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Astrologers determined: these are the laziest zodiac signs - voila! Spirit and horoscope


Like many traits in our personality, astrologers claim that laziness is also associated with specific zodiac signs. These are the laziest zodiac signs - and how to deal with them

Astrologers determined: these are the laziest zodiac signs

Like many traits in our personality, astrologers claim that laziness is also associated with specific zodiac signs.

These are the laziest zodiac signs - and how to deal with them

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 11:55 p.m. Updated: 11:56 p.m.

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A typical Aquarius (Photo: ShutterStock)

We all sometimes have this need to run on the couch in front of Netflix and put off tasks for tomorrow, but while for some of us it's just an unfulfilled inner need - for some people it's a way of life.

Only rarely will they make an effort to do something with themselves - and usually it's only when the goal is really important to them.

They will do the minimum possible to survive the day and return to their comfortable armchair.

Do you know such people?

So now astrologers claim that it is possible to tell whether the person in front of us is lazy by nature with the help of his luck - since there are zodiac signs that are characterized by excessive laziness.

Here are the laziest zodiac signs according to astrologers:


Astrologer and blogger Victoria Thomas claims that Aquarius is a "classic underachiever with unrealized potential."

According to her, this lucky person finds it difficult to do things for himself and for others.

If you ask them to unload the dishwasher or take out the garbage, they will answer with a refusal.

"It's true that Aquarius is one of the most curious and intelligent signs in the zodiac, but they don't always tend to do tasks they consider boring," says astrologer and communicator Emily Newman.

"Aquarians like to spend time and have a temperamental nature, so they prefer not to touch things they don't like. Other people will do it for them."

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Sagittarians like to spend time and when they don't spend time - they are idle (Photo: ShutterStock)


Pisces are creative types.

They are often artists and designers.

Although they are very passionate about their occupation, they do not like to work very hard and tend to procrastinate.

Newman claims that they will "put off every assignment until the last minute."

If they go running at midnight - it's only because they will look for inspiration on the beach.

Usually their laziness is harmless to others, but as co-workers it can be harsh.

Their colleagues have to remind them again and again about simple tasks and they will do anything to recruit people to help them.

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Sagittarians like to spend time and when they don't spend time - they become inactive.

"Sagittarius are independent types who like to have fun, travel and fly. They want to live on their own terms," ​​explains Newman, "so why follow routine daily tasks like laundry and shopping when you can travel the world and eat at restaurants?".

Newman claims that this changeable sign often exhibits a "lack of commitment to work."

She claims that it's fun to work with them because they'll load you with stories from their wild adventures - but they won't give 100 percent at work.

She said: "Once they've saved enough money for their next trip, don't even expect to get two weeks' notice."

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Taurus people like to relax on the sofa, sleep and watch Netflix (Photo: ShutterStock)


Thomas claims that Libras like that everything goes easily for them.

"They are easily pressured and therefore would prefer to push their bills to the bottom of the drawer instead of confronting them."

She added: "They only do their work when they have the power, but that is not their priority."

Unlike the other lazy zodiac signs, Libras can be diligent if they have a diligent partner.

Thomas added: "A highly motivated partner, often a bossy Aries, can help them clean up their messes. When there is someone who can shape them, they become more productive."

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Tauruses enjoy calm spaces and will be productive in cleaning and organizing to achieve this.

Nevertheless, they really like to relax on the sofa, blues and watch Netflix.

"A bull doesn't like hard work," explains Newman, "The bull is like a baby who likes to be pampered. Considering their culinary taste, they will be happy to do a series marathon with lots of pampering food next to the couch."

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We have come to perhaps the laziest sign in the zodiac.

Leos love parties and hate commitments.

"The lion may appreciate the spotlight, but not the effort required to get there," Newman explains, "so even though they may have all the energy and motivation to hold a meeting, they will avoid the cleaning and tidying up that follows."

When it comes to a professional setting, Thomas describes Aria as "great salespeople" who know how to make promises.

They are enthusiastic about taking on new projects,

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