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Lam Hau Village in Yuen Long has been relocated for a limited time due to land resumption


In recent years, there has been a lot of development in the rural areas of the New Territories, and the peaceful life of the villagers has been disrupted by development plans of all sizes. In Lam Hau Village, Yuen Long, a villager who rented and lived in the place for many years said that he received a letter a few months ago,

In recent years, there has been a lot of development in the rural areas of the New Territories, and the peaceful life of the villagers has been disrupted by development plans of all sizes.

In Lam Hau Village, Yuen Long, some villagers who have rented and lived in the place for many years said that they received a letter a few months ago that they were occupying the land and needed to move out of the place before the time limit.

They hung up banners at the entrance of the village to express their dissatisfaction, and at the same time felt helpless because they had to move out of their homes where they had lived for decades.

Among them, the elderly Ms. Liang pointed out that since her husband had a stroke, she has been struggling to take care of her all day long. Although she tried to find another place to live during this period, she was repeatedly refused rent. It's a hassle to 'clean up the dirty house' if there's something to do..." The caregiver's bitterness may not be understood by others. Speaking of this, Ms. Liang couldn't help shedding tears.

After renting for 30 years, he spent all his savings to build a comfortable nest and received a notice of "land resumption" in recent months

Ms. Leung, 68, and her 87-year-old husband have lived in Lam Hau Village, Yuen Long for more than 30 years. The two live in a house of about 200 square feet with a vacant lot in front of the house, and they need to pay a monthly rent of about 4,500 yuan; she explained , the metal "land" part and the "top cover" part were obtained 30 years ago by them with a "top-hand" of 70,000 yuan. There was water leakage on the tile surface during the battle, and 10 tens of thousands of dollars was used to exchange for the sun.”

Ms. Liang pointed out that her husband had difficulty moving after a stroke two years ago, so she quit her job and took care of her 24 hours a day. Someone needs help.” She said that the two currently only rely on the elderly allowance to support their living, and they originally planned to pay for the repair of another house and let their son move back to help take care of her husband. They spent nearly 400,000 yuan to start the project. Around March this year, they received a notice of "land resumption" and told them to move out before the deadline, "I will stop work immediately, but if the money is released, there is no way to get it back... It already accounts for most of our savings. "

Wife and old husband have a stroke

"The rent is at least 6,000 to 7,000 mosquitoes, which puts a lot of pressure on our elders." Ms. Liang said frankly that Lamkou Village now has a larger place to live, better air, and a good relationship with the neighbors. Continue to live", "I was shocked after receiving the letter, I took an elderly person with me." She suddenly lost her place to live, and Ms. Liang has been trying to find another place for several months, but in recent years, tragedies have occurred for the caregiver. The identity of the elderly caregiver , has also become a major obstacle to her.

Ms. Leung believes that the waiting time for public housing is hitting new highs. She understands that development is a must, but she hopes that the developer will give them more time to find a "tile cover" with affordable rent and a better environment. In the village, when a lot of people are 'renting on rent' and building sub-units, thinking that we are all about making money... I hope that we will be back for a long time, but we will move out soon."

I have tried calling to ask about (rental properties), but the owner told me that we are too old and can't rent, and I was shocked that we would "clean up the house".

Ms. Liang, a villager of Lankou Village

Also received letters from lawyers are Brother Chang, who is doing renovation work in the village, and Mrs. Chen, who runs a hardware store.

"Although the ground floor is not owned by us, all the buildings above are handled by one hand and one foot, and they all use a small amount of money." Brother Chang pointed out that it was similar to Mrs Liang's "rental land" situation. A woman "top-handed" the village house and rented the land at an annual rent of 240 yuan.

Brother Chang pointed out that the house is a temporary "scarlet house"; he lived here when he was a child, and then he ran a decoration engineering company here; now there are a lot of construction materials inside, "It's really a big wok to move. I don't know how to count."

Villagers have been running hardware stores for decades and have been delayed until April next year to move out

"Scarlet huts" refer to structures defined as squatter huts in the current legislation. In the past, the ownership and land use rights of squatter huts have been disputed from time to time.

In response to the enquiry, a spokesman for the Lands Department said that Lam Hau Village is an old batch of private agricultural land, with a number of registered squatter houses and structures regulated by squatter tenancy licences and agricultural approvals.

Mrs. Chen and her husband have been running a hardware store for decades. They moved the store to the village about 10 years ago, and the rent is more than 3,000 yuan.

According to Mrs. Chen, after receiving the lawyer's letter in March, she contacted the representative of the other party and signed a "mosquito lease" in April, allowing the place to be rented until April of the following year; however, she pointed out that in many cases, After the land was repossessed, the land has been lost for a long time and has not been developed for a long time, so I hope that the store will have a longer time limit to prepare for relocation. "Your home has not been developed yet, so I will use it first." She also pointed out that her husband is facing the burden of land repossession due to the store. Stress, poor health and need to be admitted to the hospital, think that the development of high should not treat them with an attitude of "not worth it", "the investment is so much effort, it will take a year to leave... and then 𠵱 啲 弋 wins the lawsuit. , there will be no compensation system.”


Lam Hau Estate Land in Yuen Long Takes Over by New Buyer Directors Including New World Development Executives

Looking through the information, a piece of land located in the south of Yuen Long Park, across Lam Kau Village Road and Lam Yu Road, changed hands on January 24 for more than 185 million yuan, and the new buyer was JET EMPIRE LIMITED ), and its company directors include Xue Nanhai, executive director of New World (0017), and Liu Fuqiang, deputy chief financial officer of the group.

It is understood that when the developer negotiated with the villagers of Lankou Village, two documents were submitted. One was a legal document informing the villagers to occupy the land and need to move out within a 7-day period; the other was a "licence agreement" , If the villagers sign, they can live on the existing land for a fee of 1 yuan until April next year. If they do not sign, relevant legal procedures will be carried out.

Zhi Kee Wood Factory|Ning Hanhao said the government will pay 14 million yuan and no longer delay the move out of the Zhi Kee Wood Factory. The district consultation involves the new thinking of the local ice factory Debao snow grains, and the lack of communication

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