreneurs.

“In Castilla-La Mancha not only do companies not leave, but they come.

We have given a lot of money, more than what the opposition has asked us for, 300 times more.

We put out a red carpet for companies in this community”, he insisted.

"Social shield" in the Balearic Islands

On the other hand, the president of the Government of the Balearic Islands, also a socialist Francina Armengol, announced this Tuesday, during her speech at the General Policy debate of the community, a package of 25 measures, worth 200 million euros, to reinforce the “social shield”, informs

Lucía Bohórquez


The most notable are a public guarantee mechanism for banks to grant 100% of the mortgage to those who buy their first home for less than 270,000 euros and compensation for the rise in variable mortgages of 250 euros.

In addition, there will be measures aimed at families, such as the increase in the limit for personal income tax deductions, which will go from 25,000 euros per family to 52,800, increasing what can be deducted by 10%.

This year, families with joint income of less than 52,800 euros or individual income of less than 33,000 will have their university enrollment fees for degrees or master's degrees at the University of the Islands (up to 1,800 euros) refunded, an aid of 200 euros per student will be provided to cover extracurricular expenses;

Two extraordinary payments of between 150 and 380 euros will be mobilized for dependent people;

there will be a double extra payment to the beneficiaries of the thermal social bonus of between 80 and 200 euros and an aid of between 300 and 600 euros will be launched for unemployed people during the winter.

Armengol has also announced the freezing of all regional fees and aid for seasonal self-employed workers that allow them to start their activity earlier.

The Balearic president has been critical of the income tax cuts announced by some regional governments "that some dress as a magical solution".

Armengol has criticized the tax reduction "proposed by the right", which causes, he has said, that people with high salaries save 100 or 150 euros in taxes, while people who have to get by on the minimum wage, "those who really suffers to reach the end of the month”, he would only see his tax burden reduced between 12 and 50 euros.

“This is the translation of the fiscal populism of the right, which hides from the people that each tax cut to those who have the most is paid by those who need it the most,” she said.

Source: elparis

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