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How to clean a silver bracelet?


Over time, silver tends to darken. Here are the best ways to clean a silver bracelet and restore it to its full shine.

How to clean and shine a silver bracelet?

Silver darkens when it comes into contact with air, water (hand washing, perspiration, etc.) and certain chemicals: it is the phenomenon of oxidation that comes into play. No need to wait until the silver jewelry is blackened to take care of it.

To slow down the oxidation process that threatens them, it is possible to rub them from time to time with a soft cloth soaked in lemon juice.

It won't be enough if they are already black, but it will prolong their initial shine.

Rhodium plating: this professional technique for maintaining silver

It is advisable to entrust your silver jewelry to a professional about once a year.

This will perform a rhodium plating.

This involves depositing a thin layer of rhodium on the jewel to protect it.

Rhodium is a precious metal, more expensive than gold itself, which enhances the luster of silver by making it "whiter".

You can also apply rhodium plating to gold jewelry.

The result is impressive: the jewel thus treated becomes like new again.

On the other hand, the rhodium layer wears out with friction.

It is therefore necessary to polish the jewel to remove the old layer and put on a new one.

This operation is carried out every 18 months maximum.

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Blackened silver bracelet: how to fix it?

It is possible to maintain your silver jewelry at home.

On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure upstream of its composition.

If we apply the cleaning techniques described below to a jewel that is not in solid silver but in silver metal, this risks degrading the silver layer which is too thin for this kind of treatment.

It is therefore necessary to be certain, before starting, that it is indeed a silver bracelet.

If the bracelet is in solid silver and if it has turned black, don't worry: it is quite easy to restore its original shine.

To do this, there are several tips: here are some of them below.

  • Soak the jewelry for about two hours in white vinegar, then wipe it carefully with a soft cloth.

    On the other hand, if the bracelet is not entirely in silver (presence of pearls, precious stones, even if they are synthetic diamonds), it is better to turn to another trick, because white vinegar can be too aggressive.

  • Melt a little baking soda in lukewarm water, then rub the bracelet with this mixture.

    To do this, it is better to use a cloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles: if the bristles are too hard, they risk scratching the silver irreparably.

  • Wrap the jewel in aluminum foil with a few grains of coarse salt, then boil it for 10 minutes in a pan of water.

    Wipe with chamois or cloth to shine.

  • As surprising as it may seem, it is also possible to immerse the bracelet in a glass of Coca-Cola.

    It must be left to soak for about ten hours (overnight, for example), then rinsed thoroughly.

How to prevent a silver bracelet from turning black again?

Now that the jewel has regained its shine, when it is not worn, it must be left in its case, or wrapped in a cloth or newspaper.

This will prevent it from blackening on contact with the air and will postpone the next cleaning session.

It is obviously not recommended to garden, take a shower, do the housework or do the dishes with rings on each finger or silver bracelets, because contact with household products can accelerate the oxidation process.

Finally, it is better to avoid sleeping with your silver jewelry because, in the long term, it damages them.

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