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News about the Russia-Ukraine war: This happened on Wednesday night (October 5)


Ukrainian troops report territorial gains in the south of the country. The US supplies weapons worth $625 million. And: Kiev's central bank needs a new boss. That happened in the night.

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Destroyed railway facility in the Kharkiv region (end of September)


That says Kyiv

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

, the Ukrainian army has gained significant


in the


of the


in the past few days

and recaptured “dozens” of towns and cities from Russia.

The Ukrainian army is advancing "quickly and powerfully" in the south, said Zelenskyj in his video speech every evening.

According to him, some of the areas that have now been recaptured belong to the






regions , whose annexation was signed by Russia's head of state

Vladimir Putin

on Friday.

In the three regions and in the area around Zaporizhia in southern Ukraine, what the West called “sham referendums” were held on union with Russia.

In his speech, Zelenskyy named eight towns in the south of the Cherson region that had been recaptured from Ukraine.

It is "only a matter of time" before Ukraine "expels the occupier from our entire territory," said the Ukrainian president.

In Ukraine, the head of the

central bank, Kyrylo Shevchenko , surprisingly handed in his


in the middle of the war with Russia


"I have made a difficult decision for myself for health reasons that I can no longer ignore," the central bank said in a statement released on Tuesday.

The 49-year-old thanked President Zelensky for the trust and cooperation.

After the Russian invasion on February 24, the work of the financial system was ensured without interruptions.

According to media reports, the


between the

finance ministry

and the

central bank

had recently intensified.

Shevchenko had spoken out in favor of cuts because of the chronic budget deficit.

Because of the risk of


, further financing should no longer be provided by the printing press.

In the current draft budget for 2023, a good half of the budget has to be covered by loans, some of which are taken out abroad.

The central bank said

no panic

had broken out

on the

currency market and the massive outflow of capital had stopped.

The inflation rate had remained at an appropriate level for wartime;

and the central bank supported the national budget.

Moscow says so


Russian losses in Ukraine had already emerged from


published by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow a few hours before Zelenskyj's statements


Maps included in the daily military briefing show that Russian forces in the south

are no longer in control

of the village of Dujany on the west bank of the Dnieper.

In the northeastern Kharkiv region, Defense Ministry maps showed that Russian forces had abandoned their positions on the west bank of the Oskil River.

There had been a counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army.

However, the Russian army has not yet announced

any withdrawal

and has not commented on the withdrawal visible on its maps.

Location around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the head

of the occupied Ukrainian nuclear power plant

Zaporizhia , who was

temporarily arrested

by Russia , will no


take up this



Ihor Murashov is now reunited with his family in Ukrainian-controlled territory, a statement said.

It is not clear who will take over the chief post.

Murashov was arrested by a Russian patrol on Friday, according to Ukrainian sources.

Since Monday he has been free again.

The largest nuclear power plant in Europe has been occupied by Russian troops since March.

The facility has come under repeated fire in recent weeks, for which Moscow and Kyiv have blamed each other.

The shelling and fighting near the nuclear power plant fueled fears of a nuclear catastrophe.

IAEA chief Rafael Grossi

is traveling to




this week .

The IAEA said in Vienna that Grossi would continue its deliberations on the establishment of a security zone around the Russian-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

The aim is to create such a zone “as soon as possible”.

International reactions


US government

has announced another

US$ 625 million (€625 million) in

arms sales

to Ukraine


The package includes other


multiple rocket launchers, ammunition and armored vehicles, the White House said.

According to the US State Department, the arms package for Ukraine is held by the Pentagon.

This brings US military support to Ukraine to a total equivalent of $17.5 billion.

Most of the aid has been granted since Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine began on February 24.

Just last week, the US government promised an arms package worth $1.1 billion.

In a phone call with President Zelensky, US President

Joe Biden stressed that the US

would never recognize

Russia 's illegal


of parts of eastern Ukraine


He promised to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression for as long as needed.


UN General Assembly

will deal with the annexations by Russia in an


session next Monday .

The session in New York was requested by Ukraine and Albania.

According to diplomats, the 193 UN member states are expected to consider a resolution on Russian action in Ukraine at the emergency session.

Last Friday, Russia

vetoed a resolution condemning the annexation of the Ukrainian regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Cherson and Zaporizhia in the

UN Security Council.

Russia was the only one of the 15 council members to vote against the draft, which classified the previous »referendums« in Ukraine for a connection to Moscow as »illegal«.

Ten Security Council members voted in favor of the text, four states - China, India, Brazil and Gabon - abstained.

Now the UN General Assembly, in which Russia has no veto right, will deal with the issue.

A new draft resolution is currently being drafted.

The vote should show the extent to which Russia is internationally isolated because of its war of aggression against Ukraine and the annexations of the regions.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights , the


of Ukrainian regions

announced by Moscow will



the situation there .

With the "alleged annexation," Russia is contributing to aggravating the conflict and "aggravating the associated

human rights violations

," said UN representative Christian Salazar Volkmann in Geneva on Tuesday when presenting a report on the situation in Ukraine.

The High Commissioner already has evidence of a "series of violations of the right to life, liberty and security" in Ukraine.

situation in the energy crisis

The operator of the German-Russian

gas pipeline Nord Stream 1

wants to inspect the




the two lines himself


So far, however, it has not been possible

to inspect the damaged sections due to a

lack of permits , Nord Stream AG said.

The authorities of the two Baltic Sea countries concerned, Sweden and Denmark, are keeping the restricted zones around the damaged areas in their coastal waters closed during the ongoing state investigation.

According to Nord Stream, the Danish authorities expect the request to be processed in more than

20 working days.







, according to an EU-wide survey


72 percent

of EU citizens are in favor of the Union making itself



Russian energy supplies

, despite personal burdens , as the Bertelsmann Foundation announced on Wednesday in Gütersloh.

Support in Poland is particularly high at 80 percent.

Germany is in last place with 69 percent.

The reason given in the survey is a particularly high dependence on Russian gas.

Overall, the survey sees approval for energy independence crumbling in a longer-term comparison.

It decreases as the extent of the cuts increases.

In March, the number of those in favor of independence from Russian energy was two percent higher.

In the Netherlands it fell by seven percent.

what is happening today

  • After a nine-year break,

    German-Spanish government

    consultations are taking place again today.

    At the 25th edition in the Galician coastal town of La Coruña in northwestern Spain, several ministers of the federal government are taking part

    on the German side alongside Chancellor

    Olaf Scholz .

    Scholz will be received by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez

    in the afternoon


    The topic should also be the possible delivery of German-made tanks by Spain to the Ukraine.

  • Despite severe international tensions, for the first time since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression,

    Nasa astronauts

    and a

    Russian cosmonaut

    are to start from American soil to the

    International Space Station


    The start had been postponed because of a hurricane.

    Now it is scheduled for 6 p.m. German time.


Source: spiegel

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